Healthy Eating Giveaway

Welcome to our Healthy Eating Giveaway Event!

Children Love Fruits & Vegetables! (With a Little Help from our Friends.)

One lucky family will receive 4 prizes to keep your little ones eating healthy!

Organic Fruit Basket, Healthy Eating

One Organic Fruit basket: Crisp apples, ripe pears and juicy oranges are a perfect complement to the organic cheese and crackers included in this delightful gift. All beautifully displayed in a natural wicker basket.

Today I Ate A Rainbow, Healthy Eating

One Today I Ate a Rainbow Chart. They’ve turned healthy eating into a game that gets kids ASKING to eat a rainbow of fruits and veggies…even picky eaters!

Phoebe the Foodie, Healthy Eating

And one copy of Phoebe the Foodie! Phoebe the Foodie is a toddler storybook that embraces real, whole foods is here! Read “Phoebe the Foodie” and experience what parents and teachers are calling, “engaging,” “delightful,” and “inspiration for finicky kids.” Written in catchy rhyme and hand-illustrated in vibrant textures and colors, “Phoebe the Foodie” has an appeal that is clever enough to charm little ones and grown-ups alike. Parents looking for a way to encourage their own picky eaters will delight in the subtle message and kids will enjoy the eye-catching artwork and descriptive verse.

Share Phoebe’s journey with your children and join her online community of finicky-turned-foodie friends! Like Phoebe on Facebook and follow her on Twitter and Pinterest. She’s always on the lookout for food inspiration, because with Phoebe it’s always a delicious (and colorful!) adventure.

Copy Kids, Healthy Eating

One Copy-Kids Eat Fruits & Vegetables DVD. Copy-Kids makes video content encouraging positive habits in young children by encouraging them to copy other kids.

One lucky reader will win this amazing

Healthy Eating Prize Pack ($110 value)!

Enter for your chance on the Rafflecopter form below.

This giveaway will end Wednesday 3/20 at 11:59 ET. Open to US residents.

Good Luck Everyone!

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  1. Katie Amanda says

    I want my goddaughter to enjoy apples. Thanks!

  2. Linda Poplees says


  3. Cynthia Roney says


  4. william saylor says

    Apples I love them I wish they like them as well as I do.

  5. vera hanson says

    my grandson is aBig fruit eater…I can have apples, oranges, pineapple and bananas…that day he’ll want grapes! lol

  6. sandra davis says


  7. Kimberly Schotz says

    Apples or Pears


  9. Trisha B. says

    I wish that my son would enjoy eating Cauliflower.

  10. Darla Myers says

    Cherries and pears

  11. Joni Owada says

    Our family LOVES zucchini if it is in zucchini bread, but eating it as a veggie has not happened yet. I would love it if we could start eating it like a veggie!

  12. Lincey V. Pepin says

    I hope our little one (due in April) will love everything like we do!

  13. Ann Kelly says

    I would like for my kids an grankids eat apples an banana’s.

  14. oranges

  15. cindyloo says

    I wish my child would love pears like me!

  16. avacado.

  17. Broccoli

  18. Angela W. says

    I would love for my six year old to eat ANY fruit in general! All she will eat is apples, and it’s not something she asks for.

  19. Holly Caudle says

    I would love my granddaughters to enjoy green veggies like Kale and broccoli. Also to enjoy fresh fruits like apples and peaches.

  20. lori Simasl says

    Any and all.

  21. Pamela Warren says

    The Asian Pears are really delicious

  22. Stephanie Guenther says

    Both of my little ones love apples and strawberries.

  23. I wish my son would eat any raw veggies! So frustrating..

  24. Rebel Rich says

    I would like my kids to eat more veggies. Fruits are easy, but veggies are a struggle.

  25. marie willis says

    I always teah children to eat fruit and veggies in fact I think they had the most fun w/coconut. I love watching their faces when they try some new fruit.

  26. They eat most fruits & veggies.

  27. Angie Erb says

    My 3 yr old son is super picky. Maybe this would help get him to eat a bigger variety of healthy foods.

  28. Sandy McFadden says

    I want my Grandkids to eat bananas, apples, cuties, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries and seedless grapes and they love watermelon and the other melons too.

  29. Blueberries.

  30. Karen Glatt says

    Broccoli and Peas!

  31. nikki krutz says

    my 2 year old son especially loves apples and bananas

  32. steve weber says

    green beans.

  33. Cheryl Abdelnour says


  34. My daughter loves almost every fruit and vegetable! I’m so proud!

  35. Sacha Schroeder says

    I am pretty lucky. My kids like fruits and veggies but I would like it if my son ate more salads.

  36. Laura Smith says

    My daughter loves all kinds of fruit, but veggies are a different story I really wish I could get her to eat more

  37. oranges

  38. Dianna Thomas says

    I am real luck just about everything but raisins, they really love apples and tomatos

  39. Dianna Thomas says

    following all on the pinterest as –DiannaThomas—

  40. Sylvia White says

    pears and blueberries

  41. I would love it if my son would eat any veggies! He most recently started liking green beans but that was a huge battle. Carrots next please!!

  42. Valarie Lee Gentry says

    I love almost every fruit except watermelon! It has no flavor to me and all the seeds ugh!

  43. Lorayne Gothard says

    I wish my daughter wold eat tomatoes

  44. ANN COUNCIL says

    I want my great grandson to enjoy all the rainbow of fruits.

  45. Karen Lynn Burget says


  46. I would love for my children to like spinach since it is so good for them.

  47. I think apples because they are so good for you

  48. kelly nicholson says

    What fruit or vegetable would you love your child to enjoy?


  49. Kali Hees says

    my nephew pretty much loves all fruit and veggies. He has not gotten to the picky stage yet!

  50. Chavonne H says

    Bananas for sure.

  51. Brussels sprouts

  52. elie sheely says

    i want them to enjoy pears

  53. Chriss Connor Pooler says

    All of them, I would like not fussy eaters, and to at least try them all once.

  54. cheryl crain says


  55. Donna McGee Holman says

    Any, but apples, peaches, nectarines, plums, bananas, melons, strawberries and peaches would be preferred.

  56. All fruits and veggies

  57. Jannet L. says

    My son loves pears and I love apples … We love all fruits and vegetables!! Thank you so much for this healthy giveaway!! 🙂

  58. Carrie B says

    all fruits and Veggies.

  59. Asparagus

  60. Spinach, would be good!

  61. Robin Wilson says


  62. Jessica White says


  63. Christina R. says


  64. Broccoli!

  65. nancy horton says

    apples are delicious

  66. karen benson says

    Wishing my grand daughter would try eating leafy vegetables.

  67. Joni J Caraway says

    I wish they would enjoy califlower, but I have to say they eat almost everything else and they always try new things.

  68. bananas!

  69. katie johnson says


  70. Keno Moore says

    All fruits and veggies

  71. beth dunlavy hoppe says


  72. Bonnie Ridenour says

    My kids do pretty good with fruits and vegetables but I do wish they enjoyed broccoli more.

  73. melandriaromero says

    she loves carrot 🙂

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