Hello Winter $1000 Cash Giveaway

Welcome to Hello Winter $1000 Cash Giveaway!

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Winter blues? We’ve teamed up with the most amazing group of bloggers to bring you aΒ  $1000 cash giveaway to cheer you up this winter.

So tell me, what would you do with an extra $1000 Cash?

I will save it for our upcoming vacation πŸ™‚

Giveaway ends February 24th, 11:59 pm EST.


To enter please use the Rafflecopter form below! Remember that all entries besides the mandatory comment entry are optional.

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  1. Ted Kooper says

    i would pay off my credit card

  2. Ashley Muche says

    I would pay the money that I owe people and if theres some leftover I’d get myself either a tablet or a flat screen tv.

  3. Pay down some debt.

  4. Priscilla says

    I would use it to buy living room furniture.

  5. Isabel Topps says

    Pay bills!

  6. Joy Person says

    pay 3 1/2 months worth of our car payment!

  7. fix my vehicle

  8. Pay some bills, but I really want a canon camera.

  9. Lisa Paone says

    I’d pay bills!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Renee Gauthier Angichiodo says

    It would definitely go to a little trip to Mexico on the motorcycle.

  11. i would use it for our trip to fl in june i would love this

  12. Kelvin Justine says

    I will use it for my future travel.

  13. Isis Sample says

    I’d buy diapers all year!!!

  14. I would put it in savings for school and a car! And maybe give myself a birthday gift… πŸ˜‰

  15. I would get a new TV for our living room!

  16. Joretta Foster says

    i need some car repair

  17. Buy a mac! πŸ™‚

  18. lindsey harper says

    I would use it to pay some bills and would also buy something nice for my mom- she’s always helped me out when I needed it the most!

  19. lindsey harper says

    some of the links not working. the facebook pages group 1 says page not found…

  20. 2 iPad 4 32 Gb!

  21. I would put it toward new Granite Countertops!

  22. Autumn C. says

    Pay bills, or if I’m feeling irresponsible, a new TV!

  23. susie ferrell says

    i just lost my job, and i have always done my shopping more towards health food store, at Whole foods store. i hate to start shopping at regular stores.

  24. Lisa Baker says

    I would take a much needed trip with my wonderful husband.

  25. take my family on holiday!

  26. Krystal M says

    I would save it for when we go to Virginia this summer! It will really go a long way towards our budgeting for it!

  27. If I won a $1,000 I would help my mom pay some of her bills. She’s done so much for me and it would make me so happy to be able to help her when she needs it the most.

  28. I’d pay off debts. I have many, many debts.

  29. Wow, a thousand $, this will make the whole amount for the plan to purchase a new Macbook Pro

  30. Rachel Robertson (Azrael) says

    Oh my, the possibilities are endless, but I’d probably use it for hubby’s dentist bills πŸ™‚

  31. Buy medicine and vitamins

  32. Christina Ferguson says

    I would use the money to get back on our feet, Christmas wiped us out.

  33. I would pay off my credit card.

  34. Mary Withrow says

    I honestly have no idea what I would do! I would have to give it alot of thought! It would be fantastic

    I couldnt find this facebook page

    Thank you

  35. I would take a vacation!

  36. christine Bierman says

    Make a repair on my house!

  37. Cindy Merrill says

    Our porch roof needs repair, so the $1000 would pay for this, as well as new flooring material , which is damaged.

  38. natalie andrews says

    fix up things in my house

  39. Adrienne gordon says

    put it towards debt

  40. Lets Win

  41. I’ll use the money for my overseas trip!

  42. I would pay bills so I could get ahead a little bit

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  43. I’d get myself a DSLR!

  44. I would get some dental work. πŸ™‚

  45. Theresa Swearingen says

    I would use it to pay off some bills or to get my Daughters teeth straightened

  46. Pay for the dental work I need..

  47. Man, so many things I could use it for! I have some bridgework that needs to be done, a new car to drive, and a new house to move in to! LOL….this would probably go towards my bridge. Teeth are pretty important! (and expensive)

  48. I would pay bills, too.

  49. I will travel to my father’s and mother’s home

  50. Ashley Boyd says

    Pay off my kids dentist bills and my doctor bills… Yuck we need better insurance

  51. glen hinkle says

    pay bills

  52. i would pay bills

  53. Amy Gyure says

    Move into a bigger place and pay bills and fix my truck

  54. louise croft says

    I,d use it to travel to my granddaughters wedding which is coming up soon

  55. Ana Georgievska says

    get an iPad4!

  56. Roberta Hornbeck says

    special vacation with my kid, maybe to Disneyworld

  57. Jonita Taylor says

    I would do some badly needed home repairs.

  58. Donna Barnes says

    I would probably spend it:)

  59. Books, books, and more books. Yes, I would go on a book shopping spree!

  60. I would use it to move out of my ex husband’s house and into my own place.

  61. Marie Butler says

    Visit my family

  62. Help out my daughter’s family

  63. A new washer and dryer.

  64. I would fly to Paris

  65. Stephanie O'Neill says

    I would use it to visit my boyfriend who lives in Ohio (I’m in Toronto, ON)

  66. get a new printer.

  67. I”d pay off some more of our mortgage!

  68. I would use it to pay my bills.

  69. I’d go see my boys in California.

  70. Mark Gramaglia says

    buy a new toy!

  71. I would buy myself some new clothes and maybe some new shoes! I’m a stay-at-home mom and there just isn’t extra cash to splurge!

  72. Donna Dorothy says

    I would pay off some bills and get the horse some hay!!

  73. Deb Seavert says

    I would use the money to buy some equipment that I had my eye on.
    A new light for the dj side of the business and a new camera lens for the photography side. πŸ˜€

  74. Jennifer Pittman says

    I have a balloon payment due next month on my car for $1,000 that I would pay.

  75. I would use the $1000 to pay off my debt & college tuition

  76. aj webster says

    I would use it to pay bills in feb. we are a little closer than i would like to be. the rest will be put away for march then. πŸ™‚

  77. brianne maccue says

    pay bills!!!! too many!

  78. Stefanie Dawson says

    I would use it to buy a new mattress for my bed.

  79. Pavelescu Cristian says

    I would use the $1000 to pay off my clothes

  80. Ann Council says

    I would take a ride down the coast.

  81. it’s gud to participate in a giveaway.. isn’t it??

  82. I would buy me some new clothes.

  83. Loris Ayoub says

    I would take my kids and my hubby to a holiday, we haven’t being in 4 years πŸ™ and we need the change.

  84. carol gentry says

    Help my Dad withhis dental bills.

  85. Get a computer! We don’t have one & it’s driving me crazy!

  86. I would put it toward finishing my basement!

  87. I would get an iPad, then put the rest toward bills πŸ™‚

  88. Stella Incantevole says

    I will pay some issues i have to deal with, moving to London alone. Like pay house rent, metro tickets, and other stuff. This money would be really a relief for me. Thanks for the possibility

  89. I would get two round trip tickets to go see my grandsons I haven’t seen in three years.

  90. Catherine Ly says

    i’d save it for my son’s education

  91. Kaitlin M says

    I would buy things for the new house

  92. Connie V. says

    If I win the $1000 I would use it to buy groceries for my family, pay a bill or two, and by myself some much needed new boots.
    Thanks for giving us this chance! =)

  93. Susan Johnson says

    I would pay off my credit card debt in one shot!

  94. Shemp DeYoung (@shempgames) says

    We could really use a new tv

  95. Mihai Ioan Bizga says

    I would pay bills.

  96. I would pay bills

  97. wendy mastin says

    I’m going to be a Grandma in April. I would start a savings account with the money for my grandson.

  98. Sarah Taylor says

    Fix my car and buy a new camera

  99. Cathy adams says

    I would spend it on my grandchildren. They are growing like weeds and are constantly needing new clothing.

  100. Alice Lee says

    Babygirl had to stay in the hospital for a week last month.. still waiting on the bills so if i win, this cash would go straight towards that!

  101. Any spare cash usually gets spent on my 16 month old son, Banjo but if I won this I would spend it on a makeover & a new wardrobe for myself – bye bye mummy-up-do, chipped nail polish & daggy tees πŸ˜‰

  102. Nicole Becker says

    It will help me with my first month’s rent on my new house!!!

  103. jillian martin says

    I would buy my children one thing that they wanted….

  104. I would use it to have my dogs dental work done she is old and needs her teeth fixed badly.

  105. Not sure yet..but I’ll probably add it to the money I’m saving up for a new laptop this year. Thanks for this opp sis! πŸ™‚

  106. Stephanie from CT says


  107. Joni Mason says

    I would save some and use the rest to help me find a job.
    Thank you SO much for this awesome giveaway!!!

  108. get rid of the winter blues by getting some summer clothes

  109. Wendy S Pesce says

    I would love to use it for a vcation, but it would probably go for college tuition for my dd

  110. Kimberly Camille Tiu says

    buy a tablet

  111. Robert Pyszk says

    I would buy some furniture for the house.

