How To Celebrate Thanksgiving Even When Working

Thanksgiving is one holiday when people gather as a family to celebrate and be thankful for life’s blessings which have come your way.  It’s all about the turkey and cranberry sauce, and sitting around your LG home theatre system after dinner to catch a family flick.  Sadly though, sometimes our work takes us away from the people we love the most- even on important occasions.  What can we do then, to celebrate Thanksgiving even when we’re slaving away at work?

Plan it.  Know beforehand exactly which hours you’ll be away from home.  You and the rest of the family can make the necessary adjustments to celebrate either before or after your work hours.  Whatever you do, don’t work overtime!

Bag it.  If possible, bring Thanksgiving dinner with you to the office.  Throw in a few extras for your workmates.   Savoring that turkey in your office cubicle will almost make you feel right at home.  Your office buddies after all, are also family.

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