Get an instant home makeover with bi-fold doors

We’ve received several visits from friends early last year which got us thinking about home expansion. While scouting for room expansion ideas, I came across some pictures of bi-fold doors and instantly found a practical way to remodel our house. Instead of putting up another room in the house, we decided to break down a portion of the wall dividing the living room and the patio then we installed glass paneled bi-fold doors.

We searched for high quality yet affordable bi-fold doors and luckily found one that we exactly had in mind. They have slim glazed panels and frames that make transitions between rooms seem natural. The glass panels allow light to come in the room which gives it an airy atmosphere. It also gives you a view of the patio and the outdoors while protecting you from the outside elements. The durable and weatherproof panels are easy to use and equipped with multi-point locking system as well as finger safe gaskets.

Once installed, the bi-fold doors made our house versatile with adjustable rooms that can be expanded whenever we have guests or closed with an outdoor view whenever we need privacy or simply wanted to have a quiet evening. Now we’re more excited to entertain friends in our newly renovated home.


  1. This is a great way to save space and also make use of the outside area – thanks for sharing

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