Hello Summer $1000 Paypal Cash Giveaway EXTENDED! OPEN WORLDWIDE [CLOSED]

And here we are again to give you a chance to win BIG BUCKS!!! Happy Home and Family, Diva Fabulosa and a group of amazing bloggers have teamed up to give 1 lucky winner a whopping $1000 paypal cash! Yep you read it right, $1000 cold hard cash!

What would you do if you win $1000?

Go on a holiday ?
Have a home makeover ?
Go on a shopping spree ?

    • Giveaway will run June 20 at 12:01 am EST – July 20 at 12:01 AM EST Due to some technical issues, we will be extending the deadline for this to July 25.
    • You must be 18 years or older to enter.
    • Entries will be verified.

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Good luck to you!!


  1. I’ll go on a Holiday!

  2. shari lewis says

    I would get caught up on my back home taxes for the year…;)

  3. Edna Maldonado says

    I will fix my car and pay some debt.

  4. Nichole Miller Shamblin says

    Pay for some special things for my kids to do at Disney.

  5. I’ll definitely use the money to fund my project which aims to help the underprivileged kids in my country through distribution of free learning materials and free dental/medical missions.

  6. Alexandria Cozzini says

    Tough choice… either put it towards our Home Buying Fund or put it towards paying off my debt.

  7. I will use it for car repair.

  8. Amber Preer says

    I will go shopping

  9. IΒ΄ll go on a shopping spree.

  10. stacey dempsey says

    I have 2 teens learning to drive and I sooo need a car, it would be a used car but still this would go a longg ways towards getting one

  11. Wanda Jean says

    I would buy a new bed and a new bike:) thanks for the giveaway, good luck to all

  12. Sheryl Altvater says

    I would take my husband on a trip for our 25th Anniversary this year.

  13. Amy Gramelspacher says

    I’d go on a vacation!

  14. I would buy a vehicle. My son and I have been without one foe almost 2 yrs now.

  15. Take my husband to see his father.

  16. I would save it for moving

  17. Pay bills most likely πŸ™‚

  18. Buy my mac!

  19. Jennifer Hiles says

    My family has never been on vacation and we didn’t get a honeymoon so I would use it to take my first vacation ever!

  20. Pay my bills!!!

  21. Wendy Pence says

    What would I do with this giveaway? Well, our home was destroyed by a tornado in February. We are rebuilding and have great insurance, which is awesome. But, I would use the money if I won this giveaway to buy (or make) some stuff for the new house. For instance, I saw this really cute sign someone posted on Facebook for a laundry room. I was simple — red with white lettering in a really neat font. It said: “Laundry Schedule/Sort – Today/Wash – Tomorrow/Fold – Eventually/Iron – Ha Ha). I would love to make that to hang in my Mud Room! :0)

  22. I would pay some bills and buy my little girl a big birthday gift.

  23. Jeannette Laframboise says

    We have been trying our hardest to save for a trip to Disney World for our son and to win this would certainly help us make it there! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  24. Kathy Pennell says

    I would pay my taxes!

  25. Kathy Swaim Idol says

    I would use this to pay some of my doctors bill & then use some to take a trip to see my daughter & her family in Maine

  26. What you will do with the money ($1000) if you win this giveaway?

    I will definetly help my parents getting a new table to their house!

  27. viviana says

    i’d put it towards our new home.. πŸ™‚

  28. I’d save 1/2 and invest the 1/2 in my blog! πŸ™‚ Thanks 4 the chance!

  29. Irma Hernandez says

    Unfortunately I am not working, so this would really helping pay my monthly mortgage.

  30. Lia Becas Jacobsen says

    Hi, It won’t let me like the blog post and “error” comes up in red. I refreshed the page and it still keeps happening :C

  31. Danielle Ring says

    I’d buy a new bed!! I’ve been dying to get a new one but we are a financially TIGHT budgeted family of 5 so it’s not possible right now….AND MY BACK NEEDS A NEW BED!! Thank you for sponsoring such great giveaways!!

  32. Vanna Num says

    plane ticket to california πŸ™‚

  33. Mari Luz Lavado MartΓ­n says

    I will buy a holiday for my mum. She’s had an awful year and she so deserves a break!

  34. Tracy Peterman says

    Buy a couple things like a kindle fire. Maybe a night or two in a hotel. Then save the rest for a disney world vacation we would like to take in a couple years.

  35. Seyma Shabbir says

    Pay off the family mini van

  36. Teresa Moore says

    I would use it for the first month’s rent and deposit on a place for my daughter and I.

  37. Put it towards a car

  38. Jessie C. says

    I’d get a new washer.

  39. michelleb says

    Buy hardwood flooring for my family room and go visit family.

  40. I will buy a cricut expression and cartridges

  41. Trish Lacy says


  42. Maricar says

    I will use part of it to help a colorectal kid and share with my loved ones πŸ™‚

  43. vicky r says

    Would help pay our house off.

  44. barbara tryon says

    I would buy an ipad

  45. natalia flores says

    bills bills bills

  46. spent it on a vacation! πŸ˜€

  47. I’ll definitely invest some,,, share some to a charity and of course enjoy some!
    good luck everyone!^_^

  48. Lia Becas Jacobsen says

    I’m BACK!! I would use half of the money for much needed eye glasses and share the other half with my son Brian & his wife Sara who have given us the most beautiful Grandchildren in the world, Isabella 2 & Brian Jr. 1. A new family starting out needs all the help they can get! Love you guys! <3 THANK YOU for giving us a chance to better our life as well as others!!

  49. Melanie Bricker says

    Hi I think that If We won this Money, We would”” Try”” to pay off a Little bit @ least on Our bills, & then take some & go on a small Family Trip, Like My Daughter, I adopted Her from China when She was a baby & now Shes 13 yrs old & She wants SOOO Very Badly to Go to DisneyLand..& She has for sometime now…Most of Her friends have been multiple times & She just wants to at least Go one time while Shes still Young enough To enjoy It as a Child still..Thank You Very Much & good luck to Everyone who enters

  50. Lia Becas Jacobsen says

    Hi again, I must technically challenged because I know I didn’t share and tag properly. I have both the contest page and the inserted text that was suppose to be used as a tag in one post but I’m LOST in getting it tagged right!!

  51. kelly nicholson says

    Answer on the comment section below:

    What you will do with the money ($1000) if you win this giveaway?

    take a ride on reading!

  52. I will use the half for shopping and the half for savings

  53. Part of it will help underpriviledged breast cancer patients and a part to kids with cancer.

  54. Judy Bradley says

    I really want to take a trip this fall and this would help a lot!

  55. Natalie Miranda says

    I will save it for my baby’s bday!

  56. I would pay off some bills if I won $1,000.

  57. Mai ThreeBoyz says

    will buy a new computer and save the rest of the money for rainy days

  58. Rebecca Parsons says

    Car payment and some new clothes for the family.

  59. Alylie Saberon says

    I will use the half for shopping and the half save for the kids education.

