Holiday Gift Guide 2012 : ZULU THE ZEBRA – MORE THAN JUST A PLUSH TOY Review + Giveaway – Closed


Do you still remember your comfort blanket, pillow, or stuffed toy? The one that you spent countless nights and daytime naps with. The one that you cried a river for every single time it had to be taken to the laundry. I’m certain we all have that one comfort object that we refused to let go of no matter how tattered and torn it was. I’m sure that my little Sean will have one too. He’s already quite fond with one of his blankies but, thankfully, has not made a big fuss yet whenever I have to wash it.
That’s about to change though now that he has a new blanket pet. Created by Zoobies, Zulu the Zebra Mini Plush is three things rolled into one lovable bedtime buddy. Apart from being a cute and huggable plush Zebra, Zulu is also a very comfortable pillow and a cozy blanket. Zulu the Zebra may seem nothing more than an ordinary animal plush toy but it holds many wonderful surprises. The stuffed head is filled with microbeads that make it delightfully squishable. Unfasten the Velcro straps and Zulu the Zebra turns into a very comfy pillow. Unzip it, and out comes a cozy blanket. The fleece blanket provides warmth and comfort and, at 44”x 34”, is big enough for Sean to snuggle in. Without any doubt, Zulu the Zebra will be Sean’s comfort object and would be a constant companion in all our travels.
zulu 2
He’d most probably throw a fit when it’s time to give Zulu a wash. Thankfully, cleaning up isn’t a problem as well as it is made of 100% polyester and is machine washable and can be tumbled dry. If you have a child who’s utterly delighted by anything plush and cuddly, you may want to get him his own blanket pet. There’s Draco the Dragon, Puddles the Pig, and Patch the Pinto among other Zoobies you can choose from. Christmas is just around the corner so you may want to buy some extras when you get one of these Zoobies blanket pets for your child. These bedtime buddies will surely bring smiles to children’s faces.

Zoobies Blanket

Zoobies has generously offered to giveaway a pet blanket to one lucky reader of Happy Home and Family and we are joining the Holiday Turkey Hunt

Hosted by the The WiC Project


The grand prize is open to eligible US and Canada residents (excluding Quebec) and is (currently) a $120 Amazon GC.

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Can’t wait to own one? Get 20% off any Zoobie product on with the coupon code “Parenthood“. Don’t forget to hop over to other blogs participating in this event!
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  1. Pinky Sade says

    Bubba the Black Bear

  2. Mashaka the Monkey

  3. alvina castro says

    kojo the croc

  4. Christina Sunday says

    Hello kitty zoobie !

  5. Sandy VanHoey says

    I like the Poco the Pup™

  6. Julie hurst says

    Furbie the feline

  7. Zedda Troyer says

    Poco the Pup

  8. debbie jackson says

    kojo the croc

  9. Leah Smitham says

    Poco the Pup

  10. June Isbel says

    Mashaka the Monkey, as my Granddaughter loves monkey! This would be so cool for her! Thank you!
    Happy Holidays,

  11. Jafaru the Giraffe!

  12. Kojo the Croc!

  13. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    Poco the Pup

  14. Laura Bradley says

    my son would love the very hungry caterpillar

  15. Amanda Rutherford says

    The pink hippo is super cute!


  16. Cindi Decker says

    Poco the pup

  17. I would choose Bubba the Black Bear.

  18. courtney hennagir says

    hada the hippo!

  19. Saver Sara says

    Kojo the Croc

  20. Hajar Collica says

    Baby Ellema the Elephant

  21. I would love the ladybug!

  22. KoJo the croc

  23. Velvet Hubler says

    We love Patch the Pinto

  24. Michele L. says

    I’d get Hada the Hippo

  25. soha molina says

    I like Lola the Lamb

  26. Nikki Elkins says

    Baby Ellema the Elephant

  27. I really like Jafaru the Giraffe! Or Kojo the Croc! They are all really cute!

  28. Renee Harris says

    Lily the Ladybug

  29. Leslie O'Donnell says

    Draco the Dragon, most definitely. Our son is dragon-obsessed, his favorite color is blue, and this would be PERFECT for rides in the car!!

  30. Id like Uriel the Unicorn or Flicker the Firefly both are so cute!

  31. the giraffe

  32. lenora cherry says

    jafaru \the giraffe

  33. sara m ford says

    Hello Kitty or Slumber Furbie the Feline

  34. Rebecca Graham says

    I would choose Taj the Tiger.

  35. The red monkey i would love to win its my favorite color.

  36. patricia k says

    llama llama

  37. monaliza barte says

    poco and pup

  38. I am torn between the cow and the ladybug…they are both sooo cute!

  39. Kathy Clark says

    Poco the pup is cute.

  40. meegan whitford says

    poco the pup

  41. Tracy Wheeler says

    Bubba the black bear, he’s adorable. Thanks for the giveaway!

  42. Jessica_Thompson says

    I just love hada the hippo. She is so adorable my daughter would just love her too.

