Green and Healthy Meals in Litter Free Lunch Bags

A lot of families today are now moving towards a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle. The long term benefits of adopting such a way of life is reason enough to make a few changes in the products that we use. One of the product switches that I recently considered is the use of lunch boxes from New Wave Enviro. The New Wave Enviro brand is known for products that help provide clean and healthy drinking water in households at an affordable price. Aside from water filters and BPA free water bottles, they also have Litter Free Lunch Bag for home cooked meals to go. Here are the things that I liked about these eco-friendly lunch kits.

litter free lunch

  1. Safe and Eco-Friendly. The food containers and water bottles from New Wave Enviro are all BPA Free. The use of synthetic compound Bisphenol A in plastic bottles poses health risks especially for infants and young children. Leaching of this compound from landfills to water system also has adverse effect for the environment. Making use of BpA free containers and bottles is one way to protect the users from the ill effects of BpA and help the environment by not adding anymore BpA contaminants in the landfills.
  2. Airtight Food Containers. These air tight containers help prolong the freshness of your meals to go. There are four BPA free airtight containers that come with this kit. A large one and a medium one for the main dishes like meat, salad, or pasta and two small ones for sidings or desserts.
  3. Insulated Shell of the Lunch Bag. The food containers and the 15oz water bottles are fitted with just the right snugness inside the insulated lunch box. This feature allows you to keep food warm until it is ready to be eaten. It also has a net pouch conveniently placed on the inside of the bag where you can secure silver wear or condiment packets. It can also be used to hold an ice pack in case you want to keep your dishes cold. They also come in four colorful and trendy designs that can be fit for kids and adults of any gender.

This lunch kit can be great for older kids who don’t mind having their dishes in several containers. I have no complaints with my own kit which is stylishly encased in a blue printed bag with black lining. But, it would also be great if they could add partitioned containers in their line-up for little tots like Sean or those who don’t have the patience of opening four containers to enjoy their lunch. In any case, bringing home cooked meals in these Litter Free Lunch Bags is one way to promote healthy eating habits in the family while helping the community reduce waste.


  1. I am homeschooling but my daughter still has a lunch pail, fabric sandwich wrap, and reusable Nalgene water bottle. We love trying our best to be eco-friendly! Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  2. I love these little lunch containers – no matter how many I have, it’s never enough since they always seem to get lost, LOL.

  3. Danielle @ We Have It All says

    Thanks for all of this info, I was just going to be purchasing a lunch bag for one of my kids. They’ve all always eaten lunch in school and now (out of the blue) changed her mind and wants to start bringing lunch.

  4. maribel r says

    Ive been looking for a bpa lunch boxes but we don’t have any here
    in guam. Do you know if they have it online? Thanks for the post.

  5. md kennedy says

    I’ve seen so many lunch kits that claim to be eco-friendly, but they weren’t BPA-free. Bravo to New Wave Enviro for addressing this AND making their products reasonably priced!

  6. This is great for sandwiches or finger food but for meals that require heating, I prefer glass containers (:

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