  60. Lovely Joy Merced says

    I will start a small bussiness at home πŸ™‚

  61. Get my car fixed.

  62. Arthur Caudill says

    If I win, I will buy school clothes for my daughter and a gift for my wife.

  63. Go on a holiday with my family πŸ™‚

  64. Lorna Puno says

    i will save it for my kids tuition fee next year

  65. I would use it to get some new things for my second little boy who is on his way so not all his things are hand me downs and then get a pedicure πŸ™‚

  66. Sandra Pettry says

    If I won, I would take my Mom who is 88 1/2 on a trip to New York to see Niagara Falls and to tour the city. She is always commenting that she has never seen the falls and I would love to show them to her while she is still able to enjoy them.

  67. I would probably just pay off debt.

  68. I’ll save it for my trip to Sweden for my sister’s wedding!

  69. Arra Morta says

    Buy stuff for my house!

  70. Hello, if I win this $1000 summer giveaway, I want to give an out of town treat with my family because they deserve it. Also, I will spend some for home improvements. This $1000 will be of great blessing to us.

  71. Hello, if I win this $1000 summer giveaway, I will pay our debt and have a home make0ver. This cash giveaway is really of big help to us. More Power to you!!!

    Thanks a lot for this promo!

  72. I would start my Christmas shopping and buy groceries

  73. We have to move (rented house will be sold), so the money would help with the move.

  74. deena vanbergen says


  75. i will buy ipad2

  76. Melissa says

    have a minni honeymoon…with the kids :)..we didn’t have one so it would be nice

  77. michelle says

    Home improvement…

  78. I would either use the money to buy a big ol’ aquarium with all the works, or I’d donate it to charity either when GISHWHES comes back online this year, or I’d wait for next year to donate to Hope 2 Haiti to enter into a raffle and get Misha Collins swag. Hm.

  79. If ever I win, I will split the money into two. I will give the $500 to my beloved mom+dad. And the other half, I will use it to pay our bills, and of course, shop stuffs for my lil kiddo. πŸ™‚

  80. Kathleen Driscoll says

    Pay bills and go on a trip! Thanks!

  81. Cheryl Sab says

    Back to school clothes for the kids and maybe a family weekend somewhere.

  82. Annmarie W. says

    Buy some outdoor patio furniture!

  83. Cara James says

    Pay bills;)

  84. I’m going to Europe with my brother later this summer and I’d use it to extend the stay a bit!

  85. I’d use half to buy my hunny a new computer, and then whatever would be leftover would go to paying off student loans!

  86. Rebbecca says

    I would use the money to vist family and go to my BFFs wedding.

  87. $1000 will help put a new roof on my house…really needs it!

  88. Ana Lara says

    I would like to ger some stuff for my kitchen!

  89. Enizete Lane says

    I need a new dishwasher….will be a gift for myself

  90. Vivian Aguilar says

    I’d take my family to my dream holiday destination in Greece and will give 10% to our church congregation.

  91. Lori A. Mlinarcik says

    If I/we won the money…we would get caught up on bills, help out a few people that need help and then possibly take a weekend to look around NH more than we have in the 2 yrs. we’ve been here, lol. Thank you for this opportunity! <3

  92. I would take my girls shopping for the day!

  93. Larry Christine says


  94. Sharon Fechner says


  95. Peter G says

    I would buy groceries and a new bed for my daughter.

  96. What you will do with the money ($1000) if you win this giveaway?

    My mom will be celebrating her birthday on the 16th of July, and if I ever win this contest I will definitely spend it on my mom as a late birthday present. She loves clothes, so I am probably going to use it to buy clothes for my mom online. πŸ™‚

  97. As much as I need to pay bills off i’d probably go on a shopping spree πŸ™‚

  98. Will go shop online if i won ! ???

  99. Jenni C says

    I’d put in it my checking account and use sparingly since I’m unemployed and have 3 teen to feed!!!

  100. Pamela Minter says

    GAS!!!! SOME MORE GAS!!!!!!! DID I SAY GAS????? AND OH YEAH SNACKS!!!!! πŸ˜‰

  101. Amie Olson says

    I would spend the money on some new clothes for the kids and gas money for a family vacation.
    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  102. alexis janiszewski says

    i would use it on a vacation!!!!

  103. Debbie Fitcher says

    Pay a credit card off.

  104. i will pay all my credits, and pay bills..

  105. Cathy Naughton says

    fix the car and go to an amusement park w/ the kids

  106. Jacqi R. says

    Pay a bill.

  107. chrystal says

    well my daughter was born may 1st, without insurance! her bills are over $12,000!! so i would need to pay some of that off, but i would also like to get her and mommy (some NON-MATERNITY) clothes!!
    i would also like to get my 2 1/2 year old son something, he loves thomas!
    my birthday is july 1st and my husbands birthday is july 3, so would really like to be able to get some birthday presents!!

  108. BlackAsphodel says

    I’ll save it until I figure out what to use it for.

    My e-mail: blackasphodel(at)yahoo(dot)com

  109. Paula schuck says

    This would be used to help fix my roof right now. It is a mess


  110. i-ll love to visit Portugal!like a romantic trip with my bf…some kind of honeymoon without beeing married:D

  111. Divide it for charity, family finances, and college education fund for our son.

  112. I will spend the 500$ for shopping. The other half, I will save it.

  113. adelle medberry says

    I’d pay some bills, buy some much needed clothes, groceries, and contacts.

  114. Pay bills!

  115. dave shamblin says

    Pay some bills!

  116. We are going on a anniversary-belated honeymoon-renew wedding vows-never been on a cruise-always wanted to go to Hawaii vacation in Feb,2013,would be using it to pay for this trip…yes!

  117. christine woskobunik says

    I would remodel the kitchen in my mobile home

  118. Renee Sapone says

    I would give it to my mommy πŸ™‚

  119. anne baron says

    this is really exciting

  120. WE want to buy a house so it would go into our fund.

  121. I would like to fix up my front porch. Thanks!

  122. Rupali Srivastava says

    I would like to go on my summer vacation break with my family.

  123. Zoe Rae says

    new clothes and shoes, a fun day trip for the family

  124. Definitely pay bills!

  125. Amber Thompson says

    I would help pay for my dog’s cancer treatments.

  126. I would have to use it on schooling costs!

  127. I’ll do a little shopping and pay a few bills

  128. Brooke Westmoreland says

    Use it to get married and moving

  129. YWLiang says

    I will spend them on my daughter’s college textbooks! They’re expensive!

  130. N Reyes says

    if i win i will pay a bill.

  131. Travel… to Disneyland! πŸ™‚

  132. I would pay for so many things for our wedding and save some money also. Get some engagement photos printed and put into our invitations and buy my mom a really nice gift to say thank you for helping with the wedding. I have no idea what to get her that could possibly say thank you as much as i need to πŸ™‚

  133. Would love to win this! Would buy myself and my grandchildren some nice things. Pick Me Please!!!!!

  134. Monica Young says

    I’d definitely use it to get caught up on bills. If I had any money left ever I’d take my kiddos out to Castles N Coasters πŸ™‚

  135. Augiesan says

    wow! I will use it for home improvement…

  136. jessica hager says

    Pay off some bills!

