How To Get Your Husband To Listen

Photo credit: Google Images

Men are notorious for having attention spans the length of a toenail. If you find your husband incessantly glancing at his garmin watch with gps instead of listening to what you have to say about an issue concerning the entire household, well, it’s not the end of the world. There are some strategies you can employ to grab his attention, long enough to sit him down for a serious talk.
Remember not to catch him in a bad mood, or when he’s busy. “Busy” means different to a man. For them, being busy doesn’t involve just work. Being busy means having his eyes glued to the NBA game on TV. The rule is never to disturb them when they’re busy.
Another effective strategy is to distract them. Since men are visual creatures, you can play around this by dressing up in slightly sexy attire. Nothing fancy here, maybe just a tight, sleeveless tank top. Once you’ve gotten his attention, gradually bring up the topic you wish to talk to him about.

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