How to Prepare Your Child For a New Sibling

Change, whether good or bad, is always stressful.  When changes in the family happen, it affects everyone, most especially the kids.  One such change is when you’re expecting a new addition to the family.

With the coming of a new baby, everyone is naturally excited and just about ready to trade in their prized stainless steel necklaces for a bag of diapers and feeding bottles.   Everyone’s attention is directed towards getting everything prepared for the baby’s coming.

More than the upcoming baby’s physical needs, you should remember to consider the needs of your other kids.  Feelings of jealousy are normally going to come up, and your child may start to act out.

As a parent, you can help make your kid ready for this change by involving him in the preparations.  Make him feel important and include him in some decision-making.  For instance, he can help pick out colors of the newborn baby’s onesies.

Discuss your pregnancy with your child, in terms he can understand.  You can probably explain how the baby is starting to grow inside your belly.

Read books about welcoming a new baby into the family to your child.  There are a lot of picture books out there which have characters your kid can relate to.

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