How the Modern Conservatory Can Be Used All-Year Round

How the Modern Conservatory Can Be Used All-Year Round

Several years ago, conservatories used to be THE home improvement project. They used to be an easy way to add value onto a property, whilst providing homeowners with a pleasant place to relax. They were on the tip of everyone’s tongues and every single television advert seemed to be promoting them.

Then, the flaws began to appear. We’re by no means suggesting that conservatories are now an ancient pastime, but it would be fair to say that interest in them has dropped somewhat. People soon started to realise that while they were ideal in the summer – that’s all they were. In the winter, they were useless and you had to don your thickest winter garments to even step foot in there.

We should also point out that during some of the hotter days of the year, conservatories were also almost impossible to stay in. They overheated extremely quickly, which is no surprise considering the amount of glass that was built around them.


The situation is changing somewhat though, and homeowners are again starting to experience the fruits of conservatories. This is mainly because of window treatments, which are now able to make the rooms become habitable all-year round.

For example, if we return to the examples in the summer where the room simply becomes too hot, there are countless types of blinds that can address this. Any type which allows a form of light, and ultimately heat, filtration is the obvious choice. However, there have been even further advancements, with solar blinds being one of the recent inventions. These are able to still allow a large portion of natural light into the building, but block the sun’s rays at the same time. In other words, the room stays at a comfortable temperature.


In terms of the colder periods of the year, the options are endless. Curtains may have been the obvious solution several years ago, but the emergence of insulated shades means that these are generally being cast to one side. As the name suggests, these insulate a room which means that it loses much less heat than it would have done otherwise. In other words, you will actually be able to sit in your conservatory in the winter – it’s not just a “spare” part of the house.

On the subject of insulated blinds, it should be expected that these can also operate to keep a room a little cooler. They can insulate from the outside, so to speak, to make the conservatory a lot more bearable in the summer months. This unsurprisingly means that they are a common choice amongst most conservatory owners.

The point we’re trying to make is that the days of conservatories being immediately dismissed are long gone. All of the flaws can now be comfortably addressed, simply by choosing the correct window treatment. Whether or not all of those annoying television ads start to return is another matter, but don’t be surprised to see conservatories become “that” fad they once were.

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