  43. Jennifer Nickell says

    love them all but especially Wyatt the wolf!! 🙂

  44. Fee (Phyllis) Roberts says

    Lilly the Ladybug =D

  45. Furbie the Feline.

  46. iram tanveer says

    helo everyone

  47. iram tanveer says

    Jafaru the Giraffe

  48. I like Uriel the Unicorn

  49. I would choose the Baby Hada the Hippo

  50. Jessica A. says

    Mashaka the Monkey would be the one that I would choose!

  51. Ross Olson says

    I really like the turtle. My son would like him so much! Thank You!
    Ross Olson

  52. Brandi Price says

    Just hopping through! 🙂

  53. Nadene Adams says

    I like Cookie the Cow!

  54. I really like Furbie the Feline

  55. Tiffany Overton says

    My kids would love Poco the Puppy. So adorable!

  56. I want Lola the Lamb.

  57. love the monkey and zebra!my boys would love any of them..

  58. I would choose Flavio the Frog!

  59. kim burnett says

    I like the turtle

  60. Anita Leibert says

    I’ve always wanted Zulu the Zebra! 🙂

  61. Ana Death Duarte says

    I would love to win Zulu the Zebra™ <3333

    Thank you for the giveaway ^^

  62. Raia Catacutan says

    I want the pink baby Hippo or Pig because my little sister loves anything pink, super soft and adorable (Aside from our REAL pet dog!) This will be able to make here fall asleep early! (WHAT ACUTE CHRISTMAS GIFT!)

  63. The ladybug! my little girl loves ladybugs


    Baby Jafaru the Giraffe Wahoo how adorable

  65. Amber Wood says

    My son would love Jafaru the Giraffe!

  66. I’d love to win the alligator.

  67. I’d choose Lencho the Lion!

  68. alicia gray says

    I like Wyatt the wolf!

  69. Jessica Snow says

    I would say hands down it would be Hello Kitty.
    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  70. I like Lola the Lamb. Thanks for the chance!

  71. I like Wyatt the Wolf! Cute!

  72. Rebekah Mara says

    it would be a toss up between the frog and the giraffe, my daughter loves both of them alot lol she saw them and wanted them all but I asked her what she really really like and those are what she chose lol

  73. natasha severson says

    my daughter would love love love the monkey!!!!

  74. Lorna Robertson says

    hard to decide between Miss Kitty and the zebra – either I guess

  75. Kathy Butler says

    these are so cute, what a great item for children

  76. “Bubba the Bear”, “Wyatt the Wolf”, and “Jarafu the Giraffe” are my favorites. SO.STINKING.CUTE!

  77. I would like to win the Zebra! 😀

  78. I would like to win the giraffe.

  79. I would like to win Zulu the Zebra, hes my favorite! 🙂 Or Mashaka the monkey, who wouldn’t love a red monkey?!

  80. Anthony Buenavista says

    I am not eligible to join this ‘coz I’m from the Philippines!

  81. I think the Zebra one is cute.

  82. My son really likes dragons, so I’d have to pick Draco, but I love the Zebra too!

  83. Shelly Macaluso says

    Draco the Dragon

  84. Christy Maurer says

    I would like Wyatt the Wolf 🙂

  85. Tiffiny Smith says

    The monkey

  86. I just loved the Wyatt the Wolf~! It’s beautiful and it looks so warm and cozy wish they made them big enough to fit me 🙂

  87. the lamb

  88. Donna Cheatle says

    I like Kojo the Croc….he’s sweet!

  89. I would love to win Lilly the Ladybug

  90. Mashala the monkey would be a big hit for my baby grandson who is 1, but really the ZEBRA is the one I’d want for my daughter most.


  91. i like Hada the Hippo

  92. probably the unicorn. or the hippo

  93. barbara remaly hart says

    Furbie the Feline is totally adorable, my grand daughter adores kitties.

  94. Linda Bell says

    Easy choice! I work with giraffes at the zoo, so I would choose Jafaru the Giraffe!

  95. Zulu the Zebra is beautiful!

  96. I like Wyatt the Wolf.

  97. cathy henatyszen says

    i like the unicorn!!!

  98. My son would love the giraffe, that is his favorite animal. 🙂

  99. Lola the lamb

  100. shawna altaffer says

    the hippo or the cow. so cute!

  101. Gail Willilams says

    I like Poco the pup pet blanket!

  102. Patch the Pinto is my pick

  103. Furbie the Feline!

  104. Mashaka the Monkey

  105. jafaru the giraffe

  106. Debbie Lewis says

    Love Patch the Pinto

  107. Haley Prather (Kasprzyk) says

    DEFINITELY the zebra OMG sooo cute!

  108. Gina Stanford says

    The Zebra!!

  109. Jennifer Rote says

    I’d like Patch the Pinto.

  110. Dominique says

    I’d like Clip-Clop the Clydesdale. (Nikki Marie on rafflecopter)

  111. wyatt the wolf

  112. jorjanna hacken says

    I’ve always wanted to get the zebra. So thankful you have it!