  137. mraaron says

    Thanks for sharing. Seems like you guys had a great blog going for awhile! Site looks great!!! There is another site about home improvement you can visit

  138. Saba Babbar says

    I want to win it to continue my education. If i won this i will use this money to get admission in MS. I badly want this for my education purpose.

  139. Pam Waring says

    Pay bills

  140. Blakelyn H. says

    I would help pay for my friend’s lawyer for her custody hearing.

  141. i would buy a new sewing machine, a serger and a silhouette cameo.

  142. I’ll definitely use it for my tuition fee this coming semester…

  143. Joanne Gentry says

    I would go and see my granddaughter, who is almost 7 months old. I haven’t been able too visit since she was 1 week old due to distance. Thanks for the chance to win.

  144. Mary Ann M. Buenaventura says

    I will invest the money on my business. I want to have a small resto-bar because my expertise is in to food… i do catering also. So i really hope to win this promo. So goodluck to us all! πŸ™‚

  145. Charlee Hall says

    Bills, clothes, and get car fixed.

  146. Nikki Elkins says

    I would put it into my new business

  147. Michelle Curtis Miller says


  148. Amy Jarratt says

    Go on a vacation! Haven’t had one in a very long time!

  149. I would get a new lap top!

  150. I would give half of it to my favorite charity and half of it to my 2 kids.

  151. cheryl wilson says

    I would help my daughter with her college expenses as she works and goes to college full time and i am on disability and unable to help her much so this would be great

  152. I would do one of two things. Most importantly, I would use the money to pay for my kids’ tuition. If we had that covered, I’d use the money for fixing up our current house so we could sell it and buy a bigger place.

  153. Brittany says

    Ohhhh so many things I would do with this money! My husband and I have just found out we are pregnant with twins!! It would be amazing πŸ™‚

  154. Paula Benvin says

    I would buy baby items for my grand daughter who will be born soon !

  155. I’d spend it on….ROADTRIP.

  156. I would buy new workout shoes, a heart rate monitor, a Bosu ball, some zumba clothes, movies, cds…

  157. Go on a vacation!

  158. Anna M Dunn says

    If I won $1000. I would try to pay off some bills so it would be easier to get by each month. I am retired and live on less than $1000. a month. I have been helping my son who hasn’t worked for 2 months, and his unemployment ran out. He is very large and I try to see that he gets enough food and gas for his car so he can look for work. He lives with friends. Of course I wouldn’t want you to broadcast that and embarass him. He is 47 years old.

  159. Ma. Prescilla C. Ubaldo says

    I would give it to my mom and keep a little to start a small business. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  160. T Erickson says

    We are getting ready to move…so this would come in very handy for the many expenses we will have in setting up house!

  161. I will pay my grandmother back all the money she loaned me for tires and a ticket i had to pay even tho i wasn’t speeding!

  162. I will go to my 30 year class reunion.

  163. Nicole Strunk says

    I am drowning in debt currently. 1,000 would be so helpful right now.

  164. I will put it in a savings account.

  165. Angie B. says

    I think the money would be split between back to school shopping for the kids and early start on Christmas shopping

  166. jamielyn47 says

    I would buy a new cellphone & a netbook.!

  167. rebecca day says

    i would buy a rumba i robot

  168. Holly Bowers says

    I would take my family on vacation. Nothing fancy, just something fun!

  169. Kasee Johnson says

    I would catch up on a few bills and take my kids to the fair!! We’re within driving distance to the San Diego County Fair, the Los Angeles County Fair, and the Orange County Fair, so whichever one is still running when I win … here we come!!

  170. I would pay some credit card bills. We are living off credit cards right now!

  171. Mara Zamora says

    If i won the 1000 $ i would either save it to buy a used car or i would spend it on clothing ,diapers ,etc for my toddler .I’m a 20 year old full time student / mom so i never have money at all .All the little money i do get goes towards my daughter.I never really buy myself anything so if i won i would spend probably 50 the most on myself and the rest on my daughter .She is my world and i dont mind having nothing at all ,as long as she has it all πŸ™‚

    fingers & toes crossed

  172. shannon says

    I would use the money for school. I’m going to need every cent.

  173. Michelle Wright says

    I would fix things around the house !!

  174. amanda g. says

    i would buy each one of my children something, my hubby something, and the rest to catch up on bills.. thanks for such and awesome giveaway!!

  175. Jannesse Maria Villanueva says

    If I win the prize I would use it to pay off some bills and have our dirty kitchen renovated.

  176. Ryan Sison says

    100 Dollars? a new smartphone, an android tablet, and more…..

  177. I would use the money to buy a kitchen counter

  178. Ryan Sison says

    1000 Dollars? a new smartphone, an android tablet, and more…..

  179. Delainey says

    I would put it in a colledge fund for my son.

  180. I would buy a new web hosting service and premium domain for my site. The rest, I would use it to buy a new smartphone!

  181. Cynthia Berthiaumr says

    Pay bills and use it for holidays!!

  182. Done. Praying to win!

  183. Ning fathia says

    I am 23 weeks pregnant, so I guess it’s obvious what I would do with the cash. πŸ™‚ hospital bills, utensils, diapers, all babies stuff. And if i still have some left, I will take my mom for a health check up. She’s 60 and always put her health after our needs, I want her fully checked up and scanned.

  184. christine woskobunik says

    I woul buy a new counter top in the kitchen of my mobile home

  185. Kaye Cebele Gonzales says

    I would definitely use it for my school fees, as well as give a small treat for my family.

  186. I would probably put in my savings account. πŸ˜‰

  187. Diane Gurganus says

    I would probably get a new laptop for school! My keyboard on this jumps around! Unfortunately instead of getting a computer I have to get all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed!

  188. Melanie Ivie says

    Money to add on to savings for a down payment on a new car!

  189. Charlotte Cessac says

    I would take a much needed vacation!

  190. i would use it to pay for school and catch up on some bills. *crosses fingers*

    thanks for taking the time for such an awesome giveaway!

  191. Elizabeth Rodriguez says

    I would use it to buy my kids their school clothes needed, right now we have no income so this would be a God send!

  192. Laina H. says

    I would go on vacation!

  193. tawnya mccormack says

    I would buy my sister a bunch of baby stuff she wants and i would buy my 4th grader some new cloths for school:)

  194. I will pay school accounts of my son!!!

  195. I”ll spend it to my children and definitely share this to my parents,sisters and I will donate to church too.Hope to win.


