Five Essential Home Restoration Projects that Add Value to Your Home

ID-10041561Even before you hammer that “For Sale” sign in front of your current house, you’re probably looking to get your money’s worth out of it when it sells. The up and down housing market won’t assure you the price you want for your house as is, but by updating certain key features, can ensure that you receive maximum value for your home and plenty of interested buyers. From kitchen to bathroom remodeling, these five home restoration projects are sure to impress all buyers and get you the greatest return on your investment!

1. Kitchen Remodel—Most of what is in a kitchen will remain with the house once it’s sold, so buyers search for a complete and attractive kitchen in possible homes. In fact, many experts believe the kitchen is one of the most appealing features in a home. Possible kitchen remodeling updates include:

a. Expanding the size of your kitchen
b. Replacing or refinishing cabinetry—Glass paneled doors are considered particularly attractive and open up the space in a kitchen as well
c. Updating appliances
d. Replacing old flooring with hard wood or tile
e. Adding an island
f. Replacing countertops with granite or marble to compliment your redesigned cabinetry
g. Changing out old hardware on cabinets and replace light fixtures—This is an easy and fairly inexpensive fix for any kitchen

2. Curb Appeal—Curb appeal covers a lot of ground in home restoration. But when a home owner focuses on improving curb appeal, they’re also focusing on making a great first impression on potential buyers, positively preparing potential buyers for what lies behind your front doors. Curb appealing features include:

a. Tidy landscaping and a well maintained yard
b. New siding or fresh exterior paint
c. Flowers by the front door and windows to bring freshness to the atmosphere
d. A new mailbox

3. Bathroom Addition—Because bathrooms are generally the smallest rooms in a home, an extra bathroom (half or full) can be easily added in underutilized spaces. It increases the privacy of the master bath by offering visitors a practical alternative. For multi-level homes a new bathroom also prevents unnecessary trips up and down stairways, increasing convenience for all.

4. Basement Remodel—Many basements stunt the potential of a home because they are unfinished, cold and extremely uninviting. But remodeling your basement will put your home ahead of others on the market because it includes the unique feature of an extra room that has been comfortably finished. Depending on the size of your basement, you may also consider sprucing up other basement facilities by organizing laundry areas and bathroom remodeling which will complete your new basement.
A room in a basement can be remodeled as a:

a. Bar and Entertainment Area
b. Game Room
c. Family Room
d. Exercise Room
e. Home Office
f. Extra Bedroom
g. Workshop
h. Library

5. Painting and Wall Treatments—Painting and adding wall treatments throughout the house are Home remodel projects that are important in impressing potential buyers. Not only is painting a fairly inexpensive fix, it also shows buyers that a certain level of home restoration has taken place all over the home so buyers are getting a move-in ready property. If you do choose to paint, consider implementing these ideas:

a. Use neutral colors—Painting your house with whites, tans or other neutral shades will help buyers to imagine the house with their furniture in it because they work with any décor.
b. Repair before hand—If you’ve had pictures, clocks or other decorative items hanging on your walls, then you probably want to do a bit of wall repair before painting. A botched painting job will attract negative notice and convey to buyers that the house has been treated poorly.
c. Hire experts—A home remodel with painting or wallpaper mishaps doesn’t end up looking like much of a home remodel. Professional painters are trained to work in any number of settings, and so can tackle each and every room of your home without spilling a drop.

Good luck with all your Home remodel projects, and for all the work that requires any outside help, call on the expert handymen from Handyman Connection!


  1. The number one in the list is the only thing that we haven’t done yet, it’s expensive so we are saving for it. Thanks for these tips.

  2. We have a bathroom remodel next on our list. Our contractor is even coming today. Perfect timing to go along with your post.

  3. Just recently I did some wall painting on our rooms and even on the bathroom. And I love the result of it.

  4. We are working on curb appeal now. There is always so much to do.

  5. Bre Dale says

    I’d have to agree. It’s a long, expensive list but it’s worth it in the end

  6. I am looking at a small kitchen remodel. Boy do I need it!

  7. Jenna Wood says

    We’re working on buying our first home and look for all of these ‘pluses’ while shopping.

  8. A lot of these apply for renters too, not just homeowners. I considered a good many of these things when we were considering places to rent. And now that we are looking to buy next year, we are definitely looking at these very same features before we settle on a house.

  9. Wonderful tips. We are not homeowner but will surely keep this in mind.

  10. i have always wanted a beautiful kitchen, i hope it would come true, thanks for the tips

  11. Awesome tips, we had our home on the market for 6 months…it was killer. I wish I would have read this before we listed, I bet it would have gone much faster. We did end up re-doing the kitchen countertops and sold it shortly after that! Thanks for the great post!

  12. I have been looking for a house to purchase, and this list right here is going to help me out a ton! Thank you! The more that is on this list are the less things I will have to do after purchasing 😉

  13. I agree with all the 5 listing! For me i always go for kitchen and bathroom that’s the two main thing i check in buying a house. Then the rest will follow

  14. fati recede says

    this is exctly what im loong for. i want to remodel my kitchen! 😀

  15. It’s fun to remodel your own home. Most especially if it will make your household life better. But, this entails an enormous amount of budget too.

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