  113. chelsea d says

    I would choose zulu the zebra

  114. I would really love to win the Mashaka the Monkey™!

  115. Serena Wells says

    All of these are so cute. It would be great to win anyone of them.

  116. jodi frasier says

    I would love to win the monkey… Thanks

  117. Valerie Evans says

    The horse

  118. Marc Daniel says

    i’d love to win

  119. Kelyn Denton says

    Since Curious George is retired i would have to say jafaru the giraffe

  120. Megan Parsons says

    Hada the Hippo

  121. Gretchen Gerth says

    I would love to win Jafaru the Giraffe

  122. Such a hard choice! But I think I’d pick Draco the Dragon

  123. Lola the Lamb

  124. Christina says

    It’s a toss-up between the sheep and the ladybug. 🙂

  125. Christa Z says

    I think I’d pick Kojo the Croc ’cause he cracks me up. 😉

  126. nathania h says

    lola the lamb is super cute.

  127. Richard Hicks says

    like Mashaka the Monkey

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  128. I would like to have Furbie the Feline.

  129. tracy webb says

    Zulu the zebra

  130. Lilly the Ladybug

  131. I love the puppy and the aligator

  132. Christal Amor Maravilla says

    Wyatt the Wolf is the one i like

  133. Christal Amor Maravilla says

    Wyatt the Wolf I Like this one

  134. Patch the Pinto

  135. amy bavier bartley says

    Draco the Dragon for my son

  136. Wyatt the wolf or Drako the dragon!! too cute!

  137. Lisa Garner says

    I would choose Uriel The Unicorn.

  138. kitty cat

  139. Zulu the Zebra is adorable!

  140. Christine Bingler says

    Jafaru the Giraffe- my 2 year old loves giraffes!

  141. Mashaka the Monkey

  142. Sherry S. says

    Wyatt the Wolf

  143. Rachel Wright says

    I like poco the pup

  144. Nena Sinclair says

    I love Lencho the Lion with Mini Plush

  145. I’d love Jafaru the Giraffe.

  146. Dorothy Walters says

    i like the kitty cat. but if I won I would have to check with their mom before I said for sure.

  147. Sacha Schroeder says

    The hippo for my daughter and the zebra for my son!

  148. Michelle.A. says

    Lencho the Lion

  149. The zebra!

  150. Tammy Litsey-Hayden says

    I love the Zulu the Zebra!!! Would love to win this for my daughter!!

  151. megan koval says

    i love the monkey!!!

  152. Furbie the Feline™ or

  153. Bonnie Bobeck says

    Would love Draco the Dragon and Slumber Patch Pony!

  154. The alligator is great!

  155. maria alvarado says

    i like the alligator

  156. Thanks for the giveaway!

  157. Emily Cochenour says

    Thanks for the great toy giveaway! 🙂

  158. We like Hada the Hippo

  159. Definitely the monkey!

  160. Slumber Patch the Pinto™

  161. Oh my previous post was the sleeping bag…for the blanket Clip-Clop the Clydesdale™

  162. Jeanette Jackson says

    I’d like to say Happy Holidays to everyone.

  163. Karen Rennirt says

    I love the unicorn or the zebra.

  164. I wish I could enter, but I’m not on facebook. Maybe they should be extra entries, not main. I feel left out.

  165. Amanda Rauch says

    Either the ladybug or the frog

  166. I’d like the Hada the Hippo for my daughter

  167. I like the “Furbie the Feline” the best!

  168. Alison Wood says

    I’d love to win Wyatt the Wolf. Very cute!

  169. Lauryn Heintzelman says

    My son would love the giraffe!

  170. My granddaughter fell in Love with Zulu Zebra!

  171. Michelle Tucker says

    I’d love to have Flavio the Frog

  172. I love the Zebra the most.

  173. Tara Gauthier says

    the alligator is great!

  174. Ruben Ramos says

    Furbie the feline is nice

  175. Becca Wilson says

    I would like to get the frog next!

  176. Priscilla Palomin says

    The unicorn or zebra are too cute!

  177. Crystal Young says

    Wyatt the Wolf

  178. Seyma Shabbir says

    Wyatt the wolf, my kids love the Alpha Omega wolf cartoon

  179. Shirley Zolenski says

    I like the zebra

  180. stephanie says

    bear is what my son wants!

  181. Tina Lousberg says

    Zebra because my daughter is wanting to decorate her room in zebra print she would love this

  182. carren larsen says

    I would pick Wyatt the WolfTM, but if I won, I would let my Grandson choose

  183. Kathy Smith says

    I love these little Zoobie blankets. I plan to get Wyatt the Wolf for my grandson. Thanks for review.

  184. Jen Rodrigues says

    They are so cute and would make a great birthday gift. Thanks for sharing.

  185. M.Clark says

    Zoobies, I need to remember this, what a great plush animal/pillow/blanket!! Wish I had one of these when I was a child!!

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