Holiday Eating: How to Stick to a Sensible Eating Plan

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With December right at our doorstep, parties are already being scheduled left and right – I’m sure your social calendar is filling up fast.  It is no wonder that people gain weight during the last few months of the year.  With all the sinfully delicious holiday fare, it is so easy to yield to holiday binge eating.

However, you do not necessarily have to wave your arms in surrender and let the scales tip uncontrolled.  There at things that you can do to curb the urge to go on a holiday binge.

Portion control is the trick to eating sensibly during the holidays.  Don’t be tempted to stuff your plate with everything on the buffet table – there will be other parties to go to and you will have other chances to sample some of the other dishes on the spread.

Survey the buffet and make your food choices wisely.  Divide your plate into thirds and make sure that you put proteins on one portion, veggies on the other, and carbs on the last portion.   This should be enough to fill you up and satisfy your hunger. Portion control is definitely one of the tricks to healthy eating.

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