From Rags to Riches

Many of us have already heard of success stories of from rags to riches. Most of them remain down to earth, sharing their blessings and what they have learned in life to achieved their current status. One of them is my friend Roby who owns a now popular bakery in our city. He started his business with only a small capital. Since he cannot hire many people, he just tapped his family members to work for him.

But then, he wanted to earn more. And so, he himself sell his bread products around the city. Good thing he has Honda SH300i scooter that helps him bring bread products to his valuable customers.

Soon enough, he had known by many people in the city, trusts his products that are cheaper from others plus it has been delivered door to door, that gives them fair convenience. And when he had saved enough capital, he established a better and big bakery. Learning this, I encouraged Roby to share his success story to Honda’s series of documentaries that will be shown on television. He once admitted that if without the durability of his Honda motorcycle, he cannot send more breads to his customers.

Channel 4 will host the series that will be sponsored by Honda UK. I bet it will be very exciting to watch short films that are created by Wieden + Kennedy. I have watched  W+K films and they are really inspiring.

There is a common saying that in every man’s success, there’s a woman behind it. But as for Roby’s, he got his Honda behind it.


Viral video by ebuzzing

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Viral video by ebuzzing

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