  112. buy some new furniture for my house πŸ˜‰

  113. I would save some and spend some!

  114. Linda Mulkern says

    I would go visit my sister in Florida I could use a vacation…

  115. Stephanie says

    I’d go somewhere nice & sunny for the weekend! πŸ™‚

  116. wendy hutton says

    if I won the $1000 I would do a few repairs that are badly needed around my home

  117. farah caldwell says

    new kitchen flooring

  118. I would pay bills, thanks!

  119. Julianne Johnson says

    I would pay down my student loan and buy a camera bag.

  120. Carol Trautwein says

    I would spend the money on a new side porch,so I have someplace to put my washer and dryer.

  121. Jessica V says

    I would pay rent and catch up on bills.

  122. Joanna Carlos says

    I would spend it on things that I like, and then save some of it for future use and gift-giving.

  123. Sahil Jain says

    I would buy a note 2 coz….I want 2 make my Life “TOUCH? SENSITIVE” not PUSH NEEDED. Now I am in Black and White world. I want 2 make my life colourful. I want 2 TOUCH my dreams of a Beautiful tomorrows .I want 2 make my life beautiful victory. 2 me Samsung Galaxy note is a POWER BEAUTY and SOUL .If I get Samsung galaxy note .. I feel whole Beautiful world is with me. Life is so complicated. Samsung Galaxy note , gives solutions 2 every problem. Samsung Galaxy note ,expand our mind and change our life.Samsung galaxy note is , Sophisticated revolution.MY search ends here. Samsung Galaxy note reach out and TOUCHES each and every ones HEART.

  124. This would be such a blessing! We would put some towards the electric bill, some towards healthier groceries, and the rest towards a car down payment so we could finally get a vehicle! Thank you so much for the opportunity.

  125. Melanie Rhodes says

    Get alternative treatments for my thyroid and buy consignment furniture to decorate my apartment.

  126. Kathy Luman says

    Use to pay my high heating bills.

  127. Marisela Bennett says

    Pay off a medical bill from a Surgery I had last Summer!!

  128. Lori Stahl says

    If I won the $1,000, I would SPEND it, what girl wouldn’t, right? πŸ™‚ I think I would buy an electric fireplace to keep my house a little warmer because it’s down right freezing cold in North Dakota!

  129. I would pay taxes!

  130. Angela Qcrazy says

    Pay off bills!!!!!

  131. Kristin B says

    I would get my husband a new computer and plan an anniversary trip!

  132. ellen willett says

    pay bills and get a new TV

  133. Liana Langford says

    I would use the $1000 to pay my vet for my kitties teeth extraction.

  134. Jennifer L. says

    I’d put it towards a spring vacation.

  135. Emily Rose Locara says

    I buy a bed with the money!!

  136. Marti McCorkendale says

    pay off at least two bills

  137. Ill put it in the bank for the rainy days! Well after I buy a jar or two of scented candles πŸ˜€

  138. Antony Bosch says

    I would pay bills off!

  139. I could probably buy everything on my Amazon wishlist.

  140. Linda Clark says

    Pay off some credit card bills.

  141. Patricia Wright says

    Pay bills

  142. Angela Cash says

    I would use the money for a down payment on a new car.

  143. Theresa Michalik says

    Pay some bills and go and do something that my 9 year old would like to do…like Great Wolf Lodge.

  144. Peggy Rydzewski says

    I need to buy new work clothes for a new job that I recently aquired.

  145. Me and my family would use the money to help with seeing my doctor,paying my property taxes that I don’t have and use the rest for helping us to move back to Tennessee but are really flat broke we just had to get a pay day advance on my small disability check lord please help me and my family we really really need this thanks to all that are making this happen and godbless

  146. Denise Vandenbusch Bohman says

    I would use the money towards buying the special foods my autistic girls need for a better way of living, and get new cupboards for the kitchen.

  147. Christine Herbert says

    I would book an Easter vacation with my kid and grandkids. I have never been able to afford to take my kids on a vacation being a single mom of six.

  148. Isabel Almeida says

    i don’t now but maybe buy some clothes

  149. Nikki Elkins says

    I would use it towards a better car for me

  150. Eugenia Nitu says

    I would pay bills.

  151. I would give the money to my sister who really needs it right now.

  152. diana shenderovich says

    i would help with my daughter wedding

  153. Michelle House says

    I would pay on our mortgage! πŸ™‚

  154. Jessica White says

    I would replace the floor in our living room that flooded in 2009.

  155. Ross Olson says

    I would save the money for a family vacation. Thanks!

  156. Linda Howard says

    I would buy some new clothes for my husband and myself.

  157. steven d cox says


  158. I would spend it on items that I desperately need for my 4 year old daughter – sadly $650 in disability per month doesn’t cut it

  159. Patricia Salone says

    pay rent and buy food.

  160. Thomas Chappell says

    Put it towards a new furnace

  161. I would send my mom to the dentist. she really wants to go we just can’t afford it.

  162. I would use it for a late 25th anniversary getaway for me and hubby as we were not able to celebrate it.

  163. danielle hathaway says

    i would take my girl princess to the vet because she has allergys really bad to any kind of cheap dog food but im unemployed going on 6 months and cannot afford diddly sqwat!!!and my poor girl is gigging her self raw!!!!its depressing sometimes!!!!!!by the way, thanks for the wonderful giveaway!!!!

  164. Tia Mayasari says

    I’ll save the money for urgent needs. Thanks

  165. Amie Olson says

    I would pay a few bills and save the rest for a family vacation. Thank you for the very generous giveaway!

  166. Being unemployed for a few months, I would use the money to help pay the bills we are behind on.

  167. I would use the money to buy food, pay bills and payoff my debt with my WalMart credit card buy my daughter and wife a laptop they can share daughter is a a student a computer would help get so much property taxes I need to pay or end up in more trouble really can’t say in words how much this would help out

  168. i will go vacations

  169. I would plan an awesome graduation party for my son….and then take him skydiving! ?

  170. Linda Crispell says

    Celebrate my 50th birthday!

  171. I would use it for car repairs to get my car back on the road!!!!!!!!!!

  172. I need some new tires on my truck.

  173. Buy a new wardrobe!

    pinkscissorsdesign@ gmail. com

  174. Pamela Arbour says

    buy a new desk and chair and save the rest

  175. Wendy Jacobson says

    I would buy groceries and pay the rent. Who could ask for more than that? Thanks for sponsering this giveaway!

  176. Lisa Bogle says

    I’d use to make a downpayment on a new car! (at least new to me!) my heater just went out and along with other problems a new care would be ideal! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the Chance

  177. vera hanson says

    hopefully take a vacation..our 2 daughters are getting married 11 months apart…could use some ME time! lol

  178. Anita Jones says

    i’d use it to pay bills.

  179. Love your blog & subscribe via bloglovin! Thanks so much for holding this giveaway! If I win, I would use this 1,000$ to pay off credit bills. I’m quite young, but I am a bit in debt and this would help SO much. I really want to pay off my debt so I can finally move into my own apartment. Thanks again xx

  180. Sacha Schroeder says

    Pay some bills and take my kiddos to a waterpark!

  181. Keith Knudsen says

    Pay my mortgage

  182. Bills! Bills! And more Bills!!

  183. Steve Konrad says

    My wife and kids deserve a vacation.

  184. I would pay off as many bills as I possible.

  185. Britany H. says

    I would see if Grandma would watch the baby, and do a weekend getaway with my husband!

  186. darlene carbajal says

    I would save it for a new car. πŸ™‚

  187. I would use it to take my wife somewhere nice.

  188. Vicki Anderson says

    Pay bills & get groceries!


  190. I would either save it or use it to make updates to my house

  191. kathy aguilar says

    Finish my root canal which is stressing me out.

  192. sharon shafran says

    have some fun with it

  193. Beth Lackey says

    I would buy a iPad and some new clothes

  194. Catherine says

    I’d put it toward renovations in our living room

  195. i would use it to pay bills and get clothes , diapers and formula for my son

  196. I’d buy some most wanted books and add the rest to my apartment fund.

  197. Trick Mendoza says

    start an online business & spend the rest on my medications

  198. I’d pay bills & do something great for my daughter’s 18th bday!

  199. Jennifer Neal-Humble says

    I would purchase dog and cat food for my rescued animals!

  200. Elliott E. says

    Plan for an upcoming wedding

  201. I would love to take a vacation and this would be a great help!

  202. Ashley C. says

    It would go to rent and groceries. πŸ™‚

  203. Go on a vacation

  204. Lenuta Bizga says

    I would pay some bills.

  205. Victor Galbraith says

    Buy something for my Wife!

  206. Merle Weyant says

    If I won the $1000, I would use it to fix up my home as it is really in need of reairs.

  207. Anne Clemmer says

    Groceries; and bills.