  197. Nickle Love says

    Wow! If I win, I’d treat my mom out and buy her whatever she wants. πŸ˜€

  198. carla dahlquist says

    I would put it towards a hearing aide that I desperately need. I lost all but 20% hearing in one ear and it makes it very difficult to get through life. It was caused by an autoimmune disorder that has made my short and long term memory fly the coupe as well, so sign language is out of the question. They said I can get a choclea implant but that is so scary and can only be done on the ear I have gone completely deaf in and will only give me a sense of direction …. so I am saving my pennies and nickles for a really good hearing alde (about $3200).
    I really hope I win this!!!

  199. A new gaming laptop, smartphone, new tv, xbox. Any of those. =) And then give the rest to my mom.

  200. I would buy my kids school clothes and christmas gifts!!!

  201. take a vacation with my husband

  202. I would buy a much needed new fence for our year – or maybe I would go on a mini-vacation…hum, the possibilities.

  203. Holly Hennessy Swint says

    I would use it towards a used car.

  204. Redo our kitchen floor in tile!

  205. Tenielle S says

    Put toward renovating our bathroom which has been under construction since we moved in 3 yrs ago!

  206. Krystal Anderson says

    It would help us get out of the hole we are in. We are Military and don’t make much money, we only have one Credit Card that can only be used on base. But we just can’t seem to make ends meet. We don’t go out to dinner or any where…lol. But we never seem to have the money. Yes i coupon and it helps but we just can’t seem to get ahead and we can’t get a car that we need badly until we do. So this money would be a great help with that.

  207. Sania Akbar says

    Hi, thanks for giveaway .. If I win this, i would give 25% of money to my mom, 25% money to my Dad and 25% i will spend on decorating my home and 25% i will save for my future πŸ™‚

  208. i’d pay off my paypal balance and take my kids up north to spend some time with our family (grandparents, aunts & uncles, etc).

  209. hi..im hoping that ill be the one who will win ..this is my first time to join in blogs thanks and more power

  210. nathania h says

    It would help us get on our feet as we lost everything due to my husband accident and have a lot of bills in the collection now =(

  211. Wendy T. says

    I would use it to pay off some bills that are way past due, oh & I would get my favorite face cleanser & cream.

  212. hmmm.. $1000 is a lot of money. If I win, I’d help my mom pay my tuition fee. If I win this, it would take a lot of load off my mother’s back.

  213. Pay some bills and go on a nice vacation with my hubby!

  214. Melissa Tippie says

    Pay bills

  215. would save it for my baby’s education, she’ll be attending school next year..

  216. hannah dela cruz says

    i would go on a date with my mom,I would make her happy .

  217. if i win $1000, i would definitely share it with my whole family

  218. I will give it to my parents πŸ™‚

  219. Journalene says

    I will spend the money for the needs of my coming soon baby girl.

  220. Gary Green says

    I would love to win this prize.

  221. Letticia Webb says

    i would buy new furniture for my kids rooms and get them some new clothes and shoes for the up coming school year

  222. robyn i says

    if i won i would save it for christmas money to get my kids what they want this year πŸ™‚

  223. ashley hess says

    I would buy for my photography business and my kids christmas gifts.

  224. Florianne Oning says

    Prove to my parents that I am not a quitter by starting my own business. I would also take them in a vacation or to the restaurant they love to eat πŸ™‚

  225. Go to BlogHer and pay some bills!

  226. Lisa Burke Cook says

    Buy flooring for my house!

  227. cortney walls says

    I would pay some bills and do something fun with my son!

  228. amy marantino says

    i would hire a house painter

  229. Sharon Bohuslav says

    I would pay off some bills and share the rest with the family.

  230. i will give it to my parents <3

  231. Betty H says

    vacation with my husband

  232. Aileen G. Tejero says

    If I would win 1000$. I well make over my house and do some business for a future of my kids.

  233. jeraldine tolentino says

    i will save it for my childrens education n needs but if given a chance i will start a small bussiness to help my husband and my parents…..

  234. i would definitly used this prize for charity

  235. Sheila Go-Uy says

    I would save it up for when I go to Cali for a month (I live in the Philippines) and spend it on my niece to make up for all her birthdays I’ve missed because we’re so far away. πŸ™‚

  236. Hubby and I would get come clothes!!! We haven’t gotten new clothes in 6 year! Nothing fits!!

  237. I’d get a new couch!

  238. I have lots of unemployed friends right now. I would help them out.

  239. Erin Joan C. Yang says

    What you will do with the money ($1000) if you win this giveaway?

    I would use the $1000 to go on a holiday trip with me and my fiance—something we haven’t done for a long time πŸ™‚

  240. Amie Laventhall says

    Pay some bills and take my daughter to Disney for the first time! πŸ™‚

  241. Crystal T says

    I would put it towards my wedding dress πŸ™‚

  242. jose gueits says


  243. Vickie Schlicher says

    I would go on vacation

  244. I would use the money to help my mom, since she has always done her best to help me!!!

  245. alisa s says

    holiday πŸ™‚

  246. I would take my husband and daughters on a mini-vacation, we haven’t taken one in years!

  247. Gina Smith says

    Thanks for this fabulous giveaway!

    I would use the money to take my hubby on a vacation. He is a hard working band director and I’d love to take him someplace wonderful and relaxing before the school start of school year or over Christmas break. He had a heart attack on April 16th and I’m so thankful I’m not a widow. He’s 6’1″, 185 pounds and a nonsmoker so the heart attack was a HUGE surprise. I want to spend as much time as possible with him so we can cherish the time we have together.

  248. Bree Courtney says

    Put toward renovations in the kitchen!

  249. athena nader ziolkowski says

    I would pay for my sons college books and extras for school this year. That would be an awesome weight lifted off my shoulders.

  250. maria cantu says

    pay bills, fix car,spend some on the kids. thanks

  251. Elson Joice Peralta says

    I would save 70% of it for future use because I need it during thesis period.. 30% will use for shopping and will treat my grandma. πŸ˜€

  252. What you will do with the money ($1000) if you win this giveaway?

    that’s a lot of money, so i suppose i can do a lot from it. but first, save some funds for my daughter’s school needs, pay some bills, buy something for hubby’s bday on August and save the rest! ^_^

  253. Kathryn Perkins says

    Pay off bills for sure!

  254. jessica moran says

    i would use it to pay bills, buy diapers n wipes, and take my 2 & 3 yr olds to the zoo.

  255. I would use it to buy my kids some Summer clothes they desperately need. And I would put the rest toward bills.

  256. Kristina Hartwick says

    I would buy a refrigerator since mine died a month ago and I can’t afford a new one.

  257. I will use the money to fund my next trip! πŸ™‚

  258. Deborah Martin says

    move home with my husband

  259. Vickie S says

    Family Vacation!!

  260. Donna Y says

    Pay bills

  261. Nicole M says

    I would transfer it to my savings account for when our new family addition arrives πŸ˜€

  262. I would help grow my new business, Devine Salvage. All of us know how hard it is when you first start out and every dime helps.

