Family First: When Injuries Have You Down, Make Sure to Delegate Properly

Family First: When Injuries Have You Down, Make Sure to Delegate Properly


According to the National Safety Council, accidental injuries are the third-leading cause of death in the United States. They estimate that not a second goes by without someone being injured, while a fatal injury occurs every few minutes.


So after an accident, you’re grateful to have survived. But gratitude can quickly give way to regret and frustration. Here are a few ways you can make your recovery go by more smoothly.


The One Word to Get Rid Of


Following a car accident, Marley’s back was injured, and her right wrist was fractured. She did her best to follow the physician’s advice. Yet she felt she wasn’t recovering as quickly as she should be. “I should be able to pick the kids up today,” she’d lament. “I should be able to go for a short walk by now.”


The only thing an accident victim should be doing is listening to their doctor’s advice, particularly if it includes lots of rest and some physical therapy. Now it is time for others to pitch in and handle the parts of your routine you cannot. Ask another parent to bring the kids home. Tell your spouse that they need to walk the dog.


The reason is simple. Attempting to go on about your life as normal before you’re fully recovered can delay full recovery and make injuries worse. When trying to do the laundry, Marley noticed that her back hurt even worse than it did at the time of injury. And sitting at her desk at work? Forget it. She finally understood that she wasn’t going to get any better unless she let go of the word should and took things day by day.


The bottom line is that if you want to be there for your family as you were before, taking it slow is essential.


Mental Healing


In this way, recovery is as emotional as it is physical. For people with busy lifestyles, being sidelined by an accident means that they no longer get the rush of endorphins from daily physical activity. Even worse, they feel unproductive.


Just as we visit our doctor to monitor physical recovery, seeking help for the things we can’t do is important for mental recovery. For an accident victim, realizing that life as they know it won’t completely fall apart in their time of need is crucial.


This includes seeking assistance from personal injury lawyers regarding the accident. Victims left injured at home can become very preoccupied by the details of what landed them in their situation. Speaking to a legal professional can make them feel as if they’re proactively taking steps forward to make things right – without straining their injured bodies.  


Accident victims should also be careful not to withdraw. Talking with others about what happened and how you’re feeling is miles more beneficial than sitting alone and stewing in it.


Life is full of changes and disruptions, and accidental injuries are among the worst. We wish so badly that we could just move through the pain, or hop in a time machine and prevent the unforeseen. But nothing will help you get back on the right track more than patience and delegation. Let others pitch in, focus on your wellness, and you’ll increase your chances of an amazing recovery.

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