Giving Due Praise: How Much Praise is Enough

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Parents should understand that there is a right way of giving that all important praise and recognition.  Give too little and you could have an insecure child.  On the contrary, you might have a self-absorbed and cocky child when you give too much.  Praise and recognition should be given for the right things and at the proper time.

When you praise your child, be sure that you are being sincere.  Be specific about what you are praising.  If you are happy about the way he helped his little sister push her toy buggy, you can certainly praise your little boy for being a helpful and loving brother to his sister.  Watch your words carefully so that you are not misinterpreted.  This is also true when you praise your children behind their backs.

Do not exaggerate when you talk about them with your friends and other family members – sometimes, they overhear adult conversations.  For some children, exaggerated praise could lead to more insecurities as they feel the pressure to live up to the image that their parents make them out to be.


  1. this is a thin line here and hard to walk

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