Fire Safety and Prevention for your family

March is the Fire Prevention Month in our country yet we’ve witnessed fire incidents left and right in the past few weeks. A number of fire cases were caused by faulty electrical wiring or overheating appliances, while there are also some which were caused by negligence of their neighbors.
We can not control the actions of our neighbors but we can take measures to secure our own homes and protect the lives of our family. Installing home security equipment is worth the investment if it means keeping your kids alive or at least giving them that chance to flee and survive the fire.
Most victims who don’t survive fires are those who are either sleeping when the fire broke out or those who got trapped. Installing smoke detectors and fire alarms in your house will alert you at the onset of the fire. Thereby giving you time to put out the fire or to get your kids to safety. It would be better if you have a sprinkler system or a fire extinguisher that can control the fire before it gets big.
Aside from the alarm and sprinkler system, you should also childproof your home. A toddler who accidentally inserts a combustible object in an electrical outlet may be electrocuted or cause fire. There are outlet plugs that you can use to prevent this from happening.  Aside from outlet plugs, corner cushions are also child safety products that protect your kids from sharp edges or corners especially when navigating your way in the dark.
Another thing is to have a professional conduct regular inspection of your electrical wiring.  One too many houses have been reduced to ashes due to faulty electrical wiring.
Finally, organize a fire drill in your house or at least brief everyone in the house on what to do and where to go in case of fire.  Make sure your family’s survival kits  are accessible and can be grabbed easily during emergencies.  Let us not be complacent in ensuring the safety of our family and our homes; it really does pay to be prepared for anything that can possibly happen.


  1. Sherry says

    Yeah we need child safety product, my baby so active I worry he got hurts

  2. Don’t panic and pray.

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