Glass Handbag Facebook Group 2


Welcome! Please make sure you like all the pages.


  1. Maria Oller says

    done thank you

  2. Done liking all the pages..

  3. connie hanson says

    its extraordinary bag thanks

  4. Liked them all!

    (Oksana Vladimirovna)


  5. Kathryn Mark says

    I Liked all of them! Good-luck all! Awesome prize 🙂

  6. HC Montgomery says

    Already liked all on Facebook. Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  7. Lori jarrett Miller says

    already was fans of most pages n really enjoyed the new ones…TY for the giveaway

  8. nice bag

  9. like this

  10. Marine Rose Decena says


  11. Marianne Picardi says

    Can’t believe this is the first time I heard of these beautiful creations.

  12. Sera Rivers says

    Liked them all 🙂

  13. cheryl degraff says


  14. Susan Olson says

    I liked them all.

  15. done =)

  16. Linda Shephard says

    Like, like, like and like

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