  208. Julie Harrison says

    I would get art supplies, pet needs,and some needed things I haven’t been able to get.

  209. Pay bills- how boring! πŸ™‚

  210. School bills and textbooks!

  211. kenesha chabera says

    Take the family somewhere fun!

  212. I would give 10% to God and with the rest I would pay bills and save the rest for rainy days.

  213. I would buy new tires for my car.

  214. Jacob LaFountaine says

    Put it towards a car

  215. Jennifer M says

    I would save it for a new place.

  216. gail baker says

    vacation πŸ™‚

  217. I’d buy an iPad and something nice for my boyfriend πŸ™‚

  218. I’d get an Ipad and a new cell phone

  219. Violeta Vanessa Gill says

    Diapers wipes some bills and buy my husband and son a birthday gift.

  220. I’d get all new clothes

  221. I would pay off bills!

  222. I would go to Sally beauty and get my silver lavender shampoo/conditioner and then spend the rest at Victoria’s Secret Pink for V Day ;0

  223. Michael Gravelyn says

    Pay Bills

  224. Pay bills and get a new mattress

  225. Jessica Lodge says

    Use it to take my family to see my mother who lives on the other side of the country.

  226. Jennifer H says

    Pay off bills

  227. I would pay off debt

  228. Nancy Luebke says

    I would pay on some bills.

  229. mickeyfan says

    We are going to be redoing our kitchen, so this would be a help.

  230. amybelle2001 says

    I’d put it in savings for the baby!

  231. cynthia henrisson says

    I would buy new clothing for my children!

  232. Tiffany G says

    If I won the money I would finally be able to take my husband on our honeymoon. We never had the money to go on one when we got married so this would be perfect! I would also use the money to take my daughter shopping!

  233. JEAN SOVIENSKI says

    If I won– I would pay off some bills and then I would use some for presents for some family members–My husband for one as it is his birthday very soon.

  234. i would fix our home!

  235. Carol Denny says

    I would put it towards a vacation.

  236. Denise Beeman says

    We would pay off school debt!

  237. I would start a new online business(small one).

  238. I would pay off my x-mas debt:)

  239. New glasses for my wife and 2 children and dental visits

  240. precious mae says

    Save it to give my mom a vacation she badly wants!

  241. Angela Rogers says

    Put it toward remodeling the kitchen.

  242. I would take the family on a trip up to see our grand baby ….

  243. In my family we always need shoes and clothing.

  244. groceries and maybe a kobo for me

  245. Lia Becas Jacobsen says

    It would be our savings in case of emergencies and nice dinner out πŸ™‚

  246. I’d save it.

  247. kliztherine says

    To buy anything I want. πŸ™‚

  248. Definetly go towards our rent! πŸ™‚

  249. julie murphy says

    pay bills for sure

  250. I would love to have it for my sons education

  251. Man, this would be great for paying off tuition and books. If any are left, toss into bank to get some interest so i can pay off student loans after i graduate.

  252. Help my grandson with collage expenses.

  253. Barb Moore says

    I can spend it easy

  254. A mother daughter weekend ……….

  255. Vladimir Medvedev says

    I’ll pay my debts and buy a gift for my wife’s birthday

    • Stephanie says

      I am a new mom to a 7 month old and have another due in Aughust. I’d buy much needed baby supplies!!!

  256. What would you do with the $1000 if you win?
    I`m going to used it for my education basically for my tuition and I will going to buy a tablet so that I can bring it at school πŸ™‚

  257. I would pay down some bills.

  258. i would use it for my further studies in college
    and i would buy a tablet for studies πŸ™‚

  259. pay off my credit card

  260. cristina Dragomir says

    I would buy a PC for my husband

  261. ALLA SERGUEEVA says


  262. annette campbell says

    I would pay off a credit card

  263. Sue Cossor says

    The money would definately go to a holiday.

  264. bills

  265. It would have to go towards a family vacation

  266. IRENE CYPHER says

    I would go visit my new grandson in CT for the first time!

  267. Terry Flannery says

    I would pay off some bills & buy a flatscreen large(32″ -40″) TV.

  268. CHRIS HOEY says


  269. Alison Stolz says

    pay bills

  270. Annette Rosenberg says

    pay property taxes, woohoo!

  271. it would really help.

  272. Catherine Brown says

    Use it towards my bathroom renovation.

  273. PATRICIA BELL says

    Pay off my bills

  274. cordell bazemore says

    I would buy my wife a really nice present

  275. Pamela S. says

    I would pay two months of my COBRA insurance since I lost my job due to Long Term Disability.

  276. Francesca says

    i would use to buy new beds for my kids

  277. narinder chana says

    Use it to pay for some new tires.

  278. U see my hubby of 16 yrs is disabled for the last ten since he was 29 he has been battling Parkinson’s disease cause when he was a welder about 12 yrs ago he was poisoned by the fumes so right after our fourth son was born he started developing the classic symptoms for this awful debilitating disease. Our boys are know 11,13,14,and 15 and so we haven’t really had the funds in a long time to go anywhere and being that our 11 yr old has High functioning Autism and our 13 yr old is ADHD I don’t know what it is like to go away and have a break for the last 10 yrs I have been a full time caregiver for EVERYONE in our household of 6. We solely live off of SSI and SSA and being that everything we own is rented from like Aaron and Rent a center we never have anything left. We don’t have credit cards except prepaid and everytime I open any kind of account I am more overdraft or more minus that I ever put in cause of the debit card! So I have found a way to pay off like 90 percent out of one hundred percent of our rentals. And besides desperately in need of a wedding ring the last one I had like 6 yrs ago from Walmart it was really nice but I clean so much that it damaged it so much and I refused to take it off still that eventually one day yrs and yrs ago I was shopping at Walmart in fact and it must of fallen off and never saw it again. So we want to take the kids to Guatemala that is were my soul mate hubby was born and being that he came to the U.S.A. when he was three and has gone back and fourth when he was younger with his family I have always wondered where he was born his old child hood home and etc. As everyone knows it is a very expensive trip and this money would give us a great start to our future planning for next yr. I mean the first airline I checked was American I believe and for round trip with a layover for four kids ages 11,13,14, and 15 and hubby and me of course it was ready for it you would never guess 11,000 plus some change and that was on line at what is suppose to be rock bottom prices online! OMG is all I could say when I saw that I was like OK guys I guess we will just have to fantasize bout it instead of going like one of those virtual trips u know like in total recall! Ha Ha! Anyway with a little hunting I have found some close to like five thousand way better than 11 thousand so u see with all this I am going to try to start a fund to fund a vacation at least by the 2013 holiday season. And this money would be a great great start and since when we got married in 1996 we went in front of a judge in May wood IL. and I never ever had a honeymoon or anything equivalent to a honeymoon. Even if I had a credit card or any kind of credit card I would charge it as they say but not an option cause my credit is bad from past medical bills when I was younger not at the time thinking about the consequences! So if I win It would kick off our new Saving to go to Guatemala fund plus b4 there father my husband gets tooooooo sick to travel from the Parkinson’s disease being that he is only 39 right now. But we don’t know what tomorrow will bring in the next yr god willing he won’t advance and his progression will no progress and his symptoms will stay exactly the same not only for that but for the sake of his four sons and the wifey that adores him!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck to everyone!

  279. I’d invest the money.

  280. Ed Martel says

    I’d put it towards an upcoming vacation to California

  281. Pay down bills!

  282. laurie damrose says

    I would but a new appliance for the home.

  283. I wish I could say I’d invest it, but I’d use it to pay down debt so I can use my credit card again to fix my aging vehicle.

  284. Cecilia Kanhai says

    This is a great prize for anyone.I really need some money.

  285. Maegan Morin says

    I would use it to help pay off some credit card debt!

  286. kenny varner says

    I would get griz season tickets and save the rest

  287. I would use it to pay bills.

  288. Sean Cuthill says

    Right now, I would have to put the money towards paying bills as I have been out of work for some time.

  289. Vacation

  290. Heidi Florance says

    I would use it to pay bills

  291. i would pay some bills

  292. Lisa Sullivan says

    i would pay for my class in anatomy & physiology.

  293. pay my parents’ debts and buy a tablet pc/ ereader…:)

  294. Todd Hochman says

    pay a few bills

  295. Yvonne Tabaracci says

    I would use the money towards a course I’m taking.

  296. Lucie Payment says

    I wish to win to give 2 weeks off for my husband.

  297. Kathy Clark says

    Thanks for making this sweep available

  298. I would put it towards bills!

  299. I would do something nice for my kids!

  300. Im a mom of a 1 year old, i stay with my parents and have been trying to get my own. I would use this money to get my own car and place to call home for both my 1 year old and i.

  301. Peggy Greco says

    I would pay a few bills and save some.

  302. I would enjoy my first time to Europe and visit my Daughter in London. If she prefers, I’d bring her back home for a visit and pay off credit card debt.