  263. I would pay off some bills.

  264. maryeleen santor says

    Go on a holiday with my hubby ^^

  265. caryn d says

    Id blow like $200 on myself then pay some debt..Im just way too practical to just splurge.

  266. Cindy @ Fenced in Family says

    Catch up on bills and then do something special for my family with anything left over.

  267. Rajee Pandi says

    Love to go vacation with my family if I won

  268. Spend it on my kids.

  269. Sara Campbell says

    I would use it to pay some bills and get some things for my boys and some new makeup that I want.

  270. I would pay my tuition fees.. πŸ˜€

  271. TERRY EALEY says


  272. Amy Martin says

    I would buy stuff for my new house!

  273. Diane Zielinski says

    I’d go out to dinner with my family one night to think about how to spend the rest.

  274. I will my debt first..and then a new cell phone for me.

  275. Oops correction pls… it should be “I will pay my debt first…

  276. $1000 sounds just about right for a weekend vacation with my family.

  277. Christina says

    I would save it fo xmas i can never get the kids exactly wat they want because of limited money…..and i wpuld enjoy seeing my kids have an awesome xmas…

  278. I’d use the $1000 to pay off some bills. I’m so boring LOL

  279. suzanne says

    I’d put it in our saving-for-a-down-payment fund!

  280. School clothes and school supplies most deff.

  281. use it to renovate backyard and prevent further damage from landslide

  282. Jill H says

    I would put it towards my student loans.

  283. For my baby’s educational plan. I hope i’ll win! This is for her!

  284. r6inDrops says

    It’s enough for me to open a small business

  285. Kate Burton says

    I’d use half of it to pay down some debt and the rest for the kids college funds

  286. Ruby Ragar says

    I would add it to my car fund as I’m saving for a new car

  287. Jennifer Ingram says

    I would use as airline ticket money for our honeymoon and reception in kansas, a little spending money for it, used car, get my daughter presents for her birthday in august and save the rest.

  288. cheryl h says

    I would buy my granddaughter things she needs for her baby that she’s expecting in October.

  289. School clothes!

  290. Jayde Ann Shrew says

    Put some towards energy bill to avoid shutiff and me and my daughters oudated wardrobe!

  291. katilyn says

    Start me and my loves moving fund!

  292. I’ll use it for my placement fee =) my husband and i are planning to work in Australia

  293. Kelly Carr says

    One of the contest links does not work. The one for Pinterest – the first one (Follow via Pinterest (18 in total))is a bad link. When you click on the Follow via Pinterest link, it says page not found.

  294. Doris Calvert says

    We need a new washer & dryer!

  295. Ivy I. says

    I’ll buy an iPad

  296. reno’s on house

  297. Hello!

    Money would be used to pay for 24 hour care of my Grandma.

  298. Laarni says

    make my own little business!

  299. Jennifer says

    pay bills and buy some books

  300. I would buy a new fridge with it.

  301. Kristyn Martin says

    I would use the money to pay off a few bills so that we can afford to move sooner! Thanks for the chance!

  302. Heather J says

    Get a haircut and pay off some medical bills.

  303. Trevor Clinger says

    take my family on their first summer vacation πŸ™‚

  304. Mark Jamisola says

    I will use for house make over.

  305. Chelsea A says

    Pay rent and take the dog to the vet, lol. (Then, with the money from my paycheck I wasn’t spending, I’d go shopping … πŸ˜‰ )

  306. Sheila Brown says

    I would use the money for a car, I totaled my last one flipping it several times!

  307. Yoh Tala says

    I would use it as tuition for my last year in college:D

  308. money to be used for shopping galore πŸ™‚

  309. Eileen/ Possibly Pinay says

    I would definitely put it to good use and put in on red -12. If that pans out great, then more money to jumpstart that business of mine.

  310. Margaret Porter says

    I would use the money to
    prepay my gas for winter

  311. Sandra Gutierrez says

    If I win I will be able to give my baby the birthday party she deserves and give my older daughter a weekend trip somewhere in our province to satisfy her desire to travel.

  312. I would pay off some credit card debt

  313. Sherry J says

    I would use the money to plan a first ever anniversary trip/vacation for our 8th anniversary

  314. chancy Prowell says

    I would use it to help my family get out of debt

  315. Anne Loyd says

    Put more wood floors in my house!

  316. Buy something fun for my hubby and more cloth diapers for me. Uhh, I mean for the children. πŸ˜‰

  317. lesley hamilton says

    My sons going are going university and college and they will need books and clothes

  318. Jillzy says

    It would all depend on the mood I’m in. Maybe I’ll pay bills…. maybe I’ll go shopping!!!!

  319. maggie noyes says

    ill use it to get away

  320. jessie says

    i would pay bills and buy fabric to make my toddlers cloths

  321. Georgina Meis says

    pay off some bills, fix my 2nd car, let the kids have some fun this summer…

  322. jenny l says

    Pay some bills, buy some new uniforms for the kids because they’re growing out of them and hopefully go to the movies πŸ™‚

  323. That would be a blessing right now!

  324. I would get my parents another washing machine.I would use the leftover to help with school clothes and supplies for the upcoming school year.

  325. Shopping Spree…Gift Cards!

  326. If I win, I would save it for my daughter’s education next year.

  327. clarissa marshall says

    I would spend 300 on my son and daughter that are 3 and 1. 150 for each of them. Then with the other 700 I would do something special for my husband buy him something and take him out somewhere nice for the night and spoil him and get a room somewhere and do something really special for him lol cus he works so hard to support our family so that I am able to stay home with our kids and raise them and be there for them while they are young cus he knows how important it is to me to be home with them til they start school. Even though he could use the help and if I did work it would take some weight off his shoulders he refuses to let me get job says I am were I need to be with the kids every day and instead encourages me to pursue online college to become a medical assistant once our kids our into school and helps and supports me in any way to make me happy and give me what I want and for that he deserves something special and some extra extra attention so if I win I will get him something nice and take him out but if not I will just have to get creative and give him that extra attention and something special at home cus either way money or not he deserves to see how much he is appreciated and be “thanked” πŸ˜‰ for his hard work and selflessness!

  328. I will use it on vacation. Wew

  329. Janice Marjo Nuevas says

    I will use it for my sister’s tuition fees.

  330. Rio Espejon says

    I would use the $1000 for paying bills and food, etc.

  331. Joei Sone Leta says


  332. debbie russell says

    Home needs new roof. I would apply towards it.

  333. Joan Chua says

    I will use the money in our business

  334. Inocente says

    I will use it for my kidney operation..

  335. rosanna says

    Make a big gift to my daughter!

  336. brittanie brandt says

    I would pay some bills!! god knows there are lots of bills that we need paid and then Id put a few gifts away for my son for christmas so that way we’re not like chickens with our heads cut off when that comes around!

  337. Holly Matthews says

    I will use it to buy clothes and pay bills!

  338. mei ling liu says

    will use it to buy gifts for my family

  339. Sherri Jones says

    Pay my electric bill for the summer.

