Hello Fall $1000 Cash Giveaway OPEN WORLDWIDE

Hello everyone!

Welcome to Hello Fall $1000 Cash Giveaway!

Are you excited? I know I am. I think this is a wonderful opportunity for all our readers!

Happy Home and Family and Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog together with the most amazing group of bloggers are bringing you once again another FABULOUS event where one very lucky reader will win $1000 cold hard cash!

Special thanks to: Diva Fabulosa & Beauty and Fashion Diva

So what would you do with a thousand dollars if you win?

Well, if you ask me I will get a head start on my Christmas shopping :).

  • Giveaway will run September 22 at 12:01 am EST – October 22 at 11:59 PM EST
  • You must be 18 years or older to enter.
  • Must have a paypal account
  • Entries will be verified so please don’t cheat, it’s a waste of time.

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Disclaimer: This blog is not responsible for shipment of prize, nor did I accept any form of payment to promote this event. All entries will be verified.


  1. Some upgrades in my home

  2. misty farmer says

    I would for sure get my daughters Birthday Stuff and Start on Christmas! Woohoo! Thanks!

  3. Janice Marjo Nuevas says

    I will pay for my sister’s maternity expenses,and buy some christmas gift for my new niece and family members.

  4. Jessica Aldridge says

    If I won $1000, I would buy my children Christmas presents and buy my boyfriend something nice!


    in it to win it

  6. Robert Thorson says

    Pay some bills!

  7. will pay my debts.

  8. MaryLou Sakosky says

    Down payment to start saving for our burial plots as i just loss my brother
    tonight and no one in family can afford to give his a decent funeral .This is not happening for me even though i live below poverty and on SSD .i will find a way after 20 yrs ,me and my Randy are together

  9. Austin Baroudi says

    I would put it towards the money I have in the bank to buy a new car!

  10. I would get a Life Insurance and treat my kids for an out of town vacation.

  11. Go Christmas Shopping.

  12. New fall wardrobe for my daughters!

  13. I think I’ll build up my handmade business

  14. Buy some baby supplies for my new baby on the way 🙂

  15. will save it for future use =)))

  16. Wow! Great giveaway! I’ll pay a part of my debts with.

  17. vera hanson says

    get my husband an HD ready, flat screen tv that can get the movie channels

  18. cindy sullivan says

    Start Christmas shopping and do the Christmas for Soldiers and children

  19. Danielle P says

    I’d buy windows.

  20. brandi ellison says

    pay off some debt!

  21. put towards debt

  22. put it toward our honeymoon!

  23. I would pay some bills and give some money to some friends who are unemployed.

  24. Kathleen Hiskey says

    i would pay the sales tax on my van so i can drive it legally 😉 thanks for the chance 😉

  25. Terri C. McMillan says

    pay bills

  26. I would pay off some bills, great giveaway thanks

  27. Pay bills and buy my daughter some winter clothes.

  28. rachel bedrock says

    i have a two yr old so i would buy her fall and winter clothes and some toys. i would buy myself a little bit of clothes because i dont have much.

  29. Bellina Jacobs says

    It would allow me to purchase a laptop (my HP just died!) and enroll my son in public online school. I have a medical condition which causes chronic pain. The ability for my son to attend school online would be a blessing for both of us.

  30. Tiffany Winner says

    pay bills

  31. If I won $1,000, I would pay off my credit card. :/

  32. Marijana Sitar says

    I would buy some books and presents for my family and dearest friends. 🙂
    Thank you for the giveaway!!

  33. Pay bills!

  34. Pay some bills and shop for holiday gifts.

  35. tiffany dover says

    I’d use it to pay off bills and buy Christmas presents for my almost 1 year old

  36. I would put the money toward grad school 🙂

  37. I would pay down one of my student loans. Well, um, oh okay, I’d buy that cute pair of Coach boots I’ve been eying…

  38. marthalynn says

    I’d use it to pay off bills!

  39. I will have the second floor of our house built so that we have some place to stay especially when its flooding 🙁

    Goodluck to us all!

  40. This is amazing! 🙂 Right towards savings for a down payment, either for our home or a new car<3

  41. Wow, what an amazing giveaway! I would probably have to do something lame like pay my tuition or my VISA bill with it, either of which would be really great. I would likely use a bit to do something special for my husband and I – we are both broke grad students so it would be great to treat ourselves! Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  42. I would use the money to go see my son graduate from the Army’s Ranger Assessment & Selection Program at Ft. Benning, GA! I’ve been out of work for 5 months and haven’t been able to save anything for it yet!

