Grocery List Staples On-the-Fly

There are several websites online with downloadable and printable grocery lists. The trouble with some of these lists is that they have items that you do not really need, use, or buy. What would work best for you is to create your own list of grocery staples. Having a grocery list of staples will be a great time saver for you. You do not have to rummage through your pantry and storage every time you have to go to the grocery. You also will not end up having to make that extra trip to the grocery to pick up stuff you might have missed.

To make your grocery list of staples, list down the things that you always have to have in your refrigerator, pantry, and toiletry storage. This includes your regular supply of milk, bread, fruits, canned goods, condiments, soap and shampoo, and toilet paper. Have separate lists of the items in your refrigerator, in your pantry, and in your toiletry storage and place them where other family members can see them. As you run out of or run low on any one of the items on the list, mark it as an item to buy. Train your family members to do the same thing when they end up scraping off the last of the peanut butter or squeezing out the last dollop of toothpaste. Come grocery shopping day, simply rewrite the list of to-buy items and you’re off to the store in minutes.


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  1. This is nice I usually write on paper

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  3. @Arena indeed very useful for everyone

  4. yea very useful

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  7. Will make a shopping list when see the promotion brocuher , then write in grocery list

  8. This is awesome! We also need a downloadable weekly menu plan. 🙂

  9. This might be very useful for us since we buy the same thing over and over again. 🙂 No need to write on paper every time we go to the market.

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