How to Care For Your Hardwood Floors

Have you ever wondered why Tarzan has so much energy that he’s able to swing from branch to branch with the ease of a flying trapeze? One of the factors which highly contribute to his unabated stamina is his closeness to nature. Living and breathing amidst all that foliage and greenery helps Tarzan rest well and regain his strength.

For us city-dwellers though, the closest we can possibly get to living in natural surroundings would have to be wood flooring. If your home happens to be constructed with hardwood flooring, you should take the time to keep it looking like a million bucks.

Here’s what you can do to keep it in tiptop shape:

Keep it clean. You’d definitely want to take care of the wood on your floors by keeping dirt and grit at bay. They harm your floors by causing scratches, dents and undesirable dulling. To prevent this, put floor mats at entrances to trap dirt.

Sweep it Regular cleaning will keep your hardwood floors in good, reality-TV-show-worthy condition. Use a broom with fine ends to trap dust. A dust mop and a special dust mop treatment also do the trick. Simply spray the treatment onto the mop head a good 12 to 24 hours prior to dust mopping. If you opt to suck all the dirt from your wooden floors, you can use a canister vacuum with special bare floor attachments.

Keep it dry -Water which has seeped into hardwood floors cause them to warp. This likewise damages the finish. Be sure to wipe off spills as they happen.

Keep it cool – Direct sunlight can discolor your hardwood floor. Keep curtains or blinds drawn to help filter out the sun’s rays.

Don’t scratch it. If you must move furniture around the house, be sure to lift them and not drag them.

Hardwood flooring is definitely a thing of beauty. It will bring you a lifetime of joy if you take good care of it.

Like a true friend, it will never let you down.


  1. i love your take about Tarzan hahaha i love wood! we have parquet tiles for our floor and i just love it!

  2. some would even have their wood flooring treated for it to withstand extreme weather conditions and other elements.

  3. hardwood floors are beautiful. i was told once that wooden floors have a natural shine to it if there are always people using it (barefoot). the feet must have a natural polishing effect. LOL

  4. i remember our ancestral house in my mother side has hardwood flooring, even the stairs are made up of wood, it is really very beautiful but the hard part is its maintainance, it easily catches dirt, and cleaning it make me really sweat ahaha, i have to sweep it first then apply floor wax, then polish it, its a good thing we already have the electric floor polisher then.

  5. one more thing, we were never allowed to bring and step our soiled shoes inside the house, we have to walk barefoot lol. anyway, i love the feel of it, less mosquitos too because mosquitos do not like the smell of the floor wax 🙂

  6. I heard that bamboo wood floor are getting more popular nowadays. I heard that it is quite cheaper but of course you also need to take care of it to last longer 🙂

  7. hardwood flooring adds a nature touch in every one’s home, it also adds a homey atmosphere and makes any home with it a nice place to stay.

  8. thanks for the tips. my parents house still uses hardwood flooring and it still exists after all these years.

  9. Thank you for the tips. Our 2nd floor is a hardwood, and it is really hard to clean. With your tips I got ideas on how to keep it shine and scratch free.

  10. this is really helpful sis.. thanks for sharing ^.^

  11. Great tips. I always to have hard wood floors. I grew up in a home with wood floors and remembered using floor wax to make it shine. Hehehe!

  12. Cool tips! I learned something today and will definitely apply it on the floor of our bahay kubo. Thanks for sharing sis!

  13. Weighty Matters says

    if i am going to have my own house, i would love have hardwood floors!

  14. Travel Junkie Mommy says

    hard wood flooring is very neat but I noticed that most hotel’s flooring are marble, do you think hard wood flooring are advisable for hotels and the likes?

  15. Mom Fashionista says

    ohhhh you know what? hard wood flooring looks really good on outfit of the day photo.. match with a colorful dress and all you need to do is strike a pose!

  16. Baguio Girl says

    waaah! kung may sarili na akong bahay gusto ko hardwood din para susyal. hehe. hindi naman pala ganun kahirap imaintain, wag lang me batang maliit sa bahay. hihi. di bale pag me bahay na kami malaki na si svet nun. niahaha

  17. I remember our house before had wooden floors too. But due to the advent of “kids and babies” in the house, it became a bit hard to maintain. It was indeed a challenge to maintain but very well worth it in the end.

  18. Great tips! 🙂 I always make it a point to wax and polish our hardwood floors at least once a month to keep it shiny and gorgeous.. 😀

  19. Thank you for sharing. I learned a lot. I didn’t know about the harsh sunlight! A part of the living room in our new apartment has an elevated hardwood floor. I absolutely fell in-love the first time I saw it because it gives our home a country feel in the middle of a city. I will bear in mind to keep it cool and dry.

  20. thanks for the tips! My sis needs this information badly. Will send her the link here. Thanks for the great tips!

  21. What I like our house when we bought it is the wooden flooring on the second level and the stairs as well. Thanks for the tips you got there, will gonna try all of those. Though for now I can’t use floor wax to make it shinier because of my little boy.

  22. Great tips! I also use a pronto product to keep it shiny and resistant from water. Hardwood is so nice, our entry hall has tiles in it and I would trade it for hardwood anytime just so everything hardwood na hihi.

  23. Mommy Kat says

    I’m lucky that the house we’re renting now also has parquet wood for flooring. It really adds character to one’s house. We’re also looking at using wood when we have our house constructed, hopefully soon.

  24. we rented and live in a house with hardwood flooring on the second floor. It doesn’t look good anymore because the previous owner didn’t take care of it or maybe because it’s already 40 years old:) Thanks for the tips…

  25. I’ll consider wood flooring if ever I build my own house, I hope it happens soon.

  26. We used to live in a house with hardwood flooring. It really was not that easy to maintain but if you do the steps above. You’ll never fail in keeping it shiny. 8)

  27. given the choice, i would go for hardwood floors…it’s so classy and doesn’t feel so cold onto one’s feet, in fact, it feels cool walking on it on barefoot.

  28. i would go for the maple coffee color…i just love browns!

  29. The Hippie Mum says

    Hardwood flooring’s something I’d like to have in our future family abode. It provides a warm and cozy feel to the interiors 🙂

  30. Thanks for the very useful and informative tips sis…we do have a wooden flooring before which we replaced with ceramic tiles because of excessive scratches and pamumuti too…

    I will surely get back to read this post should we decide to have it redone with wood plank once again 🙂

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