Family Time in the Busy World

Work can some times push mommies and daddies to their limits, making it difficult for them to perform their parenting duties once they are at home.  Interaction between parents and children is very important even in this very busy world. For working parents, 24 hours seem so short to squeeze in all the activities that need to be done. Work robs parents’ valuable time for the family that is why others prefer to stay at home work so that family time can be easily squeezed in. Here are some activities that can be done in 30 minutes or less with the family:

  • Play a board game with family, choose one that is suitable for all ages
  • Catch Frisbee in the garden backyard or the park, it is a fun physical activity for the whole family
  • Read a book before bedtime, this would make your child feel secured and relaxed before going to sleep.

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