Grooming Good Readers with Bookboard on Board the iPad

readingOur generation is very lucky to have reading tools that can make learning how to read a fun activity for kids of all ages. Aside from the wide variety of books, there are also gadgets that can be used to groom good readers. Bookboard is one great app that helps make reading enjoyable for kids. It works like an e-book where one can get access to over 400 children’s books in their iPad tablets. Book options can be tailored to the child’s reading preference or ability with new titles being unlocked as they progress. Parents can start by signing-up for a free trial at so they can check out the books and get a feel of how it would work for their kids.


Signing up for a free trial is quick and easy, it is just like filling out a subscription for Netflix or an e-book. Once you have everything set-up in the iPad, you can browse over the books and find out what kind of reading adventure there is for your child.

book A berenstein series

I personally love their Berenstein Bear collection, some of which are those that I also enjoyed reading as a child. Early readers like Sean can learn about rhymes from Sallie Wolf’s Truck Stuck, get to know more about community helpers from Elliot’s Fire Truck, and nature from the Smithsonian Series.

book A

book A smithsonian series

Sean and I would read some of these books together at bedtime, but he also explores these books on his own from time to time. In a way, it also promotes reading independently.

Subscription benefits of Bookboard include audio books that read to your kids, unlimited reading, offline storage, reading progress report, goals and achievements, parent’s portal, and up to four reader accounts. There is no need to wait for the free trial to expire.


A visit at and a quick trial is enough to convince me that this is one great app for Sean. You can get a subscription for only $4.99 a month for a 6 month plan, or $8.99 per month for a monthly plan.

Learning how to read is an integral element of literacy. Children usually begin to develop their reading skills as toddlers and if nurtured properly, it can help them succeed in school and at work later in life.


  1. With a guidance of a doting Mom like you, I am sure Sean would be a gr eat student soon.

  2. working MAMA says

    cool.. thanks for sharing sis.. will check it out

  3. md kennedy says

    I love Bernstein Bears when I was a kid, and now that they are on iPad I am sure my grandson will. Awesome!

  4. Such a great app! Especially for kids to learn to read (:

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