How to Clean Those Hard-to-Reach Places

It’s easy to put off cleaning those hard-to-reach places, but dust and dirt can build up quickly and the area will soon become a haven for all sorts of microbial activity. Here are some tips to make these tricky jobs a bit easier.

1.      Under appliances and heavy furniture. People rarely clean under the fridge or chest of drawers, but it is advisable to do so every now and again. To make life easier and to prevent straining your back, get help from a friend or family member and use a sack-barrow or similar product to move heavy objects before getting down to business.

While you have your fridge moved out of the way, it’s a good idea to clean the coil at the back, as this can be a magnet for dust and grime. A regular clean will also keep your fridge working efficiently and prolong its life.

2.      Behind the toilet. When cleaning the toilet, people often miss the small recesses behind the toilet itself. Don the rubber gloves use a rag or cloth and your regular toilet cleaning product. Once soiled, make sure not to use this cloth elsewhere in the house.

3.      High ceilings. The corners of high ceilings will get covered in dust and cobwebs, especially during the summer months. Use a long-handled duster to get rid of these. You can buy telescopic ones or make one yourself by securely fastening a normal duster to a long stick or piece of dowel.

4.      Handheld vacuum cleaners are a good way to get the dust out from shelves, corners, cupboards etc. Vax do a great range of hand held vacuum cleaners, and their small steam cleaners are also good for getting rid of grease or stains in awkward places.

5.      Drains. Gradual build-up of grease, foodstuffs and hair can block your drains, and regularly flushing them out can save you a visit from the plumber, not to mention a small fortune. There are a wide variety of sink and drain unblockers on the market, but for a cheaper and more eco-friendly method, try pouring a kettle of boiling water down the drain every now and again. Alternatively, tip a small amount of bicarbonate of soda in there followed by some vinegar for a fizzier solution.

6.      Cabinet tops and other less visible areas. Stand on a small step ladder or stool to get a different perspective on your home. You may be surprised to find grimy areas that have been neglected because they were out of sight. Start high and work downwards for more efficient cleaning

7.      Radiators. Dust, cobwebs and allergens can collect in between radiators. You can get long-reach dusters designed specifically for the job.

8.      Fans and vents. Use a small brush with a long handle to clear dust from extractor vents or to get the lint out of hard-to-reach areas of your tumble dryer. Get that stepladder out and use a dampened cloth to clean any ceiling fans.




  1. We own a kirby vacuum and it comes with all kinds of accessories which helps us to reach those spots that are hard to reach.

  2. thanks for sharing this tips, I wish i can do and try this myself but I have allergy that will sometimes lead to asthma so as much as possible i avoid cleaning/dusting -(

  3. I’m having a hard time and makes me lazy when it comes to cleaning hard to reach places. But I need to clean those areas. I just asked help from my hubby when cleaning fans.

  4. great cleaning tips, thank you for sharing.

  5. yay.. I’m always faced with cleaning those hard to reach areas that sometimes I just leave them.. Thanks for all these tips!

  6. Mel Cole says

    thanks for this cleaning tips. I need to clean my house too and can’t wait for my in laws to move out so I can clear all clutters.

  7. Jessica Cassidy says

    I hate to clean behind the toilets 🙁 My firemen cannot aim for the fire especially the little one 🙂 I do wish we have that vacuum, sure thing cleaning is a lot easier though I vacuum most every day 🙂

  8. I’ll take note of your cleaning tips. We also have a vacuum and it’s really a great help.

  9. Great tips indeed and reminders for everyone to do thorough cleaning is a must!

  10. md kennedy says

    So funny – not 10 minutes ago my husband and I were talking about how we need a hand-held vac! Our chore today is to go buy one.

  11. Michelle Cristobal says

    thank you for sharing this tips

  12. M.Clark says

    Thanks for these great tips!! Great idea to start high and work downward.

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