Family Time is Tops

Image source: / Fußabdrücke im Sand © Bern Lin

Time and again, it has been said that the most precious gift you can give the people you love is the gift of time. Unlike money or lost toys, time is not something you can make up for. Once it has passed, it’s gone forever.

It’s inevitable, though, that our work eats up some, if not most, of our time which we could otherwise spend with our families. If you feel that you barely get to talk to your kids anymore, that you might need to put up outdoor signs or chalkboards just so you can leave each other messages, then you may have a serious issue with time.

You can save those out-of-town trips for the long holidays. On a usual weekday, or weeknight for that matter, after work, you can quickly play a game of Monopoly with your kids. A simple pizza dinner with the entire family will definitely put a smile on your kids’ faces. You can sit down with your kid for a while and ask him how his day in school went. Help him with his homework, if you can.

It’s all about carving out a little quality time each day to do something enjoyable with the kids. They will cherish those few minutes with you for as long as they live.

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