  340. Jacqueline Ellis says

    I used car, that we need badly.

  341. Maicel says

    I’ll give it to my uncle who badly needs financial assistance right now. πŸ™‚

  342. Ricalyn says

    will go shopping and i will pay for my brother’s tuition fee:)

  343. Della Dabner says

    My sister has fallen on hard times so I would probably give some If not all of it to her. She desperately needs it

  344. Raqueta says

    Would pay some bills and treat my hard working man

  345. I want to have a home makeover

  346. NestyYtsen says

    I would spend half of it to pay my tuition fee and give the half to my mom. I want her to invest in a business and spend the rest of the money for herself.

  347. mraaron says

    Your blog is very nice and I already follow you and I wait visit. There is another site about homeimprovement you can visit

  348. Jeremy says

    great giveaway! would pay down some debt and treat my wife!

  349. Gian L. PacaΓ±a says

    I’m going to buy a new computer because my current computer is about to retire. πŸ˜€

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  350. Rhea Nadine Sy says

    I will definitely use the money to help my family!

  351. kristina carson says

    i have 5 kids and would love to take them on a vacation to disney land. being a hard working mom doing 40 plus some hours a week i dont get to see them much so a vacation is needed. lol

  352. David Winslow says

    I need a new car PLEASE πŸ™‚

  353. David Winslow says

    Put it towards bills and possibly a new car Please

  354. Connie says

    Would share with our 2 kids and finally paint the inside the house after 22 yrs. it is well overdue. Thanks for the chance

  355. Maria Barry says

    I would hopefully be able to visit my kids in Dallas

  356. Jill e says

    Pay down my credit card and splurge on an awesome Mexican dinner!

  357. Sarah VM says

    I would take my family on vacation with this money!

  358. Samantha Howard says

    I would used the money to help buy a school laptop or books!!!

  359. Barbara W. says

    I would do the practical thing and use it towards bills.

  360. Ashle Barbour says

    I would use it for medical bills. I’ve had 4 miscarriages and we don’t know why. I’m currently having tests done, but it is pretty expensive, and insurance only covers some of it.

  361. Melinda says

    Pay off my debt!

  362. pamela jablonski says

    I would do several fun things with my family

  363. il help my mother to be helthier, becouse sh has some health problems and maybe i will buy digital camera becouse its my passion πŸ™‚

  364. I would buy some running shoes πŸ™‚

  365. Kelly Elswick says

    I would take my family on vacation. We have not been able to afford one in several years. πŸ™‚

  366. Nicole says

    I would buy some much needed things for baby #4 about to arrive in August and back to school supplies for my oldest!

  367. Vallon E. says

    I would put some away for college funds and either go shopping with the rest or invest in a new laptop!

  368. Luca Gaverina says

    I will buy a new guitar!!!

  369. Lara Kulpa says

    We’re expecting our first child, so I can pretty much guarantee that the whole thing would be HAPPILY used toward her! πŸ™‚

  370. Katrina shoultz says

    I would use it to amp up my cloth diaper stash since my 5 month old is alergic to polyester and I had to start all over with cotton ones.

  371. Alissabeth says

    Although I’d like to use this to pay off some money on our credit card, I’d probably put it towards our 10th anniversary.

  372. Use it for a couple of family activities then save the rest for Back-To-School shopping for 2 kids.

  373. Patricia says

    If I won the $1000 I would transfer it to our bank account to help us pay bills.

  374. I would use this as my emergency fund!

  375. Elizabeth Licht says

    I would buy lots of diaper making supplies!!

  376. Sarah M says

    Save some and also take my kids out for a day of fun of their choice.

  377. For Weekend date with Family.

  378. Amber Musselman says

    I would by school clothes, shoes and supplies for all my kids!

  379. Miranda R says

    Bills, bills, bills…oh, and an awesome dinner party at my favorite Mexican restaurant for all my favorite people!

  380. Charmaine Tavares says

    Splurge on myself & the kids shopping:)

  381. Susan Singbusch says

    Car repairs and my daughter needs school clothes…oh I want to win!!

  382. Cindy Brandon says

    I would love to win, my 30th anniversary is coming up….we would love to be able to do something special πŸ™‚

  383. Meghan A says

    Help pay for my upcoming move!

  384. Will definitely buy a new phone or a laptop!

  385. Angelique says

    If I win this, will use the $1000 to treat my family.

  386. Will buy a Macbook and also help mom pay a few bills!

  387. buy something for the kids and the hubs!

  388. I would use it for mini trips to sports events that my girls are in. They can get quite pricey. Knowing that I have that little bit tucked away would be great!

  389. Lisaanne Davidson says

    I would use this money to have a Mother/Daughter trip. My daughter’s go away to college this year. We have , had a vacation. I would like to spend time with them before they go off into their future!

  390. MargaretAnn Rice says

    I would take my hubby on a vacation (much needed, I might add).

  391. Elizabeth kraft says

    OH there is so much I could use this money on , but I would take my Husband on vacation…A well deserved one at that : )

  392. I would buy my kids plenty of clothes, would pay back my mother the money I owe her & take my kids to the Texas coast for a week.

  393. Robin Schoppe says

    Bills and school clothes for my son!

  394. I would love a vacation, but in reality I need to make a HUGE payment on my dental bill!

  395. sasha selby says

    I am 9 and a half months pregnat and have a 13 month old (2 kids under 2 yikes lol!) I would use half of the money in the education fund we started for them and the other half towards the wedding we have been putting off:)

  396. I plan to send 50% to Filipino children who are sick with cancer and the other half to our family savings for our children.

  397. Go on a vacation

  398. I would use the money to take my grandbabies to Myrtle Beach

  399. I’d put the money towards rent and bills.

  400. Vicki Chrzanowski says

    Work at making my backyard an oasis!!

  401. valerie says

    pay bills and buy school supplies for the kids

  402. I’ll bring it Vegas and play roulette!

  403. Donna Jean Baker says

    My daughter is having a baby and she still needs a crib and things like that and finances are so tight! If i win new crib for the baby!

  404. Dody Miller says

    take kids to see the women who is my best frien and to let her know this is one way I can pay her back for all she has done for me since 1974 after I married her brother. she has not got to meet my grandaughter would like befor she passes

  405. It would go toward a bill that’s weighing heavily on me.

  406. charlee says

    I would use the money for my soon to be born daughter kylee-rose, we still need to get a crib and diapers lots and lots of diapers!

  407. Pay off bills.

  408. Ayei Bithao says

    What you will do with the money ($1000) if you win this giveaway?

    For my parent’s hospitalization bill…since they have been in Greece for a long time as an OFW and they don’t have anytime to check their heath and in this coming October they will go back here in Philippines to have a vacation for 15 days only and I want to give them a gift which is to check their health (from head to toe) and give them something in return (extraordinary gift for being the best parents in the whole world!)

