Flavorful Gluten-Free Snacks Mastered by CrunchMaster

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1013104_518673078182263_1796225797_nSwitching to healthier food options is quite challenging for those of us who love rich and flavorful dishes which are unfortunately packed with fats and cholesterol too. There are already a lot of healthy food recipes and high quality organic food ingredients that can help deliver great tasting healthy meals on the table, but when it comes to snack items there are only a handful of brands that deliver their healthy promise with relishing flavors. The batch of CrunchMaster Crisps and Crackers that I got recently is on great way to ditch that sinful bag of chips in favor of healthier munchies.

CrunchMaster is a brand of snack items that offer gluten free crisps and crackers made from all natural ingredients. They also have the components for what is considered as a healthy snack. It’s low in sodium and saturated fat, cholesterol free, 100% whole grain, contains 0% transfat, and baked instead of fried. But unlike most healthy snacks that I’ve tried, their Multi-Grain crackers are flavored just right to qualify for a tasty treat. These crackers can be enjoyed on its own, but I still like to pair them with salsa and dips just like nachos or tortilla chips. Just as I predicted, the White Cheddar flavor became my instant favorite followed by the Sea Salt because I am a bit partial to salty chips. I had second thoughts about the Roasted Vegetable flavors but my curiosity for the unique vegetable flavors got the better of me. It has an interesting blend of onion, garlic, and tomato with a hint of pepper which makes it perfect for pairing with cheese dips.

I found these multi-grain crackers to be a great alternative for chips and junk food lovers who are slowly making a switch to healthier snack habits. They’ve got the flavors and the crunch that people love in their snacks in one healthy package.

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  1. I know a few people with gluten problems and it’s great that they can enjoy snacks like we do! (:

  2. Jackie holmes says

    I wonder if the non-cheese flavored crackers are casein (dairy) free as well? My son is on a gfcf diet and he would probably like these.

  3. maribel r says

    I never tried a gluten free before. I would definitely buy these when its available here.

  4. md kennedy says

    I am not normally a big fan of processed food snacks, but the fact thatthese don’t have “modern” wheat in them makes them sound much better than the norm.

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