  303. Sandy Howe says

    I would catch up my bills and buy my daughter new clothes

  304. Catherine says

    I would pay off some bills with it

  305. I would give 10% to the church and use the rest to pay off a credit card.

  306. nancy stokell says

    Put it towards a vacation.

  307. Jennifer Roberts says

    Pay bills and get the kids some new clothes!

  308. erin johnson says

    I will use this money to buy a new tablet to help me with my new business
    as an Independent Consultant at Shelf Reliance, Thanks for a great give away !!

  309. I would use the money to buy extra groceries ,because I’m on disability and draw very little and can’t buy to many groceries to get by.And if there any left I will save to help me out on bills,etc.

  310. I would pay bills.

  311. it would go towards bills

  312. Tracey MacDonald-MacEwen says

    I would love to take a mini vacation for our anniversary and also buy some wonderful items for my girls !!

  313. jeff rothrock says

    pay off xxx-mas bills)

  314. Would pay off some bills and treat myself to something nice!!! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  315. jennifer koontz says

    I would use the money to buy dressers for my kids!

  316. Stephanie Volpe says

    I would use $1000 to help get an apartment and moving expenses, it’s been really hard to save up and this money would help out sooo much. We have a son due next month and we really want to have our own place before he comes.

  317. Kim turtscher says

    I would take my family for a little mini vacation:)

  318. Nicole Chouinard says

    Pay my credit card

  319. marilyn polk says

    I wouls use to buy oil as the weather here is so cold…has been below zero for a week now and freezing with the wind blowing.

  320. Ashle Barbour says

    Use it towards a down payment on a new house

  321. Use it for some home repairs.

  322. lana simanovicki says

    go see my grandkids

  323. marcia Moan says

    I am saving everything I can to buy a new sewing machine, an expensive one, I hope to have by august of this year.

  324. pay bills and put it to saving for our 1st family trip to Disneyland.

  325. Pay my neighbors bills and help him get his GED

  326. Pay bills. lol

  327. I would use it to pay for the rest of my classes and buy something awesome for my kids.

  328. Shamila habib says

    i will use it in my business as i m an entrepreneur and i need to promote my work !

  329. First I would make a donation of $200 to our local food bank, then I’d buy myself an iPad and some new clothes.

  330. Aysen Achurra Asuero says

    (hopefully) If I won this giveaway,I will donate 1/4 of the prize to our church, then another 1/4 for my brother’s tuition fee, another 1/4 for my parents, and 1/4 for me πŸ™‚ I’m really praying and hoping to win this fabulous giveaway… Thank You! good luck to all.

  331. Kent Penigar says

    I would make the most excellent use of the the money, In fact it would be a grand use! πŸ™‚

  332. melanie birrell says

    go somewhere warmer πŸ˜‰

  333. mariann bone says

    I would buy and I phone 5 as my old phone has just about had it.

  334. Endless Summer says

    I would put it in my Eye Surgery fund

    Elena Rudaya
    queen-of-pain at yandex dot com

  335. I would pay some bills and treat hubby and I to a nice night out! =D

  336. i would use to pay off bills and invest in some decent cooking tools..

  337. john bass says

    i would pay bills

  338. Robin Sharp says

    thanks money for my 40th Birthday Cruse with the family of 12 thanks

  339. Erin Collins says

    I would put it toward my student loans.

  340. patti lovecky says

    Definitely pay off credit card.

  341. jesse kolling says

    pay some bills

  342. oh, I would cry in disbelief lol…..but I would pay my school bill so I can re enroll in college start my clinicals ….That would be a god send omg. Thanks for the awesome giveaways πŸ™‚

  343. Kim Hendrix says

    Bills and a little getaway.

  344. Paula Carr says

    I would use it toward our summer vacation.

  345. Sharon Rozier says

    Move away from my son in law!

  346. jennifer capin says

    Put it towards our March Break Family Vacation

  347. heather w. says

    I would pay bills.

  348. Rent…

  349. Kate O'Brien says

    I would use it to buy stuff for the nursery – I am due in July with out first! =)

  350. Adrian Madden says

    Pay Bills!

  351. I’d use it towards my son’s school tuition.

  352. I am embarking on a new journey in my life. I will be on my own for the first time in my life. My children are grown up and lives of their own and my husband has decided he doesn’t want to be married anymore. So, I would use the money to treat myself to something special. Maybe a day at at the spa! Or a trip to New York.

  353. I would like ot buy a new camera, but would probable pay a couple bills

  354. I would treat myself!

  355. Kathie Craig says

    I would use it for bills

  356. Nicole W. says

    I would LOVE to buy a new couch, plus there’s some books I have my eye on for my Master’s thesis research. Thanks for the AMAZING giveaway! πŸ™‚

  357. Dorothy Deakyne says

    buy a new frig

  358. Brianne Armstrong says

    Pay off a little debt, put it on a road trip to FL!

  359. Robin Peters says

    I would spend it on fixing the house

  360. Adil Farooq says

    Hope to win…

  361. I would get me and my son a car so we could deffinately work to get my own place

  362. I would buy some new furniture.

  363. pay down debt and buy some new dishes and cookware!!

  364. jessie cawthron says

    I would pay bills and buy some new clothes

  365. I’d get my special needs son an iPad to assist him with his daily challenges πŸ™‚

  366. I would replace my broken stove and take my kids somewhere fantastic!

  367. Jennifer Folker says

    I would go to the spa

  368. susan smoaks says

    down payment for a newer used car

  369. Put it in my kids savings accounts.

  370. I would pay my mba…

  371. Thank you very much for the constest would arrive well ca hath this price!

  372. catch up on bills

    jmatek AT wi DOT rr DOT com

  373. I would fix our car catch up on bills and maybe a night out

  374. Buy an airline ticket for my son to come visit and brand new bed for the guest room!

  375. Pay some much over-due bills and buy some new reading material!

  376. Debbie Petch says

    Buy some clothes. Thanks.

  377. Danny Rubio says

    Good luck to everyone, and remember to make everyday a good day!

    Single Dad Danny


  378. good good luck to all we could have fun with this one,a peace of mind prize

  379. Put it on bills and our vacation!



  381. I will use it to partially fund my children’s schooling.

  382. i would buy a video camera

  383. I would buy my dear husband a new camera. πŸ™‚

  384. I would put it towards our family holiday

  385. I would put it toward a vacation!

  386. JEAN SOVIENSKI says


  387. Bianca Jones says

    Pay bills so I can keep a roof over my head for at least another month or two. Since I am a full time student and my husband just lost his job this would be awesome to win.

  388. I would put this in the family pot to be used where it is needed. I am sure that there is a place for it…and maybe there could possibly be a little left over…

  389. Jenny Cope says

    Help my parents pay thier bills because they raised me right and I love them!!

  390. Chriss Connor Pooler says

    I would pay off everything I spent on christmas this past year!

  391. Loretta Hurt says

    Take my husband to Vegas

  392. Sarah Howe says

    This would be SO helpful right now!

  393. Carla Hobson says

    To help my family!

  394. Karina Coleman says

    Would buy some items needed for my baby!

  395. I will get an awesome gaming PC

  396. I would use it for some fun investments and hopefully watch the money grow!

  397. Lol, Pay off my debt!!! And never, ever get back in it as long as I live! Lesson learned! πŸ˜›

  398. Vicky Schalow says

    i would go on a clothing shopping spree

  399. aurora minuto says

    per prima cosa aiuterei i miei familiari,che in questo momento non passano un bel periodo,e poi mi concederei un week end in una spa con il mio ragazzo!

  400. Reed Marshall says

    buy shoes & watches

  401. Alison Braidwood says

    I’d pay some bills and prepay webhosting for my sites.

  402. karen benson says

    pay debt

  403. Linda Short says

    I’d put it in the bank.

  404. Joann Alvarado says

    If I won, I would need to use it for bills and maybe a couple of books on Amazon. πŸ™‚

  405. Take a romantic trip with the wife.

  406. Joyce Poyton says

    I would buy a new stove.

  407. I’d take my little girl and little boy on vacation this summer.

  408. It would help with the down payment on our first home! : )

  409. Alicia Stamm says

    i would get my motorcycle license and concealed weapons permit =)

  410. I’d be able to my rent and buy my baby his diapers/formula he needs. I’m a single mom and money is very very scarce

  411. I would take a vacation!

  412. Sasha Farnsworth says

    We would use it to fix up our kitchen!

  413. Wow, awesome giveaway. Would use it to pay for a family holiday this coming Christmas at the coast πŸ™‚ or put it towards my boys’ education.

  414. I would spend it on bills and my daugters

  415. im gonna use it all goods..like helping my single mom,.then to my sisters,..also to my wedding plan..thrifty to pleasure GOD.

  416. I would take my boys on vacation! πŸ™‚

  417. guarddog88 says

    Our truck just broke down so we had to get a new vehicle. We would make a couple of payments.

  418. for the therapy of my son autism πŸ™‚

  419. Nancy Bradley says

    Pay off some Christmas bills.

