Fixer Upper or Odd Jobs: 6 Tools Every Woman Needs to Own

Fixer Upper or Odd Jobs: 6 Tools Every Woman Needs to Own

Whether you’re a single homeowner or you find yourself alone after a lengthy marriage, taking care of your dwelling is important. In order to make small repairs and prevent them from becoming larger issues, you’re going to need your own set of tools to tackle the job. Your local hardware store should have a knowledgeable sales clerk who can help you put the right pieces together. The following 6 tools are essential items that should help get you started.


If you watch your budget, you probably don’t make any moves without some careful planning and research. The same thought and consideration should be used when you’re putting your toolbox together. No matter if you rent or own your home, you’re bound to make some repairs over the years. But determining what tools are essential can be challenging if you’re a novice with repairs. A hammer is a must-have tool with a solid mounted head. The claw type version is the best for woman who are looking to hang pictures or drive nails and screws into wood or drywall. The claw hammer has a device on the opposite end of the tool that makes removing nails and other items easy.

Needle Nose Pliers

There are going to be certain jobs that you want to contract out with a professional. Leaks, pipe repair, water heater installation and clogged drains require service from the plumbing experts. But if you want to make small repairs to your home without anyone’s assistance, needle nose pliers are a necessary tool to have on hand. Ideal for gripping wire cables or grasping smaller objects, they are a lifesaver to homeowners.


If you’ve just moved into your residence, you probably have some decorating to do. After plastering and painting your walls, you may want to adorn them with pictures, wreaths or decorative artwork. In order to ensure that the items you’re hanging are straight, you’ll want to purchase a level. You’ll find an assortment of different types on the market today, but remember that they all serve the same function.


Flashlights are an amazing device that handles a number of homeowner functions. In case the power goes out unexpectedly, place your flashlight in a spot that you can access easily and quickly. You also want to ensure that it’s charged or the batteries are changed regularly. If you need to check your fuse box or make a repair in a cramped or poorly lit area of the home, they are instrumental in helping you see clearly.

Retractable Tape Measure

YouTube videos can come in handy when you want to master DIY projects on your own. You’ll find everything from deck building to finishing a basement. In order to perform a job accurately, look for a tape measure that is approximately 25 feet. The retractable device can measure everything from wood beams and wall space to carpet and drywall.

Wet/Dry Vac

If you live in a flood zone or your basement gets some water seepage, you’ll want to be manned with a wet/dry vac. But the device does more than just clean up water from a flood. The wet/dry vacs are also crucial when you want to suck up other household debris such as dirt and sawdust. If you have smaller accommodations such as a condo or apartment, they make hand-held versions that will clean up tiny messes.

Making small repairs to a dwelling can be a very satisfying part of home ownership. But if you’ve ever perused your local home improvement store aisles, you know the list of tools can appear endless.  The above tips are a great place to start. As you gain more confidence and experience under your tool belt, you can add to the list.


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