  43. this would really help to finish the construction of our house. i hope i win 🙂

  44. I’m going to use it for my birthday this coming October! ^_^

  45. Buy Christmas presents 🙂

  46. Put it towards things that are waiting…oil change, dog licence, and a couch for my daughter, oh, and a little shopping spree of course! lol

  47. Sara Logan says

    It would certainly help for Christmas

  48. I’d use the $1000 for my son’s birthday and christmas.

  49. I would pay off some bills and use the rest for school.

  50. I could definitely use the money with 6 children and 2 of them babies:) Hectic household with lots of diapers lol but a really fun household:)

  51. Erica Paige says

    Christmas SHopping!!

  52. Taryn Pasco says

    I would use it to give my 2 year old a great Christmas! & Also use it for my son who will be here in February to get all the things I’ll need for him!

  53. Reka Madarasz says

    I would buy furnitures to our new home with my fiancé:)

  54. CAROL TSAIRIS says


  55. Im back for more entries!

  56. I would use the money for airfare, to spend Thanksgiving with my mom, and to bring my son home for Christmas.

  57. Jessica Dunn says

    I would use it for Christmas.

  58. Thanksgiving decorations and a fabulous meal!

  59. I would use the money toward my daughter’s team trip to study dance with professional dancers in Disney this June!

  60. I’d buy ticket’s to visit my family overseas.

  61. I would use the $1000 toward our only daughter’s wedding and shower I will have for her soon. 🙂

  62. Rasheed Aque says

    I want to buy something that enhance my talent in music

  63. If i win i will save half the money and use other half for family example vacation, shopping and dining!!

  64. hey I’m back again to add more entries! more entries! more chances of winning!

  65. I wanted to save the money for my tooth operation and the rest would be for my emergency savings!

  66. Pay bills

  67. Alyssa Mae Sta Cruz says

    I will use it for my college tuition fee.

  68. xmas shopping and savings

  69. Christmas shopping

  70. Put a down payment on a new vehicle!

  71. Christmas without the stress.

  72. We’ll use it to help pay for the new (unexpected) furnace we are having installed!

  73. Pay on bills- and Christmas shopping. 🙂

  74. Jennifer Patton says

    I would put it in my bank

  75. buy my daughter a new things and give a Christmas present to my cousin’s niece and nephews..

  76. If I won the 1,000 USD, I would get my 80-year old mom an Asus Prime ;p

  77. Barbara Mayes says

    I would get each of my 3 grandchildren something very special!

  78. I’d pay off some bills and buy xmas gifts:)

    jmatek AT wi DOT rr DOT com

  79. I would buy Television.

  80. jean maillet says

    Get a new mattress set I am so desperate for one we have 14 blankets piled on the bed to help ease the pain from my shoulders hurting from this mattress.

  81. Erica Ardali says

    Use it towards Christmas for my boys

  82. wish to be won for my daughter

  83. shop for Christmas gifts

  84. I’d use it to buy beautiful Christmas gifts for my friends and family, and to organise a romantic trip with my boyfriend- to have some alone-time in a foreign country.
    Thank You

  85. I would put the money into savings for a down payment on a new house!

  86. Elegant Daily says

    pay bills and buy Christmas

  87. Pay bills!

  88. Genevieve Carter says

    With $1000, I would surprise our son with a great laptop computer because Christmas is 2 weeks after his 16th birthday and I am so proud of him skipping high school and he is in his 1st semester of college with 3 classes and he is still 15.! I <3 our Thaddeus! 🙂

  89. Jen Rodrigues says

    My parents want to upgrade their kitchen upstairs. We have been wanting to do it for the past couple years but haven’t had the money to do it, I would give them the money to help pay to fix the kitchen. That would be the best Christmas Gift ever for them!!

  90. Lindsey P says

    I would use the money to pay for spring semester of school, that would really help take the load off of my parents and it would be great to not have to work 50 hours a week to be able to pay for college. 🙂 Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!

  91. javelyn consorte says

    with 1000 – i could have my son undergo surgery this year 🙂

  92. Fix up our new apartment and do all my Christmas shopping!

  93. if i win, i will use the money to pay off debts and to bless others.

