Home is Where Your Heart Is

They say that home is where the heart is. This is actually true. A home is considered a home when you are comfortable in doing anything. It is where creativity becomes your reality. There are so many things that you can do at home (wherever that is).

When you are the type of person who enjoys serenity; and you happen to be an introvert then arts and crafts are definitely for you. Arts and crafts are endless but appreciated by many. You can go as simple to as bizarre as you want; after all, it is the arts. You can start with maybe doing the basic scrapbook making or even designing costumes.

If you are a bit techy, why not go on your computer, download some tunes and give it your own “flava” by mixing a few songs to create a new remix edition of a certain song. If you are into performing arts, then jam with your guitar, create covers with friends and family then post it on YouTube. The list of activities is endless, just go with your mood for the day. Feed your passion and make the most of each moment of it.


  1. I agree with this one. I’m not the outgoing type and really prefer to just relax at home.

  2. I love my home there is no place like home

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