Housework equals teamwork

As queens of the household, it comes naturally to us moms to want to make sure our living space is clean and livable. We wouldn’t want our family members to come home with dejected looks on their faces, do we? So, even if the idea of scrubbing floors or doing the laundry appalls us, we have no choice but to get the job done (unless of course, you’re lucky enough to get househelp). How do we make household chores more fun?

Let’s get our kids, and our husband, involved in keeping the house spick and span. Make it a team effort. Divide the work among your family members. For instance, your kids can do light work like putting away the dishes, and you or your husband can take care of the heavier stuff, such as mopping the floor.

This has a ton of benefits: you’ll be burning fat without having to take weight loss pills such as hcg platinum , and you’ll be more bonded as a family.

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