Gift Ideas for the Graduates


In the Philippines, the school year ends in March and summer vacation starts. To those people who have friends and family members who will be graduating this school year; here are some gifts ideas that you may want to consider:

For those graduating the grade school level

  • Summer camp where they could meet new friends and improve their socialization skills
  • If you can afford, a digital camera would be nice because they can take photos of the summer vacation activities before entering middle school.
  • Mobile phone to keep in touch whenever your kids are out with their friends – it doesn’t need to be a blackberry phone though; but I am sure your kids will adore you if you give them one.

For High School graduates

  • Shirts and paraphernalia from the college or university that they are going to study.
  • Tech gifts like computers, laptops, iPad and other digital gadgets
  • If you can afford to give a car, why not give one?

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