Home Safety Tips

Home Safety Tips

Keeping children safe in the home can be a challenge. Houses are surprisingly dangerous places. Apparently, every year, 21 million household accidents result in injuries that require medical attention.

Worryingly, 3.4 million of those that are injured are children. Home safety is important, particularly if you have kids, which is why I decided to put together this post.

Get yourself a checklist

I highly recommend getting your hands on a good safety checklist and following it. There is a very good one available here. Implementing the recommendations you find here will make a huge difference to how safe your home is. However, there are a few other things you should also consider doing.

Educate your children about safety

Taking time to reduce the dangers in your home is vital, but educating your children about safety is also important. Doing this will keep them safer in other people’s homes, and other environments where the safety measures you have taken have not been replicated.

The younger they start the better. Pointing out the hazards, and dangers is a good way to help your children to understand that when you tell them not to touch, or do, something you are doing so for a good reason.

Highlight the dangers

It is also a good idea to consider investing in some safety signs for your home. Reminding the kids not to run around the pool, or that there is a step in an awkward place is always a good idea. Good signage will also help you and your visitors to be aware of the potential danger.

Be aware of new dangers

No doubt, you realize that home safety is a movable feast. The press is highlighting new dangers all the time. For example, the Galaxy 7, Samsung’s latest smartphone has had to be withdrawn. This particular model has a tendency to get too hot, and catch fire. As a result, the phone has been removed from sale, and people who already own one have been advised to return it and get a replacement.

Unfortunately, new safety issues, such as this one crop up regularly. For this reason, it is wise to keep an eye on the news, so that you spot potential issues early and can take the appropriate action.

Register your electronics with the manufacturer

If you buy anything, it is always worth registering your purchase with the manufacturer. That way if there is a safety issue with the product the manufacturer can contact you easily, and tell you about the problem.

Regularly carry out safety audit

Going around each room and carrying out a safety audit is a good idea. Immediately fix any issues that you spot. Doing so will help you to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.

When you buy new items for your home, take the time to check that they are safe. Do the same when you make changes to the structure of your home or its fixtures and fittings. As an example, choosing non-slip tiles for your new patio instead of ordinary ones that get very slippery when wet.









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