    As for me I am contented with what they give to me I just want to return the favor πŸ™‚

  409. i’d pay for college

  410. Alex (@alexbridgeforth) says

    I will be spending it on my upcoming wedding, to make sure my beautiful, fit bride is even happier

  411. Lora Mccracken says

    If I won i’d take my family on a week long vacation.

  412. Ryan Espinola says

    gonna buy my dream camera (any DSLR). Then the rest for my two lovely daughters.

  413. If I won $1000, I would use it toward college; like a scholarship!

  414. Will make my family happy !

  415. Patricia Edwards says

    I would pay off come past due bills.

  416. Wendie Lather says

    Christmas shopping!!

  417. I’d probably put it away for a rainy day… because I’m boring like that! LOL

  418. Amiller says

    Two very expensive car parts.

  419. that’s $1,000 i can free up my credit card with it! give it to me!

  420. Diane Wolf says

    Give my daughter the time of her life in Disneyworld when we go in September!

  421. I would pay down some debt and bills.

  422. Sheila Brown says

    I would give some to a local church and help pay bills

  423. Put it in savings to finance my freelance writing career!

  424. Miranda Welle says

    Buy diapers and other needs of our 4 kids!

  425. Carol Smith says

    I would use it for Christmas shopping!

  426. If I win this giveaway, I will probably save the money for Christmas shopping.

  427. Christel Reynolds says

    I’d use the cash for children school expenses.

  428. Pameula Henson says

    I would drive to where my sister is staying and give it to her to find a new house to rent. Hers burned last month.

  429. Enjoy a Family weekend, memories to be made!

  430. Get ready for Christmas!

  431. Molly Turner says

    I would buy my kids school clothes and supplies for the upcoming school year and save the rest for a rainy day

  432. Cindy B says

    I’d use the money to help pay for the vacation we’re taking with 2 of our grandsons!

  433. Esmeralda flores says

    I would use the money toward college tuition!

  434. IRENE CYPHER says

    I would get the red pu tote bag and the red pu messenger bag.

  435. buy a laptop and school supplies for university

  436. I would give 80% to charity

  437. I would pay off some medical bills

  438. michele mathey says


  439. Dawn Smith says

    Go back to school shopping

  440. I would pay my property taxes and mortgage.

  441. I’d love to win this awesome giveaway to get myself premium services on various web design magazines:)

  442. Magdalena Rangel-Berrum says

    Thank you for sharing, and if I won this money I would definitely use it to remodel the back porch of my house.

  443. Rossella says

    I would use it for my studies, going to another country ‘s university to become indipendent

  444. zTony Catojo says

    With $1,000, I would bring my wife away this winter downhill skiing in Vermont for a couple of days and celebrate our 23rd wedding anniversary. We love skiing and winter time is when I’m off work and I can go on vacation. Thanks.

  445. Penny Delgado says

    I would use it to buy some christmas gifts for my soon to be 6 year old and also my 18 month old and also my soon to be 6 year old really needs school clothes times are hard and she will be getting very little new school clothes

  446. Edleen Concepcion says

    Half I’ll use to buy a new pc for me and my mom (since my old pc is in its worst condition already) and half I’ll use for my son’s necessities. πŸ™‚





  451. Stephanie says

    I would go on a vacation with 1/2 and the other 1/2 I’d buy myself some clothes that fit, since I am dieting!!!

  452. I would take the kids to Disney World!

  453. dixie pierce says

    I would go to lagoon

  454. Anna Gulka says

    If I were to win this draw:
    I would gather my family, figure where we could all fly using our airmiles and then, use the $1000 to pay for hotel and just have, fun! All 5 of us!! A-W-E-S-O-M-E

  455. Paula Carr says

    I will take my family to Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg for vacation this summer!

  456. Dorothy B says

    I would buy a new tv

  457. Jeana Speers says

    buy back to school clothes for the kids.

  458. Lissette Rio says

    If I won $1000, I would put it into savings. We are a military family with a big move coming up and could use all the extra cash to cover the extra expenses. Thanks for the opportunity!

  459. I would use it to help my family out who is having rough times.

  460. @klwschmidt says

    Strange… I had done all 420 entries for this giveaway and when I logged in today, it had me set to 0?

    Anyway – I will redo I guess. I would use the money for my emergency fund!

  461. Lycus F. says

    I would put it towards my college funds, ease the burden of my parents.

  462. If I won, I would save that money for something extra-special, like a trip I’ve always wanted to take.

  463. Helen Marie Jones says

    I will buy a new laptop!

  464. kim gunter says

    new furniture

  465. cynthia p says

    I would buy my three grandsons something fun…..

  466. Sherry K says

    I am going to buy all of us a reader

  467. Denise Vandenbusch Bohman says

    I guess I would be spending at least half on clothes for the kids for school (being that I have no income). The other half I would use for groceries that are more healthy for us and also use it to go someplace fun for once so the girls have something to tell about when school starts.

  468. Anita Anderson says

    would use it to buy a used car. so in need of this right now.

  469. rachel abraham says

    I would pay off my overdue bills

  470. mary woollard says

    ugh, i have a daughter that will be 16 on the 25th of this month. this money will go towards her getting a used car. fun fun! thanks! πŸ™‚

  471. Samuel Yam says

    I’m gonna buy a tablet, some clothes, maybe a watch, and some books!

  472. SJ Roragen says

    pay off bills

  473. Jan O'Bree says

    I would put it towards a new car. πŸ™‚ Mine is 15 years old and getting a bit past it.

  474. i’m gonna pay it for our electric bill

  475. i would directly deposit it to the bank for our monthly house amortization. whooah, it’s a sure help.

  476. Jodi Boulier says

    Definately I would get a R & R trip together for my hubby and I as he just spent 18 months in Afghanistan! What little honeymoon that would be!!

  477. have a grand vacation in my home country this christmas! the $1000 will be more than enough to buy christmas gifts and pasalubongs for the people i love!

  478. I would pay off debt!

  479. Valerie George says

    Help pay off the house!

  480. Kathryn says

    I would use it to help pay the bills

  481. I would take my kids on a summer vacation.

  482. I would make my daughter’s 13th bday a blast, and probably start xmas shopping!

  483. brenda Coderre says

    I would put it away in my bank…Im saving to move to Arizona to move near my 2 beautiful grandaughters!!!!

  484. Christine Waddell says

    Pay off a bill or two!

  485. shanta spradlin says

    Use it for back to school for my children.

  486. Linda Kiss says

    I would catch up on bills with a little extra for some shopping πŸ™‚

  487. Towards bills or for the new house

  488. I would use it to change the life of others.

  489. April V. says

    We’d use it to get a used truck for the husband who is currently unemployed and making money helping people with whatever they need. A truck would come in VERY handy!

  490. David Riddles says

    I would make a small but appreciated dent in my bills.

  491. Jenny Ham says

    I would use it to buy a computer that could handle doing this contest… And pay some bills….