  420. For tools for my dad, pay a few bills, and new clothes to my mom because she lost quite a bit of weight.

  421. I will use it with my sons education

  422. I would buy a new pc

  423. Wienna Lee says

    Put in my savings!

  424. Gertrude E. says

    I would buy my son’s plane ticket for summer break!

  425. Help my mom with our household expenses and treat her to a spa day πŸ™‚

  426. I would take my family on vacation =)

  427. sheridan c says

    i would pay some bills and save teh rest for a vacation

  428. raishel hall says

    i would do some clothes shopping for me and my family πŸ™‚

  429. Benee Macaspac says

    I would give it to my dad so he can go home. We haven’t seen him in years and we miss him so much.

  430. Michele Henneman says

    I would pay off some bills and take a small vacation with my family this summer.

  431. pay off some debt and have a little fun!!

  432. ANGEL JACKLYN says


  433. i would put it towards a well needed vacation….been mommy for 23 years with out onw break so i neeeeed it….. HELP me πŸ˜‰

  434. We could use it to help us buy a second car…Or upgrade to a van if we have another baby

  435. I would put it towards a MacBook Pro for my husband!!

  436. Miranda Douglas says

    I would pay off my credit card

  437. Rasheed Aque says

    I will use for my demo teaching expenses :))

  438. Angelyn Vibar says

    I would buy galvanized and cement for my house.

  439. Abbe Brown says

    I’d use it toward a family vacay. That is the goal for this year since it’s been such a long time for us.

  440. stacy hancock says

    i’d use it to fix my basement floor! or front door. maybe both if i could stretch it.

  441. Renee Strange says

    I need new hearing aids.

  442. Sandra Gutierrez says

    I would pay off some bills and take my daughters to a fancy restaurant.

  443. For my sons education hope I win!

  444. I will buy my kid Lot of good stuff πŸ™‚

  445. It would help with my son’s last semester at University.

  446. silvergirl says

    i will pay the tuition of my college daughter

  447. If I will win an extra 1000$ cash, I will bring my husband to the hospital that expert about treating hepatitis with diabetes patient , right now we are really broke, the medications and monthly check up are really expensive so this 1000$ will helping me a lot if ever i will win…

  448. Leticia Ensley says

    get ahead on bills and pay for puppy’s surgery

  449. Mary Angelini says

    I wold pay bills and give some to a charity.

  450. Lori Leatherman says

    Lots of bills to be paid

  451. Allison McCreadie says


  452. Allison McCreadie says

    Hope I’m lucky

  453. Pay medical bills.

  454. Colleen K says

    …Pay off my parent’s bills and have some fun !!!

  455. Deborah Mireles says

    we dont have a car right now so I would put it towards a used van for us!

  456. I would buy a car.. My partner and i both in a years time had emergency surgery with complications. FMLA ran out.. jobs were gone next our vehicles. We are doing better now.. but financially, we’re on a race for time. We need a car to get back to work, to get back on our feet.. life has been rough.. every little miracle does a great good!!

  457. Robert Kahles says

    Would be able to pay for all my online activities for a year or two

  458. Karen English says

    I would buy a new mattress and small flat screen TV for my bedroom.

  459. A nice dinner and the CASINO for fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah

  460. I’d pay some bills with $1000.

  461. Rhonda Charles says

    play catch up on bills πŸ™‚

  462. I would start my basement remodeling job with this! Thanks for the chance:)

  463. rebeccabasset says

    First I would jump up and down, then I would ust the moeny to pay some bills, and then I would buy some type of “Jewelry” Candles!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  464. stephanie m says

    Pay off my credit card!

  465. Give it to my mum in Singapore so she can have come visit her grandson in Canada.

  466. Katarina Kopasek says

    Pay some bills and put the rest in my emergency savings account which I want to start this year.

  467. angelia medlin says

    Put it in the bank for an emergency fund

  468. Sandy McFadden says

    Pay for storage on my things that my ex has kept for me and is charging me storage fees…………….I don’t have my clothes nothing he knows how much my things mean to me especially my kids things and the things my grandparents gave me not to mention all of my photos.

  469. I would help my ill parents pay off their debt with the money

  470. put it in savings for the “just in case” moments that tend to happen to me!

  471. Erin Duggins says

    Buy groceries and household supplies.

  472. I would put half in savings, then go out to dinner with my hubby, and then use the rest to pay off our student loans! πŸ™‚


  474. Jessica Moore says

    Remodel our house a little.

  475. Pay bills left over from Christmas.

  476. Cassi Warfield says

    pay bills

  477. I’d save it for a rainy day or my children’s education which rver comes first.

  478. I would use it to pay down our medical bills.

  479. Rent, bills, and dog treats

  480. courtney hennagir says

    get some dental work done!

  481. Promote the album I will be releasing this year.

  482. disneyland with my monsters

  483. With 1000$ I would start saving for a down payment on another car because I was in an accident last week & the car is totaled, so me & my man are sharing!!

  484. im not sure what it meant when i went to the group facebooks and it said come back and link for 10 bonus points but i liked them all.

  485. Jen Rodrigues says

    This would really help me if I won. I am unemployed this would help pay for my student loan bill and also give money to help my parents fix our house. Been trying to do it but we have a setback my dad is laid off and not sure if he will go back to work. They are letting go of more people. This sucks.

  486. Mikki Cross says

    I would buy a bidet.

  487. I would pay down our debt

  488. danielle copetillo says

    I would take my kids to get their first puppy πŸ™‚

  489. amy wadhams says

    finally pay off the last of my medical bills

  490. I would finaly get my kids the new bunk beds that they need. I would also get new clothes as I have lost almost 100 pounds and all i have are my fat clothes.

  491. I would pay off a credit card to lessen our debt.

  492. Buy My Son the truck he’s been wanting, I don’t have the extra to get him one like my parents did me.

  493. I would use it for a family vacation this summer.

  494. Rafik Ayoub says

    I would take the family on a holiday

  495. I would splurge on something small and pay bills with the rest! Paying off debt is the greatest feeling ever!

  496. I would pay bills & maybe “splurge” by going grocery shopping. I know exciting huh?LOL!

  497. Cheryl Almas says

    I would buy a new washer and dryer.

  498. Jessica R says

    pay my bills!!

  499. Di Henderson says

    bill’s and a little something for me πŸ™‚

  500. Randy Smith says

    I, like everyone have sob stories to try to sway your give away. With 4 kids at home and one in college I’m sure I can find a use for an extra buck. Thanks for the chance.

  501. I would put it into savings for our vacation!

  502. I would most likely spend it on redoing my kids’ playroom and bedrooms!

  503. I really want to attend Rootstech (genealogy-technology conference) this year and also want to buy a new laptop.

  504. Angela Figueiredo says

    I want to take the kids to Disney this year. I would definitely save it for that πŸ™‚


  506. I’ll build my clothing boutique!

  507. Trina O'Neil says

    I would use it to help pay the bills since I just lost my job of 11 yrs and had surgery on my hand. Not being able to work or look for a job has really hit hard.

  508. John Kraichely says

    Pay credit card bills

  509. Maria Iemma says

    I will save it for a new car that I am going to need within the year.

  510. Amie Guisinger says

    Be nice to pay off some bills πŸ™‚

  511. I would get such peace by paying off my visa.

  512. If I were to win $1000, I’d use it to pay for my doula and then buy the stroller we want and can’t afford!

  513. I would use it to pay the bills since I don’t have a job right now. :-/

  514. I would use the $1000 to pay a debt that has been looming FOREVER!!!!!

  515. Wanda Clark says

    Pay bills,bills,bills.

  516. Katharine W says

    Go on a much needed mini-vacation.

  517. susan ~ flameworker13 says

    Buy a PSE Bow Fishing Bow and Arrows plus Archery lessons for my love and I

  518. Some college for the kiddos, some into retirement, some for the bills, some for splurging and some to tithe to church.

  519. tareka tetemamaz riley says

    I would buy me a car

  520. Shameka M says

    Pay a couple of bills and take a mini vacation…

  521. Samantha mayer says

    I would buy my daughter a American Girl Doll she has been wanting one for a while but they are expensive πŸ™‚

  522. Pay my health insurance which doubled from $300 to $600 a month this year. Thank you Obama

  523. Geraldyne says

    Pay a couple of bills

  524. Kim Cowgar says

    Half would go towards our summer vacation this year and the rest into savings

  525. spend it on spending more quality time with my kids like a few some days trips during the summer and make beautiful memories together before they get to old to hang out with mom-lol-

  526. kristy edgington says

    go on vacation!

  527. Rachel Pride says

    I’d go on a vacation

  528. I would save it in the bank.

  529. I’d send my parents to a vacation!!! πŸ™‚

  530. We would do some home improvements. Thank you

  531. Gloria Walshver says

    Put it in the bank.