  94. Ryanne Kelley says

    I would buy Christmas presents and pay bills!

  95. peachkins says

    great giveaway!

  96. christy r. says


    If I won the thousand dollars, I would pay some medical bills. Thanks for the Giveaway.

  97. Kayla @ TheEclecticElement says

    I would probably use it to pay off some medical bills I have! Or get a jump start on my Christmas shopping 🙂

    Thank you for this wonderful chance!

  98. Suzanne Goodenow says

    I would donate half to our local food bank, and the other half I would use to buy presents for my family.

  99. Krista C. says

    Start saving for a house!

  100. keely hostetter says

    buy christmas gifts

  101. Beverly M. says

    I’d go and visit my granddaughter! 🙂

  102. Tania Woodrow says

    I would use the money for winter heating

  103. Payoff mortgage.

  104. I would put the money towards some much needed (and expensive) home repair projects.

  105. Tanya Wagner says

    I would buy some Christmas gifts and save the rest for a family vacation!

  106. I would book my plane ticket to go celebrate with my family

  107. I would Pay some bills

  108. Judy Bradley says

    Likely use it for Christmas, since I have no funds towards that yet.

  109. I will set up a daycare fund for our new baby!

  110. Agnes Andrs says

    I’D Go shopping 😀

  111. Naveen Ansari says

    I would use the money to buy the new Call of Duty: Black Ops II videogame, XBOX live points and extended membership, and Koh-I-Noor Triangular Magic Multicoloured pencils for my sister!

  112. I would use it to buy my christmas gifts. 🙂

  113. chrislin says

    it would be so nice to win this giveaway. SHOPPING FOR DAYS !!

  114. I’d buy a few things I had my eye on for awhile.

  115. Michelle Rosini says

    I’d have a wonderful holiday season! 🙂 Great Giveaway – Thanks!

  116. Pay some bills and buy Christmas presents!

  117. I would use it for Christmas Gifts!!!

  118. Mauricio Zuniga says

    Get a PSVita with a bunch of games and accessories

  119. Danielle @ We Have It All says

    I would probably use this to Christmas shop 🙂

  120. Jody Cowan says

    Give some to my older kids and use some for Christmas

  121. Elizabeth Wallis says

    I would put that money towards flying my stepsons home for Christmas.

  122. I will buy the kiddo an ipad since he didn’t get one for his grad!

  123. I think you should get these!!

    Sweet Candy Peep-toe Wedge Sandals

  124. I would take my family on a nice Holiday 🙂

  125. Save half of it for my Daughter’s Birthday bash and buy a new phone with the other half 🙂

  126. I will give half of it to help finance my Mom’s cataract operation, and the other 25% use to get my much delayed annual medical check-up; and the rest to buy my grandchildren their Christmas gifts.

  127. I would make a trip back home\m/~!!

  128. some of my bills and for Christmas

  129. I can surely use some money right now

  130. I will pay my bills

  131. Chanel Laney says

    I will pay a couple bills and buy christmas for my kids! (:

  132. I would use it for christmas for my kids

  133. I need some money!

  134. Karen Pikkaraine says

    I would get my brake line fixed so i can get to my doctors appointment ! I have a lot of health problems ! I would also give my son a wonderful Christmas that he hasn’t had in along time

  135. cheryl crain says

    Buy gifts and food

  136. cheryl crain says

    Buy gifts and food would be so nice



  138. cheryl crain says

    Buy gifts and food would be so nice !!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. cheryl crain says

    Christmas gifts and food

  140. Fern Lehmann says

    I would use it for Christmas gifts since my husband is not currently employed.

  141. Becky Bryant says

    Oh my gosh, what wouldn’t I do. There are so many things I wouldn’t know where to begin. First thing, I would pay a few bills. Then, I would use some to get some Christmas gifts and then put some away for a rainy day. Thanks for this opportunity.

  142. I would buy an iphone I have no girl friend 😛

  143. Bethany A says

    I’d buy baby stuff and pay bills.

  144. I want to buy a new tablet for 1000$ , please please count me in and let me win .

  145. Erin Cash says

    Do all of my Christmas shopping, get a massage and buy a bunch of toys for toys for tots or a Christmas angel.

  146. Michelle Bartley says

    Pay off my credit cards and cut them up!!

