Happy Home and Family Mystery Prize Giveaway

Happy Home and Family Mystery Prize Giveaway

Happy Home and Family Mystery Prize Giveaway

I have a son that is autistic and since its a puzzle or mystery as to why children are autistic, this is what image I will use anytime that I have a mystery prize to giveaway.  Here is what you have to do to be entered.

Make sure you are a fan of Happy Home and Family on Facebook

Make Sure you Like the post on Facebook

Let your friends know please.

** Tell me on the facebook post, what did you do for the 4th of July Weekend?” Make sure to comment on the facebook post as that is where I will be getting the entries from.

This giveaway will end at 9 PM EST 7/7 and a winner announced shortly after in a facebook post directing all back to this site.  The winner will have 24 hours to claim or forfeit the prize.  The winner will have to contact me via the facebook page to claim.  The item will be a mystery prize, but if you are not in the USA, and you are the winner then the prize will be $10 Paypal Cash.

*This giveaway is sponsored by Happy Home and Family and is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or associated with Facebook. Giveaway will end on Monday July 7, 2014 at 9 pM EST. You will have 24 hours to claim or forfeit the prize.  By entering this giveaway/game you are giving your permission to release your information to me and not Facebook nor any other social media networks, for the purpose of prize fulfillment. Winner will allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery of prize. No more than one entry per person. If you are found to be entering under more than one account, you will be disqualifed.  Open to Worldwide. If not in the USA, and you are the winner, you will receive a $10 Paypal Cash.


  1. Gillian Walmsley-Sacino says

    My favorite childhood memory is riding my big girl bicycle without training wheels for the very first time. I thought my Dad was holding the back of the seat and running beside me but he stopped a long time ago and it was all me! I was so mad at him for betraying my trust (LOL) but so happy that he knew I could do it and trusted me to go for it! 🙂

  2. Lynell Carter says

    Just running around outside til it was dark with my cousins. We rode bikes, and actually played!

  3. Debra Giordano says

    Spending time with my grandparents every summer-especially feeding the birds pancakes in the morning.

  4. my favorite childhood memory is going to my cousins beause I would get to go hores back riding alln day I love hores so much if I had the money I would have a farm with horses and give free rides

  5. Julie Ryan says

    My favorite childhood memory would have to be cooking or trying to cook with my grandma for every holiday may she RIP now and be forever missed. I now do it with my daughter and her with my mother.

  6. mary mcmenamy says

    my favorite memory is being at my familys camp on tuscora lake fishing with my grandpa

  7. Lesa Jones says

    The summer we went to Disney in the 70’s and my dad fell asleep at the pool and was lobster red to a 8 year old it was funny.



  9. opal bell says

    watch fireworks with my autisic son and my daughter and my adopted mom then went to ryans steak house for mine and hubbys bday as my bday was july 3 hubbys was july 1

  10. Charlene Kline says

    I spent time with my husband and daughter.

  11. lisa leonard says

    stayed home with family had fun

  12. tabatha McMillan says

    We spent the day with family, then Saturday we went a shriner’s fundraiser. It is our families tradition to have a reunion and picnic the day of the 4th.

  13. greta garbo (debbie k) says

    walking along the beach with my dad when I was a kid – picking up starfish etc. would give anything to do that again..

  14. Vickie Marks Allbright says

    we had a small cookout with the family hung out then watched the fireworks put on by our city

  15. Brittani says

    I was a pretty quiet teenager. I remember sitting in the dark with all of our friends and families and watching the fireworks. Everyone was occupied and having fun, which left me to be alone with my thoughts, which is where I liked to be, and I didn’t HAVE to put on a facade to be silly. I just sat back quietly and enjoyed the fireworks. It was wonderful. 🙂

  16. Kenneth Jarman says

    My wife and I went to a friends house for a cookout and fireworks.

  17. Angela Harrison says

    Spent time with family.

  18. Cynthia Montiel says

    Spent time with my family and had a cook out with neighbors and watched fireworks.

  19. Valerie white says

    My favorite memory as a child is when my sis and cousins as well as myself got in a mud fight by the edge if my aunts farm pond,we had a blast! Till my aunt told us it was manure and not mud.lol they hosed us down in the yard.

  20. Andrea C says

    We went to NYC on 4th of July and watched the amazing Macy’s fireworks. My boys and I had a great time. Glad my hubby makes me do this I wouldn’t normally do

  21. Nicole S. says

    We had a cookout and watched fireworks over the lake.

  22. Angela Tussey says

    Nothing fun I had to work

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