  492. Baterya says

    i will have our house fix and repaired

  493. Alyssa Ferrera says

    I am in school, so the $1000 would go toward that

  494. I would pay bills and buy groceries!
    Thank You!

  495. I will us the $1000 to travel and empower people’s lives πŸ™‚

  496. I would get new carpet

  497. I would love to win this. It would help me out soo much πŸ™‚

  498. Shannon Miller says

    A new sofa

  499. sunni Fullen says

    I would love to win this money, I would pay for my family to go on a trip to Guatemala so my hubby and my in laws could see their family down there for the first time in years and my family and I could see what it is like for the first time.

  500. jennifer allison says

    I would pay off some bills.

  501. Sloan B says

    I will use it for a vacation.

  502. Patti Toby says

    What a nice prize! I will save to go towards my trip to Isreal

  503. Penny Delgado says

    I would use the money to buy Christmas for my two little angels and pay a bill or two

  504. I’m a young biology student and my dream is to go to australia , winning this would help me to make my dream true !

  505. Kelly Archambeau says

    I would use it for vacation

  506. Tina Aguilar says

    Shop shop & then shop some more : )

  507. I Noticed this Instudio…Had to enter…!!

  508. Kathy Pearlman says

    If I won $1000 in PayPal cash I’d go crazy on Etsy!!!! And make some serious donations to The Davy Jones Equine Memorial Fund!

  509. With $1,000 I would go on a cruise!

  510. Donna Tucker says

    I would love to win some money to just enjoy life just a little bit.

  511. Christyne Frye says

    I would take the kids on VACATION

  512. Katie Rose says

    I think I’d be torn in three directions. We need to upgrade to a larger car before this kiddo arrives, I’ve been wanting to buy some fruit trees for AGES now, and we’ve decided to start saving for a Disney trip in the near future. Which to choose…

  513. Caroline says

    Get my Boxer pups Neutered, New tires, and a Spa day == Hair cut & colored, Hot Stone Massage & Pedicure. πŸ™‚

  514. I will buy a ticket to south america!

  515. veronica salinas says

    I would give 500 to my mom, and use the rest for school clothes for the kids.

  516. BILLS!!

  517. MaryLou Sakosky says

    Help my Randy of 20 yrs get a glass eye he loss his sight from diabeties
    thanks for chance gl all ..hope not toenter all as i have all email i can handle and the news ads if too big i just delete

  518. Amanda Browne Dyer says

    We would use the $1000 PayPal Cash to get ahead on bills and maybe have some breathing room. With what’s left, we’d get some new school clothes and school supplies, and then maybe the hubby and I would get a babysitter and have a nice evening out; some dinner, some dancing, maybe even some Karaoke!

  519. I would use the money to stock up, pay bills, and go shopping!

  520. James Maszczak says

    spend it fast!

  521. Go see my cousin get married and visit family

  522. I would love to replace our pool, i have been babying for the last 5 years and up date the out door furniture. .

  523. Yvette Bowyer says

    great giveaway!

  524. i wish to win this cash for my son’s birthday on august 13..thanks for the opportunity..nice promo and wish you sponsor more…

  525. Amanda Dusterhoft says

    I would pay some bills and help pay for my son’s 1st birthday!

  526. Kara King says

    I would praise God! and then put it twds our mortgage πŸ™‚

  527. I will use this money toward the summer activities i have planned for my family! This would be so nice.

  528. Heloisa Gouveia says

    If i win thi $1000 giveaway, i will help my family. They’r in a bad financial situation! =/
    I want to help them so badly!
    I’m hopless πŸ™‚

    KISS from Portugal :)*

  529. I will use it for my tuition and save the rest:D

  530. Trevor Clinger says

    buy a small boat to take up to lake erie

  531. ciearra renee' says

    i would buy my daughter stuff that she needs .

  532. Melissa Norris says

    I would buy my kids some much needed school items. Can’t afford it this year. Hoping to find a MIRACLE! Perhaps (THIS) is it???

  533. Lisa Gayer says

    If I win the money, I would put in my checking for bills. I got let go the year before last and can’t find another teaching job. Hiring season is almost over for me. I also can’t afford to sub. Subs only make $65 a day and daycare costs about $30-$32 a day here. Then by the time you take out taxes and gas I would be working for nothing. Better off to stay home. $1000 would go a long way for our bills and would help us out tremendously.

  534. Tiffany says

    I would pay off some debt.

  535. Krissie M says

    Pay off some bills, help my parents out and maybe buy something special for my hubby and myself for our anniversary.

  536. I would be so excited to win this giveaway and would love to be able to do something fun with my teen daughter who is in and out of the hospital a lot due to lupus! Thank you for this giveaway!

  537. Hope to win:)

  538. Kelsey Taylor says

    I would buy my boys some new clothes and me a few new candles!

  539. Paula Gillespie says

    If I was lucky enough to win I would use it to pay bills. My husband lost his job, I have no health insurance and we are having a hard time right now, so $1000 would be a huge help!! Thanks so much!!!

  540. We are saving to replace our leach line-yuck. We need to save a total of $2400 so this would go towards that, happily!! We would have the rest by the end of next month!! Thank you!!!

  541. 2012july says

    I’d get new flooring for our house.

  542. Annaliza Bernaldo says

    I would start up a small business!

  543. Shauna B says

    I would pay some bills and get presents for my kids birthdays and Christmas

  544. LeTonya Jackson says

    The money would go towards a business I’m trying to open.

  545. Help my son with books this semester

  546. I would give it to my bf because he has severe money issues atm

  547. I would use the money to pay my rent so they dont kick me out.

  548. I’d buy a camera!

  549. I would pay bills…:)

  550. I would use it toward three things–first, pay down some debt; second, put some toward the shed my hubby is building out back, and third, help prepare for our coming baby.

  551. I would put $500 in each of my girls R.E.S.P

  552. I will use it to buy a laptop cause I badly need a new one.

  553. I will buy skin care products cause I seriously need one

  554. icefairy says

    I’ll use the money for vacation!

  555. rebecca says

    i will get school clothes for my little girl she so needs them thanks good luck everyone…

  556. Karen H says

    We would use it to take our first ever family vacation. I haven’t been on vacation in 13 years…my son has never gone anywhere

  557. I will use it to transfer my blog to WP and get my own domain. The rest will go towards giveaways and such.

  558. Anmol agarwal says

    I would donate half the money to the charity organization in my city and would use the rest of the money to pay the needy debts of my household.

  559. I’d invest it in Forex, currently copying experts & it’s looks promising

  560. Teresa Thompson says

    Dental work.

  561. Rena Hyde says

    Use it for Christmas presents!

  562. Jennifer Hall says

    The majority of the twitter links in group 3 are not working.

  563. Rebecca L says

    spend it on my classroom. With all the pay cuts teachers are getting this will come in handy for stocking my class so I can teach!

  564. Erica Ardali says

    Makes some repairs around the house.

  565. cool cool give away!

  566. from HH sis! this is enough for a trip to scandinavia!


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