  532. pay off bills

  533. Carol Martin says

    I would use it towards some bills. I have been out of work since the first of November. It was not a great Christmas for my kids. Thanks.

  534. jasmin holland says

    Pay for flights to visit my family in Cananda πŸ™‚

  535. Michclle E says

    I would pay bills then buy presents for my kids.

  536. Sue Ceron says

    I would use it for the family

  537. Kathy Scott says

    I would put it in my son’s 529 plan.

  538. Lisa Angel says

    I would buy my daughter a tablet first then I would split the rest between the kids so they could buy themselves a little something.

  539. Keno Moore says

    CAR REPAIRS!!!!!

  540. I would take my kids to the beach

  541. I would use it towards healthy groceries to help lose weight.

  542. I would save most of the money but would also take my family on a little vacation!!

  543. Beverly J says

    car repairs

  544. Susan Updegraft says

    I have many many needs that a 1000 could help with. Like bills

  545. i would use it to pay off debt!

  546. Cheryl Bartram says

    Fix our cars and pay off bills

  547. Becky McCaslin says

    Pay off some bills!

  548. Adrienne McElwain says

    Pay my mother’s mortgage!

  549. latisha m. says

    I’d spend the money on bills!

  550. Susan Starkel says

    I would get my teeth fixed

  551. Kristy Wong says

    Pay our family’s bills, and whatevers left.. BUY A COOL NEW ELECTRONIC!

  552. Lisa Burk says

    Pay some bills! πŸ™

  553. Missy Scheller says

    I would pay bills and buy a computer for my schooling. Going back to finish my degree at 46 yrs old. Could use all the help I can get. Thanks for the chance.

  554. pay bills then stock up my online shop ;p

  555. Buy a new mattress. The one we have is beyond lumpy and into badlands status.

  556. Get my much needed wood stove parts then an Ipad if I had enough left over..

  557. Pay my boys’ university fees πŸ™‚

  558. Move my stuff out of storage

  559. pay bills and buy groceries

  560. Pay bills!

  561. patricia eston says

    put it towards a new car

  562. Teresa Stricker-Pester says

    I would stash it away for different birthdays

  563. Elizabeth Daniels says

    Take a cruise! πŸ™‚

  564. Sarah Hayes says

    Id buy gifts!

  565. Robin Quick says

    Go on vacation!

  566. I would split it with my children and thier families!

  567. Kathy Goyer says

    Pay bills and by a Kindle Fire HD.

  568. its a surprise to you

  569. Tara Gauthier says

    I would put it towards our house purchase fund

  570. I’d pay off some bills and get a new recliner and flat screen TV for the front room. Thanks.

  571. travel. save.

  572. I would pay off my credit card!

  573. sara russell says

    Pay bills.

  574. It would make a very nice addition to the savings for closing costs on a home.

  575. Pay bills

  576. Pay bills!!

  577. Shannon R says

    Pay off some bills!

  578. prob same thing as most people. pay off bills!

  579. Angie Brecka says

    Take online class

  580. Krista Grandstaff says

    My second son is graduating hs in May, and leaving for a college over 2000 miles away in August…and I have no clue how to get him there, or the things that he’ll need ( downsizing = job loss here in my house) …this would be a huge weight off of my shoulders…

  581. Amie Laventhall says

    I would pay off some bills! πŸ™‚

  582. Visit my family in NY that i have not seen in 2 years and still have funds left over to pay a few bills off!

  583. lisa peterson says

    Put it towards up coming birthdays πŸ˜€

  584. i will spend it

  585. I would smile while I wrote out the checks to pay my bills.

  586. Karla Sceviour says

    I would use some of it to pay of my bills,and go shopping with the rest.!

  587. Lori Hoffman says

    I would pay some bills, fill my empty refrigerator and freezer and hopefully save a little. πŸ™‚

  588. TIA BEVERLY says


  589. pay some bills

  590. Sue Wilson says

    Pay bills and buy groceries.

  591. Rosie Kunie says

    Pay off some of my medical bills. That would be such a relief! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the chance.

  592. Amelia Pickens says

    Use it toward bills and a reliable vehicle. Our poor van has had it.

  593. for my son’s first birthday and for the bills too.. :))

  594. Buy tickets to visit family on the East Coast!

  595. Put it toward a new car

  596. Tricia Hallock Salmon says

    I would pay bills!

  597. pay bills and maybe a diamond candle

  598. Allison Free says

    pay bills!

  599. Ruby Daniels says

    Down payment on a much needed new used car.

  600. Put it towards our upcoming trip to CA

  601. I need a new mattress and box spring in the worst way.

  602. my daughters!

  603. elven johnson says

    Get a new smaller freezer.

  604. Spend it on getting some much needed stuff done around the house!

  605. Put it in the bank

  606. Elizabeth Baumgartner says

    I would improve my wardrobe, put some in savings for my son, another portion of that would go towards daily living to take some stress off my husband supporting me and my son during the divorce we just started (and is amicable).

  607. Mitzi Fisher says

    I would help my mother pay off bills. So she doesn’t have to worry πŸ™

  608. Elissa Indoe says

    take some classes for enjoyment and better myself.

  609. Ashley Parks says

    I would put it toward paying off some of my student loans… we are working to become debt free and live that way from then on! πŸ™‚

  610. need a new stove and refrig

  611. Sabre Napier says

    I would pay bills and do some shopping! πŸ™‚

  612. Stacey A Smith says

    pay bills I’m so far behind in bills because of X-Mass

  613. Becky Sandusky says

    I would probably pay bills since we had a recent E.R. visit.

  614. i would pay my dogs vet bill so he can get his leg operated on. πŸ™

  615. Samantha Hill says

    Our mini-vaca to the Crayola Factory! πŸ™‚

  616. I’m sure a lot of it would be spent on my grandkids!

  617. I would buy shoes and clothing for my girls.

  618. Renee Shriner says

    With the price of beef going up, I would by A half of beef.

  619. I would pay down some student loan debt!

  620. sadly
    i would use to pay taxes

  621. Angela Percival says

    I would add it to the money we got from our totalled car to get a better one.

  622. pay bills!

  623. I would use it towards my son’s wedding this summer

  624. Holly Talarzyk says

    Buy a new couch!!!

  625. Joanne Tillery says

    Catch up bills and buy groceries

  626. Marsha Gilbert says

    Pay for a recent moving expense.

  627. Staci Smith says

    Pay some bills and put some money up in savings.

  628. I would put it towards a newer air conditioner. After 23yrs. it has done it’s job and really needs to be replaced!

  629. id love to buy myself some new clothes

  630. Beatrice Pierre says

    I will give it to my daughter for clothes

  631. Robin Bouza says

    Take my husband on a weekend getaway, since we haven’t taken a vacation in years.

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Robin Bouza

  632. Jill4bama says

    Pay for my son’s nursing school tuition!

  633. Kami Dumis says

    I need some medical tests run. This would definately help with the stress.

  634. Barbara Campbell says

    I would use it to buy a new refrigerator. Our door keeps falling off ours and we badly need a replacement.

  635. I need a new computer.

  636. LaMar Hortman says

    Pay my tax bill

  637. Kimberly Smick says

    I would do something really special for my hubby and kids! A well deserved vacation or something fun!

  638. Kyrinnia D says

    I would pay bills

  639. Anita Leibert says

    I would pay off bills and stock up on groceries.

  640. it would go towards new baby/ our move in a few months

  641. Marsha Gilbert says

    Pay for some work on my car

  642. I would go on vacation. I’ve been doing peritoneal dialysis for the last two years, and I’m about to go crazy. I really need to get out of the house other than to go to see a doctor.

  643. Tara Caudillo says

    I would take my kids to disneyland

  644. Tamara R. says

    I would buy a new washer and a years worth of detergent.

  645. Sandra Gutierrez says

    I would buy my daughters more of what they want not just what they need.

  646. Lorina Padgett says

    I would buy a computer and a battery for my car

  647. Bethany A says

    I would use it for baby stuff.

  648. elizabeth naranjo says

    Take my son on a winter activity adventure on a P.A. day and put rest in bank πŸ™‚

  649. Eleanor (Ellie) Kokotich says

    i could pay some people and have fun with the rest…

  650. Pay off some bills!

  651. maryalice says

    payoff credit cards

  652. I would put towards the mortgage

  653. i go t bd coming up and then holdiay

  654. Carole Herold says

    I would purchase a new washer and dryer

  655. Gracie H. says

    catch up on bills, well, maybe try to save some πŸ˜›

  656. l. marciniak says

    Buy tires for my sons truck

  657. Jacqueline Carpenter says

    Hello ,I would help my daughter who is living with sugar diabetes with one leg gone and in hospital fighting to keep the other.Thank you so much.

  658. Susan Johnson says

    Thank you for the chance to win in this wonderful giveaway! I’d use it to pay off the debt I’ve incurred visiting my nephew in the hospital.

  659. Tyler Reavis says

    Go on vacation!

