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  1. Jennifer Boehme says

    Good thing I accidentally hit my mouse, you have a huge pic in the middle of the list, I would have never known you split the list up, never seen that in 2 years of doing this, bet someone missed them.

  2. donna harris says

    Liked them all!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I would have missed them too if I didn’t scroll down to read a comment. I bet some will miss them! Too bad because they would get counted for the points.

  3. donna harris says

    correcting my mistake from above comment it should say wouldn’t get counted for the points.

  4. Jen Rodrigues says

    Liked all!! Thanks!

  5. Sheena E says

    Oops, I almost missed the last ones after the big picture too, lol! Glad I kept scrolling! Thanks for the gracious giveaway, and GOODLUCK everyone! =)

  6. tammy young says

    liked all thank you

  7. connie hanson says

    phew again huff puff

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