Holiday Gift Guide: Baked Goodies and Baking Tools from Mrs. Fields

happy home and family holiday gift guidePerfect gift for the baking princess!

Chocolate flavored baked goodies are some of our favorite snacks here at home. Chocolate cookies, brownies, or moist cakes are often part of our grocery list – both the ready to eat ones and easy oven bake mixes. I’ve gotten quite adept in using ready-made cake and brownie mixes for our home snacks so it was just timely that I got three baking tools from Mrs. Field’s Bakeware that will make my goodies more fun, interesting, and yummy. These include the Brookie Pan, the Half & Half Pan, and the Scoop N Cut Cookie Tool.


The Mrs. Field’s Brookie Pan is an innovative baking pan that allows you to combine the goodness of brownies and cookies in one great snack. This is a great tool for seasoned bakers who like to be adventurous in mixing flavors and even for those who have just started to learn how to bake. It is made from durable non-stick carbon steel that can hold 6 brookies in one tray. For quick and easy to make treats, I simply use a brownie mix and cookies from the grocery. My personal favorite is the combination of Betty Crocker Ultimate Fudge Brownie Mix and Mrs. Fields White Chocolate Macadamia Nut, Triple Chocolate, or Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Another tool that makes it easy for homemakers to combine flavors in their baked goodies is the Mrs. Field’s Half N Half Pan. It is basically a muffin pan with a divider that allows you to separate two batter flavors in one cupcake. Muffins and cupcakes look and taste great as they come out of the oven because one can distinctly see the two toned color of their cupcake and the mix of flavor offers a refreshing way to enjoy it. The pan is also made from non-stick carbon steel while the dividers are made with plastic which are both easy to clean.

Last but not the least is the Mrs. Field’s Scoop N Cut Cookie Tool. This is a practical baking tool for those who love to bake cookies. It makes scooping, measuring, and molding cookies easier with its nicely molded silicon scoop, center bar that allows you to cut raw dough, and easy press-release feature that drops the cookie in perfect shape right on the baking tray. What I like about it is that it also has other uses like for molding graham munchkins, melon scoop, or thumb ice cream scoop.

I am already a fan of Mrs. Fields Cookies and brownie bites. These modern baking tools simply made me appreciate their brand even more.


  1. md kennedy says

    This Brookie Pan is awesome! I can see using it to make savory foods as well…but tell me something: what are graham munchkins? Sounds yummy…

  2. David Smith says

    The Mrs. Fields Scoop N Cut™ Cookie Tool looks like it would work pretty good. We have something similar that is like a small ice cream scoop, but this one has silicone lining which would make it non-stick and easier to scoop out the dough.

  3. My sister loves baking so this is great!

  4. I love the half and half pan. What a neat idea….I’m going to have keep an eye out for it.

  5. natasha hunter says

    this will be great for my daughter. she loves baking.

  6. Aprilia Rizki says

    Wow, this awesome! I want it ^^

  7. This is great! I love the 1/2 pan! Kids can never eat a whole cup cake and they always go to waste. Plus, this will limit their sugar high. =) Thanks for the share!

  8. Renee Ashley Hanna says

    Awesome review!!! Never seen a half pan like this. Thanks for sharing this awesome ideal!!

  9. Maria Iemma says

    I love Mrs. Field’s cookies and did not know that she had pans like this. Wonderful gift for my mother in law who loves to bake

  10. Paula Weintraut says

    These are amust have for the Holidays They are great gifts for Chrsitmas , Ty for shareing with us

  11. Katie Heath says

    Oh wow! These would be awesome gifts! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Edna Williams says

    Thinks looks so neat! Thanks for the review!

  13. Rachael Bleymaier says

    Wow, I’m jealous, I want those tools! Something else that is cool (which is what I thought was in the photo when I first glanced at it) are baked donut pans… gotta get one! We are on strict diets and can’t have sugar, so I make everything homemade with stevia or other low-glycemic natural sweeteners. Tools like these make it a lot easier!

  14. Danielle Wuest says

    I bake a lot and these items would be perfect when trying to do creative things ^-^

  15. Chantelle Walker says

    I LOVE to bake and those are awesome! Going to be looking into those for sure 🙂

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