Hear Ye! Hear Ye! A Baby Is Born!

A baby is the greatest gift a mother could ever receive.  When we moms give birth, we naturally want everyone to know how blessed we are and to share how adorable our new bundle of joy looks.  How do we do this?  Well, there are many different ways to announce the birth of a new baby.  Here are just some ideas you may want to consider: 

Be Techie.  Take advantage of modern technology and spread the news of your baby’s birth through various social media networks.  A picture of the baby posted on your Facebook wall can be shared easily with other relatives and friends.  A simple tweet about the birth of your baby can be read by all your followers on Twitter.  In these two networks alone, you’d have most of your family and friends informed already within hours after giving birth.  Another fairly quick way to spread the news is to send text messages.  Immediate family members and close friends warrant a phone call though.  Lastly, you can email a message containing pictures of the baby and his birth details.
Go Traditional.
Technology does make announcing a baby’s birth faster and easier. However, traditional ways of announcement make the occasion more meaningful. Before the advent of the internet, announcement of birth was done by posting on the local newspaper and by sending birth announcement cards through postal service.  Though it sometimes takes forever to reach the recipients’ homes, birth announcement cards are more personal and can be kept as keepsakes. 

 Handmade ones will certainly be much appreciated because of the time and effort exerted in making them.  Then again, newborns do require plenty of love and attention so it may be more prudent to opt for printed birth announcement cards.  You can still add that personal touch and showcase your creative flair by being the one to choose the template and design for the cards.

You don’t actually have to choose just one method of birth announcement.  You may take advantage of technology to spread the news fast, then send traditional birth announcement cards for a more intimate message.


  1. Aww, congratulations! Such a precious bundle of joy! 🙂

  2. congra’s to you, these are some cute ideas for great gandmama’s too..

  3. My baby was born 4 months ago and due to the technology nowadays all my family was able to see his first photo since his father posted it online (on facebook) so I had time to send his birth announcement ( i took my time since everyone had already seen him) 🙂 so it was very convenient for me.

  4. Raul James Bugahod says

    Babies are cute

  5. dianne david says

    i super like babeis 🙂 cngrats you have now your angel 🙂

  6. Great article!

  7. I like technology but I would not post a picture of my baby on Facebook…

  8. erika fukuda says

    i texted my mom the morning after i gave birth..i didn’t want her to feel anxious the whole night..

  9. As a mom of four boys ages 11,13,14,and 15, and a husband, and a male dog I say congratulations and in Hebrew I say Mazel Tov! Many many blessings to u and yours! Enjoy the time it goes by sooooooooooooooo fast b4 u know it they are asking for the phones, ipads, and of course all the video game systems been there done that four times over!

  10. I know the hi tech ones are popular now but I still love the traditional announcements!

  11. Tiffany Winner says

    i’d love to send fancy birth announcements for our next baby but i know i wont really feel like doing it once i’m taking care of the newborn

  12. Cynthia Knisley says

    Love to win a $1000

  13. Theresa Reed says

    It sure is a great way to announce that you have had the baby and its quicker than doing it by mail. Congratulations on the new little one. 🙂

  14. Brandi Price says

    We didn’t really do this with our son… everyone just KNEW! LOL

  15. Great post!

  16. Crystal Warren says

    I’ve seen so many great idea’s on Pinterest for birth announcements…one of my favorites had a before and after picture with mom’s belly in first pic and the baby in the second!

  17. Technology is definitely amazing when it comes to being able to share such joyous news across the world otherwise unable to do.

  18. Gloria Walshver says

    Having a baby is the greatest pleasure in a mothers life,I know I am a mother four times.

  19. Lovely ideas <3

  20. Kristy Wong says

    Thanks for the ideas. I like the traditional method

  21. Darlene Ysaguirre says

    Yay for new babies..i just had my son on Memorial Day last year being a parent is a blast

  22. Debbie Corbin says

    awesome! my daughter will be having me a new grand baby soon!

  23. I love these ideas for shouting out to your personal bubble (group of family and friends) hey everyone here is my adorable baby! Babies are such a blessing and I really like the idea of making phone calls to all your close friends and family because when I have kids they will be at the hospital with me. Anyone else will see pictures either through text message or facebook pictures. Thanks for the post! 🙂

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