  660. I would pay some bills with it and then take my hubby out for a nice dinner.

  661. Barbara Maher-Erwin says

    I would use it to buy a new dishwasher.

  662. i’d give it to my boss for her non profit to find a commercial kitchen

  663. A new wardrobe

  664. Jennifer K says

    I would use it for school books for next year!

  665. Olivia Dugan says

    I’d use it to fund my lover’s permanent trip over here from the West Coast. <3

  666. i will save it up for my studies in Penang this coming semester πŸ™‚

  667. Fix the rotting steps before some one hurts themselves.

  668. I would add it to my savings for a down payment on a new car. Having 1 car in my family just isn’t working!

  669. Lendel Kenrick Bea says

    Start a business

  670. Kathie Prout says

    Use it to pay bills!!

  671. Debbie Lewis says

    I would love to take my grandkids on a mini vacation.

  672. Lourdes Bea says

    I’m planning to take a trip.

  673. Llyod Kenneth Bea says

    I’ll buy a new laptop for school.

  674. Leonard Kerwin Bea says

    Put it on the stock market.

  675. Sy Keh Lin Bea says

    Spend it for a vacation.

  676. spend it on ebay

  677. Karan Hughey Burgdorf says

    with a $1000 dollars, I could pay to re=fi my home so i could afford monthly mortgage

  678. I would buy 1/2 a beef

  679. roger simmons says

    This would go towards paying down bills and buying groceries!

  680. beth kelsay says

    Buy my grandson that is due in March baby items like a bed, swing, high chair ect

  681. Pay bills!

  682. Cara James says

    Bills, bills, bills!!!:)

  683. Debbie Corbin says

    new tires and stereo for my car πŸ™‚ plus go see my grandchildren!

  684. genefaith says

    It will definitely fulfill our dream vacation on april:) plus it’s my birthday!

  685. Bills, dental work and maybe a little treat for my husband!

  686. Elena Dragan says

    I will go in a vacation with my son. He is mad about water.

  687. Debbie Loy says

    I’d pay off a credit card.

  688. I’d buy a really good camera.

  689. Catch up on debt!

  690. My Antarctica fund needs a bit of padding πŸ™‚

  691. Jonny Headrick says

    Help my church building fund!

  692. LORI ROYCE says

    Catch up on bills, buy necessities..etc.

  693. I’d think 1st it was only a dream..Then after that i believe i’d go get groceries..sorry i’m crying πŸ™ we need food so bad…Then i’d buy my new Grandson a cute outfit..Thank you for this Life Changing Giveaway!!

  694. Courtney Desormeaux says

    I would use it towards paying off my car…

  695. Bree Tinch says

    I would put it toward our disney trip we are planning.

  696. Kristine Petersen says

    I would use it to pay some bills, buy things for my first grandson who will be born in May, and fix my truck so I can go picking!

  697. vacation in DC lydia

  698. I would be purchasing my ceiling and flooring supplies for our kitchen that we are remodeling.

  699. Rosa Castro says

    I would buy my kids bunkbeds and a pair of dressers,they want bunkbeds so badly and they need it.

  700. stephanie newsome says

    spend it on my kids

  701. I enjoyed this post so much~ almost reminds me of the days when we sould go to a Drive-In Movie and sit on the bed of the pick up truck to watch with the kids. They really loved that!

  702. Kimberley Graham says

    Pay off some bills : )

  703. Buy essentials.. and save the rest πŸ™‚

  704. Kelli Cooper says

    Pay off some college bills.


  706. Debbie Hartfield says

    Take half and save it for our summer vacation, and the other half for my son’s open house and grad gift.

  707. We’re getting ready to move, and I would just love to have a new couch. So I’d buy a new couch and maybe some window treatments.

  708. Lynda Suarez says

    New Laptop for my college-bound daughter!

  709. tracy haar says

    Pay bills

  710. I know JUST what I’d do. I’d buy my husband a replacement wedding ring for our 10th wedding anniversary. His was stolen years ago & he’s still stomach sick about it, but won’t let me spend family money on replacing it. <3 He's a good guy.

  711. eliminate some bills to allow for more freedom

  712. eliminate some bills

  713. Il but my son a ps3 for his birthday in a weeks time and cloths for us both ready for winter and my son needs a school jacket for school

  714. Winning a Winter giveaway would help with my daughers wedding!!!

  715. I would pay bills & maybe splurge on grocery shopping. πŸ™‚

  716. Dawn Walsh says

    I would save it for my trip to China this July

  717. Pay on medical bills

  718. modello: [Bordura in tessuto doppio alta 12cm. semplice ]

  719. I would use it to pay off some of our bills.

  720. Betty Hall says

    Pamper myself, which is much needed.

  721. Pay some bills and treat kiddos and myself!

  722. I’m going to catch up on our bills, we are so far behind.

  723. Not exciting…put it on my Visa bill.

  724. I think I would go on a vacation with my husband.

  725. Pay medical bills. I’ve just been diagnosed with breast cancer and it’s going to be such a financial burden for my husband.

  726. Jennifer Appleton says

    Put it towards student loans!

  727. Jessi Connell says


  728. I would probably pay some college bills. πŸ˜‰ If there were any left, I would give the rest to my wonderful parents, they deserve it.

  729. Angela Friesen says

    I would fix our family boat up with $1000 so we can use it this year πŸ™‚

  730. Debra Pauley says

    Pay off some bills : )

  731. Boy would this help me out alot in many ways..Fingers Crossed!!!

  732. shopping spree

  733. Pay off christmas and treat my kiddos to something they want.

  734. jennifer solly says

    would pay off my bills and have some left over for when we go to the orthopedic surgen for my granddaugter.

  735. pay bills.. i have student loans and i have to pay my car insurance

  736. Nicole Stanke says

    I would use it towards my moms Breast cancer medical bills…..

  737. Elizabeth Kasson says

    Pay some bills!

  738. I would have agreat party!

  739. I would buy me a new wardrobe

  740. I’d use the money to pay some bills of my family… there’s no work for young people here! If remains something…I’ll save it for concerts πŸ™‚

  741. I would save the $1000 in my bank account to save up for a house one day… If not, I would put it toward my college fund to help out my parents with the expenses.

  742. SHOPPING!! πŸ™‚

  743. @icysupreme says

    I would buy the serta sleeper…my back aches!

  744. Pay off the last $994 of my car paymenntttttttt!

  745. I would use it toward buying new furniture πŸ™‚

  746. buy a spa getaway

  747. Put it towards my heating oil bill!

  748. patricia caradonna says

    I would use half of the money to pay my bills. I would share some with my husband and buy something special just for me.

  749. I would pay off a few bills and buy groceries

  750. Teresa Kick says

    I would pay bill.

  751. Diane Rose says

    I would save it for when we go on vacation in October to Florida.

  752. Patti Sherman says

    I would buy a piece of furniture for my grandaughters new home.

  753. I would catch up on a couple of medical bills, and also give to my church. πŸ™‚

  754. I would spend it on the nursery for our little girl due in april!

  755. Melissa Cadle says

    Pay off a few bills and buy an iPad and go to visit a friend in NYC!!!

  756. Lisa Survillas says

    I’d pay my daughter’s competition dance bill!

  757. That money would go to my new apartment “fund”. Due to a huge change in my life, I’ll be moving cities.

  758. love the recipes

  759. i want to go to those vacation spots

  760. thr judstic i really wanna learn and read

  761. im way to old for those shoes

  762. i like the fact she has an ad for scholorships for moms

  763. I’d probably spent a lot of it at AllThingsForSale.com…. πŸ™‚

  764. I’d put money down on a new car.

  765. Anne Derkat says

    Spend it in New York when we go there in May

  766. Robert Pyszk says

    Whoever wins I am very happy for you! I am not getting my hopes up too high. I just hope contests like these are run honestly . I see it very easy for the sole person picking the winner to keep on picking until a friend or someone they know wins.

  767. Tracy Awalt Juliano says


  768. Robin Wilson says

    Splurge on some wants, not needs

  769. Pay bills and have a little fun shopping for new clothes and shoes. πŸ™‚

  770. Katie Wolf says

    I would pay off my student loans so I can go back to school!

  771. The responsible answer would be to pay bills, but I really really want an DSLR Camera and some new clothes. πŸ™‚

  772. I’d pay bills! That would be 2 months of bills!!

  773. I need to pay some bills!

  774. Janine Horn says

    Get some dental work done!!

  775. I would pay off the IRS πŸ™

  776. I would pay my rent thanks

  777. Aissa Babinski says

    Put the money on my small business to buy supplies

  778. I would buy the last minute baby stuff I need.

  779. I would finish getting my kids graduation stuff paid for. Got 2 graduating in June, man, the money going out, ughhhhhh

  780. richelle bowers says

    bills and new dining table

  781. Zandile Dlamini says

    I way overdue for a trip to my dermatologist. $1000 would really come in handy

  782. Dianne Harris says

    Bills and a trip to visit kids and grand kids

  783. Christianna Gilliam says

    i would pay bills or spend it on my kids.

