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  1. Reyna Saenz says


    • Trish Hope says

      on to wrapping today and once I pull out all the gifts for my kids it is uneven 🙁
      So 1 last trip to the mall for me to get something for my youngest daughter

  2. Amy Peschel says

    A GC for my mom.

  3. A last minute gift I need to buy would be something for my husband.. we’re pretty much broke this year, and the kids came first even if it was only small things.

  4. I would buy for my honey, have everyone done but him.

  5. another gift for the little man, he opened his first gift way before Christmas time!

  6. amy jo sherman says

    I have to find a zebra blanket for my daughter

  7. gift for husband

  8. stocking stuffer’s.

  9. Havent even started yet No Money for shopping

  10. my last minute gift to buy our feast for this christmas. i want to bake something for my mom to thank her to all the thinks she done to me and of course to the I helped for this christmas. i just need some funds. 🙂

  11. Photo calendars for my parents! I hope I’m not too late!

  12. Amanda Chronister says

    I need to buy my hubby a little something for Christmas 🙂

  13. Send to a friend who needs the help for food!

  14. Fee (Phyllis) Roberts says

    I’ve got everything done except, I’ve got to make my goody bags of sweets for everyone Christmas Eve =D

  15. Everything I haven’t started yet!!!


    Find a pair of gloves that matches my dads hat lol. I forgot

  17. Michele Henneman says

    Stocking stuffers for my youngest.

  18. Caitlin Clark says

    Need to get a little something for my sweetie-pie!

  19. I need stocking stuffers and something for my dh.

  20. Cards to go with gifts!

  21. soha molina says

    I need to buy teacher gift.

  22. I need to buy my hubby his Christmas present.

  23. A guitar for my son.
    By the way, the FB page below ImperfectWomen.com cannot be seen by those like me outside of the US. I liked all the other pages though.

  24. Shawna Duvall says

    I need to buy something for my dad, he’s always the hardest to shop for.

  25. Lisa Brooks says

    I am completely finished. Not counting this weekend hitting the grocery store, for next weeks food. =)

  26. something for my inlaws

  27. Alison Roberson says

    Finish my Stocking Stuffers for my daughter!

  28. a few candy gifts!

  29. Jennifer Hedden says

    I just need to get some groceries to make some yummy treats that I will be giving as gifts!

  30. Chocolates

  31. Margaret T McLaughlin says

    Something for my parents.

  32. Nothing- I am DONE.

  33. I need to buy something for my inlaws

  34. I need to buy my uncle a present because he spent 700 on my car today to fix it for Christmas.

  35. stacey dempsey says

    I havent done any of my stocking items yet and something for my dad arghh so hard to buy for

  36. EVERYTHING ! im so behind

  37. Something for my husband.

  38. Inexpensive gifts for my 2 kids, I haven’t buy any yet.

  39. Kelly Blouse says

    Black Ops II for PS3

  40. we are always looking for the last minute gift to make sure all the kids get treated the same. At this point it looks like our son will need to be topped up meaning we will likely be looking at a couple of good books.

  41. Francine Anchondo says

    stocking stuffers

  42. A few things for my kids

  43. Have to get gift cards

  44. Everything!

  45. Gift for a family who is struggling to get gifts.

  46. Keisa Rogers says

    Stocking stuffers

  47. Can definitely use some extra cash, unexpected medical bills have drained everything :(.

    • oops, forgot to say….. I’d buy something for my Mum even though she said “don’t get anything for me this year”

  48. Some video games.

  49. Amy Butler says

    A new carseat for my grandson

  50. Need to buy something for my son.

  51. Candy storm says

    Angry birds game for ps3 and monster high movie

  52. I haven’t bought any presents this year simply because I didn’t work these past 2 weeks. No presents but each other this year plus a few homemade baked goodies….

  53. Happy Happy Holidays!!

  54. Just bought a mini video recorder on clearance at cvs for $12.49!!

  55. Sarah AlmostCarpenter says

    I would love to be able to give my dad something for Christmas. Being single with two kids makes it hard. :/

  56. Heather D. says

    I need to buy a few last minute gifts- perfume for my mother, baking ingredients to make rum balls and peanut butter blossoms for the rest of the family, and a play kitchen or baby station for my daughter

  57. Mary Blanton says

    I haven’t bought anything yet..I simply can’t afford to. My hubby’s laid off and i’m disabled! 🙁

  58. Cher Monroe says

    Maybe a few things for hubby and me 🙂

  59. Lotto tickets for the grownups to do on Christmas. 🙂

  60. I still need to find something special for the Husband! No idea, and no chance to shop without the distractions (also known as my cherubs)

  61. Some extra holiday cash or AC would be wonderful I’ve gotten everyone’s gifts taken care of Yay I may get to treat myself 🙂

  62. I got everything for my boys, its everyone else i dont know what to buy lol

  63. No gifts, but some bills for sure 🙂

  64. pretty much everything lol

  65. Paula Proffitt says

    I wasn’t able to get my kid’s anything so i would split it between the 2 of them 🙂 TY

  66. veda poff otto says

    gold dollars for kids treasure hunt

  67. Tammy Trowbridge says

    I would spend it on some last min things I need and buy pulls ups with it

  68. Tazeen Wasi says

    Hope to win 🙂

  69. A separate present for my sister! Her birthday falls on Christmas. 🙂

  70. Marlete L. says

    I still need to find some board books for my daughter

  71. I need to get the gift I was planning on for my son: a Snap Circuits Jr electrical circuits kit. They are out of stock on Amazon until the 23rd so now I am searching high and low for a reputable retailer who can get it to me before Christmas!!!

  72. Would love to win to get a few more last min gifts!

  73. I need to buy presents for everyone still! EE!

  74. I need to get my mother something that she wants but doesn’t have. That is really hard.

  75. A gift for my brother’s girlfriend.

  76. something formy boyfriend

  77. toys for my baby boy!

  78. a pair of outfit! 🙂

  79. Something for my in-laws and some yummy snacks for my husband!

  80. More gifts…and something special for hubby. 🙂

  81. precious mae says

    Something for my mom! I still haven’t bought something for her…

  82. Alyson LaBarge says

    Try one of my Mom’s gifts and most of my hubby’s! Aacckk!!

  83. Jessica Holbrook says

    I still need to take my little man (4 year old son) out to go Christmas shopping for the first time to buy gifts for his dad and baby sister. =)

  84. Yay! Who won?

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