Guest Post: Which type of mattress for your bed?

If you are considering redecorating your bedroom, or replacing your bedroom furniture, you will have to face the mattress question at some point. Finding the right décor for your bedroom is a matter of taste and personal preferences while choosing the right type of furniture has more to do with criteria such as quality and durability.

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Once you have picked out a stylish bed that both complements your bedroom décor and matches your preferences in terms of comfort, you will have to think about what you want from a new mattress. Would you like a mattress that will take care of your back problems, a memory foam mattress or one with a pocket sprung support system? Deciding on the mattress type is not an easy job and this is why we have made things a little easier for you by clarifying the properties of each mattress type.

Memory foam mattress
Memory foam mattresses are popular products due to their pressure relieving properties. Memory foam is a material that is able to mold to your body shape, ensuring your spine is correctly aligned and your body supported. The memory foam will in fact sit on top of another base material made of supportive materials such as springs or high density foam.

Pocket sprung mattress
Pocket sprung mattresses, like memory foam mattresses, also have the ability to mould to your body shape but in a very different way. They do so thanks to the large number of individually pocketed springs that are housed in the support system. As you lie on a pocket sprung mattress the individual springs only react to the weight that is applied directly to each one and by doing so they contour your body and provide the right amount of support for each individual part of your body.

Latex mattress
A latex mattress generally consists of a layer of latex on top of a core made from either springs or reflex foam. Whether it is synthetic or natural, latex is hypoallergenic which makes it an appropriate material for people who are subject to allergia. Natural latex is also the most environmentally friendly mattress material.

Pocket sprung and memory foam mattress
This type of mattress combines a pocket sprung base with a top layer of memory foam which offers greater pressure relief and support. The top in memory foam eliminates pressure points on the body, while the pocket sprung base adds extra support for a great sleep.

By Camille.  Furniture enthusiast Camille is happy to share her tips and ideas with the community of design lovers. She writes on behalf of Wedo Mattresses.

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