How to Choose the Right Vacuum Cleaner


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There are a multitude of vacuum cleaner models available on the modern market, from various brands all vying for competition. It’s important that you use your purchasing power wisely to work out what it is that you need from your vacuum cleaner and to make sure that it will work within your lifestyle before going ahead with a purchase. Making sure it meets all of the requirements of your family’s household is important if you are going to have a long-relationship with your vacuum.

One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is whether to choose an upright or cylinder cleaner. While many of today’s modern models combine a multitude of features, cylinder vacuum cleaners still tend to pip upright cleaners to the post when weight is an important consideration. Upright cleaners however, although heavier, do tend to require less effort to move around the home.

While cylinder cleaners are handy for areas that are difficult to reach, many modern models of upright vacuums also feature long hoses with extra stretch. This means you may be able to leave your cleaner at the bottom of the stairs while still getting at the grime in the nooks and crannies of your staircase. Vax lightweight vacuums, whether upright models or their cylindrical counterparts, can be carried and moved around the home with ease.

While cylinder cleaners may appear compact and appeal to those who are short on storage space, and although some worry that the long hoses may cause a problem with neatness, many models do feature handy clips to secure the hose to the cylinder.

A further consideration may involve whether to opt for a bagged or a bagless model. Bagless vacuum cleaners will help you to save money on getting replacements. They also eradicate the requirement for what can often be very fiddly bags.

The only disadvantage with bagless cleaners is that it can be messy if spillages occur when removing and emptying the dust container. Those suffering from allergies may want to keep this in mind. Spilt dust, dirt and other allergens will only antagonise the complaint that needs to be kept under control.

An additional consideration for allergy sufferers is whether to opt for a cleaner that includes a filtration system. Many modern vacuum cleaners feature a HEPA filter system. These filters trap a large amount of tiny particles that would otherwise be circulated back into the air by your vacuum cleaner.

Some filters remove not only allergens but also bacteria and pet-related odours. Many models of vacuum cleaner are also specifically designed to deal with the additional dirt and grime generated by pets. Not only will filters help to eliminate odours, but additional tools and accessories will rapidly pick up pet hair. This may be worth considering if you’re a lover of pets.

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