Fashion Tips For Your Man: Choosing a Cardigan

You can bet your bottom dollar that any loving wife would want her husband to look as handsome as a model who just stepped out of an urban clothing catalog. To achieve that magazine-perfect look for your man, you should take some time to pick out some fashion items to help update his dying closet. One such wardrobe essential for men is the cardigan. Although most people perceive the cardigan to be a grandfather’s sweater, it now comes in a range of styles which your man can wear in different ways.
You’ll find some styles which are either buttoned or zipped up. Whether casual or dressy, a cardigan perfectly complements any look. A classic thin cardigan can be even worn with a tie and suit for a smart casual look. Cardigans for men come in plain colors, or with somewhat bold patterns to fit his mood for the day. Such multi-colored cardigans can be worn with a shirt and jeans for a dressed down look.
With the wide selection available, you’re sure to find a cardigan or two to match your husband’s personal style and preference.

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