  784. nikki krutz says

    shop for christmas!!

  785. Brittany Morales says

    I would pay off the bills that are piling up since I have been out of work!

  786. Janice Bright says

    invest in a Temper-Pedic bed..

  787. fix my car!!

  788. Marin Mandrick says

    I would save it for vacation

  789. i would pay it forward>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  790. Buy a home stereo system. Thanks.

  791. I would surely use some to pay off a bill or two and spoil my two young boys with the rest…okay, maybe dinner for me and the hubby! =) Oh, pick me, pick me, I have never won anything like this! Such a spot of hope with all of the entries, but hope is what keeps you going after all! =)

  792. Pay it forward!

  793. Jennifer Bois says

    I would pay bills and get something special for my loved one

  794. Pay off bills!!!!

  795. The FB group 8 task is a bad link

  796. My Great Grandmother lives in Wyoming, so I would use it to take a trip down (we live in Alaska) so she could meet my husband and her great great grandchild!

  797. JoAnn Hutt says

    Could use it to pay a few bills! πŸ˜‰

  798. Use it to purchase a new bed!

  799. Put it towards my daughter’s college fund.

  800. get my car fixed

  801. Tracy Allen says

    Use it for decorating my new home

  802. Kari Flores says

    Put it towards hardwood flooring in my livingroom/kitchen/hallway.

  803. donna tucker says

    I would try my hardest to save for a nice summer or spring vacation. Hopefully I would not have to use for some emergency. You know, seems like it is always something – one thing or another. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  804. Rich Hicks says

    use to help pay our property taxes!

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  805. Dorothy Walters says

    Pay my real estate taxes

  806. im not sure i like some pay pal money

  807. william saylor says

    Do some home repair

  808. Becky Atchley Worley says

    A family vacation

  809. Get some repairs done at home.

  810. kathie hopta says

    I would donate a percentage to the church then help my son’s family with their bills since he is the only income and they have 4 children

  811. Jessica Ferre says

    I would do the hair course i wanted to do but couldn’t afford to!

  812. I wish I could say I’d use the money for something fun, but it’ll have to go to bills of some kind. Maybe an extra mortgage payment or add a little to my student loan.

  813. I would take the family on a mini vacation in texas..thanks

  814. Tyler Brown says

    Pay down on my car, and pay my insurance up for several months.

  815. work on my house and take a vacation

  816. Sandra Zumbrun says


  817. Take my family on that cruise we have been talking about for years.

  818. Maria Cantu says

    I would fix the car and my shower is leaking alot.

  819. I would redo our master bath

  820. Christina Strapp says

    It would help get my daughter a play kitchen and help with bills.

  821. Michael Lambert says

    It would help get me a new TV.

  822. Elizabeth D. says

    dental bills ugh!

  823. margaret g says

    Buy some fabric and yarn for some presents I want to make and maybe pay some bills too

  824. I’d get my shower fixed and get the stuff I need to fix up my house as well as buy my little girl her first big girl bed and fix up her room! πŸ™‚

  825. what would I do with $1000, make a payment towards the roof we just had put on!!!!

  826. Rae Jean Miles says

    I Wwiuld use it to go see our daughter in fl and have enough money ti have fun

  827. I would use it to go see my mother and get some. Closure on things that scarred my for 25 years

  828. Dawn Driskell says

    I would pay off debt.

  829. Catalina K says

    Pay off college tuition, that’s what I would do! Thank you for the opportunity.

  830. It would go to the hospital bills from my newborn being in the NICU

  831. I would put it towards buying a car! We need one badly!

  832. Melanie Morin says

    I would buy baby furniture

  833. Becky Atchley Worley says

    Buy a kindle fire and use rest for bills

  834. un telescopio

  835. Pay on extra bills

  836. Leslie Luu says

    I want to buy a puppy!

  837. Tammi Bivans says

    I would use it to pay bills.

  838. I would use it to buy groceries etc.

  839. Use it to buy and pay some bills.

  840. I’d pay some bills with some of it, also use some to get some more training for my dog. Rescued a pitmix that needs more training.

  841. I would get a Silhouette Cameo. accessories and other crafting materials. And I would treat The Hubby and kids to a wonderful weekend somewhere πŸ™‚

  842. Shannon L. Barlow says

    I would use it to get my car fixed since Geico is giving me such a hard time. they suck!!!!!!

  843. Laurie Morton says

    I would buy a car seat for my upcoming grandson, and use some to pay off some bills.

  844. Amanda Carter says

    I’d redecorate our home and update bith the house and garden

  845. April D. Ralph says

    pay bills!

  846. Sheila Chaffins says

    I need a new computer!

  847. Marti Parks says

    I would buy a new sofa and pay a couple bills.

  848. buy an iphone5

  849. Courtney Kroyer-Warren says

    Put some of it aside in case of an emergency otherwise buy some summer clothes for myself, my son and my husband!

  850. get my car running so I can get a job

  851. I would send my son to camp this summer!

  852. Tracy Richards says

    I would use it toward college books and bills.

  853. i would get some bills paid

  854. Misty Smith says

    I would pay off some bills.

  855. I would go back home to see my dad.

  856. Tim Hughes says

    I’d forget about $1,000 worth of bills, which would be awesome!

  857. Mitchie Talavera says

    For my wedding

  858. Pay bills

  859. I’d put some aside for Xmas and spend the rest on a holiday πŸ™‚

  860. Melanie Hill says

    pay off some bills

  861. pay my late months rent

  862. Sheena Mariee says

    If I won $1000 I would pay off my debt! It would feel great to live debt free again! Thanks for the opportunity!

  863. maryanne ford says

    if i won $1000 i would pay off a few bills πŸ™

  864. go on a fabulous trip

  865. amber beer says

    I am having a mommycation to my parent in June/july and would love to have some extra to go shopping with

  866. Nikki Flannery says

    I would pay off bills and go on a family vacation.

  867. I will buy whatever I can as I dont have any credit card πŸ™

  868. joe deater says

    Use it to take a minor spring break trip with my wife and daughter. Little shopping at Ikea and a red Wings game.

  869. Darla Myers says

    I would pay our property taxes, buy groceries, and new shoes and pants for the family.

  870. I would use it to pay bills and maybe also save for a future trip when my baby needs his next surgery

  871. I would save a bunch of for Christmas and then buy my kids something fun just because.

  872. Linda Russell says

    I would pay off bills

  873. Tyler Calder says

    Pay off some loans

  874. Arra Odeza says

    i’ll save the money for the construction of our room

  875. I would use a bit of it for personal things and then give the rest to a family I know that needs it right now.

    Thanks for the chance!

  876. Crystal Stanke says

    I would pay off some bills and have a mini vacation πŸ™‚

  877. AHARON WILDE says


  878. Sunni Faries says

    pay off some bills and buy a new camera

  879. so many things i could do with $1000

  880. I would use it on bills and food.

  881. Michelle jadaa says

    Id put it towards a nice holiday for hubby and i.

  882. Kristin Gilbert says

    I would pay off some bills and hopefully start saving for a vacation

  883. Karen Stevens says

    I would use it to put towards the surgery I need to have πŸ™‚

  884. i would use it for my family and i

  885. Rose Hicks says

    Wow! Where to start . . . . well I DO have a trip coming up this summer that would be grand to have some spending $$$$ for and then OF COURSE I could use a new outfit or two!!! Or perhaps I would gift the kids with an unexpected bonus . . . .

  886. Angela Fuller says

    I would use it for a family vacation to Disney World!

  887. Kirsty Scott says

    Hi there…I hope I win this $. My family and I could use it towards a new car.

  888. kids could use some newer clothes…get my car work on…

  889. Pay bills since hubby lost his job. Register my boys for baseball.

  890. Vanessa W. says

    I would love to take my family on a short staycation somewhere nearby. I need some down time!

  891. I would pay off some bills and go see my family back east πŸ™‚

  892. I would pay some bills with some, and treat my overworked mother to a nice little trip, a staycation if you will.

  893. chelle glares geter says

    pay on some credit card bills and buy some food.

  894. I would be able to take my daughter to the beach this summer

  895. leanne cobbledick says

    Pay bills – boring!

  896. sarah keel says

    would pay bills

  897. I would spend it on my children and grandchildren

  898. 1000$ would go a long way but i’ll probably save it until I have enough to fund my lifelong wish to tour Europe πŸ™‚

  899. jessica hager says

    I would pay off some bills that are over due.

  900. I’d put it towards one of my credit cards. Thanks.

  901. I would take my hard-working, never-gets-a-break husband out for dinner & perhaps to a concert. I would also take my 19 month old daughter to Sesame Place for the day. After that, I have to use the rest for bills.

  902. Carol Fuller says

    Would like to take a trip with hubby and his sis, would be our spending money. gla

  903. I would use it to take a vacation