How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

You’ve been downing a full glass of warm milk every night for the past week, yet it seems to have absolutely no effect on making you sleepy. You’ve counted a million and one sheep, but your efforts have all been futile. Don’t rip your sheets out of despair just yet, as there are other ways to help you get that much-needed nightly shut-eye.

Turn the TV off. An hour or so before bedtime, stay away from the TV. The flickering light alone sends signals to your brain to stay awake. If you need something to make your eyes tired, you can instead pick up a good book- to read, not to hit your head with.

Put on some white noise. White noise could be any low-frequency, humming sound. It mimics the sounds inside a mother’s womb, thus giving you that ultimate relaxing feel. You can get one of those white noise machines to help provide a calming auditory backdrop to send you off into dreamland.

Don’t drink. An hour or two prior to hitting the sack, don’t drink anymore fluids, as this may make you get up in the middle of the night to pee.

Keep a “worry” notebook. Before going to bed, write down all your worries- big or small- in that notebook and take care of them the following day. Thinking about these at bedtime will only keep sleep at bay.


  1. My husband has been having a hard time going to sleep due to outside noises, like loud cars and music. So his solution has been to turn on a tape of the ocean waves. Now this would drive me crazy, but when my head hits the pillow, I have no problem falling asleep. I do think that your solution would be better, but he needs the louder noise. I am so thankful that the Lord lets me sleep quickly.

  2. Barbara Evans says

    Thanks for the tips. Great information, expecially this time of year with all the stress of the holidays!

  3. Good tips thanks now if I could only get off my computer early enough LOL.

  4. Betty Baez says

    good tips thank you!, my hubby would disagree with me he sleeps with the tv on i have no idea how, but i cant sleep with it on

  5. I enjoyed reading this because I really have trouble sleeping at night.

  6. I drink milo then go sleep

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