  147. Tammy Schweitz says

    Go towards a wedding thanks

  148. Laurel Simmons says

    Pay off our credit card . lol
    Thanks for the chance!!

  149. I would pay bills & start Christmas shopping

  150. I’d pay off my credit card and start buying Christmas gifts!

  151. I would use it for my tuition cos’ I wanted to enroll myself a Masters Degree in Nursing.

  152. Raluca L.C. says

    If I’ll win this amount of money, I’ll invest them in my future, I will pay for my internship program.

  153. Pay off my VISA bill, lol

  154. I would spend it on what my children needed………. 🙂

  155. I would use it to catch up on my bills and use what I have left for the kiddos for Christmas. Thank you so very much for the chance!

  156. I’d use the money to pay off a credit card!

  157. Cassandra S. (@chickytoo82) says

    Buy gifts for the holidays

  158. I will use the money for my kid’s tuition fees.

  159. Danielle Hull says

    I would spend it on some household items, especially organizing shelves and totes!

  160. Edita Kolesnik says

    If I won $1000, I’d pay a ticket to New Zealand to visit my bf 🙂

  161. D. Daigle says

    I just got laid off, so I would use this money for Christmas shopping, as this holiday is coming up fast. Thanks!

  162. MANUEL VIZCAYA says


  163. Earnest money, trying to buy a house 🙂

  164. Tracillia L. says

    If I receive this reward, I’ll separate $1000 into 3 pieces:
    – $100 I’ll donate to a random charity organization (could be in my country or here in the US).
    – $100 is for my transportation tickets the next month.
    – $800 is saved for my house renting in 2 months.
    That would be awesome if I don’t need to take care about housing by finding another part time job over the weekend. I would have more time to focus on my study in order to go for the scholarship next semester.

  165. Jasper Miguel says

    I will use it to buy gifts for my family and friends!

  166. Use on Christmas gifts

  167. I’d pay off some bills and go on a vacation with the rest.

  168. Oh boy, $1000 is a lot of money right now. I would probably use half of it towards a mortgage payment and the other half for a weekend away to Ottawa. Many thanks,

  169. If I won $1000 I would put it towards a flight to visit my mum in Australia!

  170. Karen Chayne Sanchez says

    I would use it in paying my pending bills and I will buy Christmas gifts for my family and fellow church members.

  171. I would spend some to pay bills and save some.

  172. I would use it to catch up on the bills

  173. Crystal Jewel Gwynn says

    Good luck to all 🙂

  174. Huguette E. says

    I would start my Christmas shopping

  175. Paula Robinson says

    Probable use it for a trip home! I miss Tennessee

  176. Karen Votsmier Crolly says

    I would shop for Christmas at all the small business shops to support all the ones who work hard for their money 🙂 THANK YOU!

  177. I would use it toward my winter holidays! xo

  178. Lori Dunbar says

    A win in this amount would allow me, after three years, to return to work. As a career caregiver, an insured vehicle, even an older one, would change our lives! Good Luck to all!

  179. Wendy Dickinson says

    What you will do with the money ($1000) if you win this giveaway? I’d spend some on my family for Christmas, some on bills and the rest on stocking the freezer and cupboards.

    msdickinson28 at hotmail dot com

  180. I would use it for Christmas shopping and to get our bills caught up!

  181. Beverly wilder says

    buy a new tv

  182. Donna Clark says

    OMGOSH …I would christmas shop. It sure would help at this time of year 🙂

  183. I would defiantly do my Christmas shopping. Since I can’t go to the stores and do it, I shop online!

  184. $1000 is real big money.. if i had the chance of winning, i would keep and save it in bank for future use, i may use it for my baby angel rhaine’s needs.. like milk.. diapers and her necessities..

    november 12th is my daughter’s 1year old celebration, i may give her a small party..
    i will share some with my mom and dad, so that they could start small business soon..

  185. I would love to win this money to treat myself to a well deserved vacation.

  186. Vow 🙂 I would love to grab this money and use it for my blog 😀

  187. Melodee Robinson says

    Bills, bills, bills

  188. I will definitely use the money to travel and go shopping. And of course, save what’s left. 😉

  189. June Isbel says

    If I win I will catch up on mortgage payments

  190. hello. i would be glad to know who won this. 🙂

  191. im sorry. i dont know if i missed the announcement of the winner, is there a winnerr already? thank you. 🙂


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