Helping Your Little One Ride the Bike

I had the opportunity to receive a Plasma Bike for review so I can share my honest thoughts on it.

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You cannot imagine the feeling of a child who gets his own set of wheels for the first time.  You’ll get the idea when you see your wide-eyed tot eagerly inspecting his new ride.  I’m taken to boy toys since I have a little one myself.  And when I saw the striking red and black PlasmaBike, I was just smitten with joy.  This European balancing bike is specially designed for toddlers starting at 18 months. Of course, you have to check that your child has the motor skills to manage being on the bike.  You might still have to keep your eyes, and hands, on your son if he has not yet developed the required balance to ride his bike.

This bike is really meant to be a transitional bike that allows toddlers to develop their balance and coordination first before they move on to the more conventional 2-wheelers.  The PlasmaBike has ultra wide wheels which helps your little one keep his balance while sitting on the bike seat and navigating his bike.  Because of the wheels’ width, it is stable enough to stay upright as your toddler scoots around.  This bike does not have pedals or batteries.  It actually runs mechanically with your toddler using his feet to “push” the bike.  It’s really just a training bike that teaches the basics of getting on the bike and staying balanced while the bike is moving.  Your toddler can learn how to pedal and “drive” later on when he has mastered these basic skills.

I think the PlasmaBike is simple enough for your child’s first set of wheels.  It does not have all the bells and whistle, but boy, it does look snazzy!  It has a modern design that is sturdy enough to support a child up to 55 pounds in weight.  It is also light enough for your little one to manage and for you to move around the house or transport to other places.  One safety note, however, do not forget to get your little one his safety gear if you intend to allow him to use his bike outside the house.   At this age, I think it is really safer for these toddlers to keep their riding activities inside the house.


  1. That’s definitely very cool. I haven’t seen a bike like that before.

  2. Jenna Wood says

    We had a Plasma Car for a while; the neighborhood kids literally fought over it. I bet this would be a great coordination and balance aid for any toddler- What a special Christmas gift this would be!

  3. Such a cute little bike! This would definitely help my kids get over their fears of bike riding. Sadly my boys are too big for this, but they could really use something like this to get them excited about riding their own bikes again.

  4. That bike does look snazzy to be for a younger rider. Sometimes all the bells and whistles are just too distracting for a new rider anyway. 🙂

    Love the width of the tires!

  5. Super cute and makes them feel like they are riding a big boy’s bike

  6. love the style of this bike will definitely keep in mind for when my baby gets old enough for it!

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