How To Get Your Kids To Do Homework

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Probably one of the hardest things for a parent is to get his or her kids to do their homework.  Any warm-blooded kid would much rather fiddle with his new Eee tablet than hit the books.  How can parents get their kids to study and do homework then?

Be sure that your kids are comfortable when it’s almost time for homework or study time.  Make sure they aren’t hungry or tired, as they wouldn’t be able to think clearly if so.

Set a schedule.  Designate a certain time each day for homework.  Tell your kids to honor that time, and not do anything else.   Before or after, they could do a little bit of play or watch some TV, but when it’s time for homework, they should drop everything else.

Find a corner.  It would help if your kid had a place which is solely devoted to study.  It could be a desk at a quiet corner of his bedroom.  Don’t have him do his homework in the dining room or living room, where there may be distractions.

Will a little bit of discipline, your kids will learn to take it upon themselves to do their homework.


  1. My nephew and I have a fixed schedule. I always tell him that there’s a time for everything. A time to play, and there’s a time to study.

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