Gift-Giving in the Family

The one sure thing which paints ear-to-ear smiles on children’s faces is receiving Christmas presents. Nothing’s more exciting than finding gifts under the tree on Christmas day. A surge of adrenaline shoots through children’s bodies as they eagerly tear open those colorful Christmas wrappers and unravel their hearts’ most ardent desires.

Although the essence of Christmas of course, is the birth of Christ, it doesn’t hurt to foster this culture of gift-giving among all members of the family. It encourages everyone to live out the spirit of giving and sharing in this most joyous of seasons.

If you haven’t already done so, why not arrange a kris kringle within your family? The younger ones don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune on presents such as heated clothing for mom and dad, as they can put their artistic skill to good use and craft something up to give them instead. Anything made with love will be greatly appreciated.


  1. I agree! It is definitely something to foster among the family

  2. I love gift giving and hope that my children will love it too. Money see money do right.

  3. Betty Baez says

    i love that idea! cant wait for my little ones to get older, i love giving gifts and im sure they will too

  4. Melanie Harding says

    We usually give our children a little money each year before Christmas to buy gifts for each other. They enjoy giving as much as they do receiving.

  5. michelle kessler says

    my girls do chores to earn money to buy small gifts for eachother and then they get 4 things each from us and one thing each from santa extended family does grab bags

  6. You are correct. Home made gifts are very meaningful.

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  7. I love your idea!

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