How to handle your child’s temper tantrums

You’re walking around the mall with heavy shopping bags in both hands, when from out of nowhere, your 3-year old throws a tantrum. He bawls his head off right smack in the middle of the supermarket meat section. Heads inadvertently turn towards your direction, as you find yourself helplessly cringing in sheer embarrassment. You wish that you could magically have a child-temper superhero named Super Childcare Cherrywood at your beck and call. At some point in our lives as loving parents to scruffy tykes, we have certainly bore witness to our children’s occasional temper fits (and in public too!). When faced with such a situation, we shouldn’t blow our heads off just yet. There are ways to handle this.

First of all, you should try to remain calm. If your kid sees you throw a temper fit yourself, she will find it harder to fizzle down. Take a few deep breaths before deciding on a course of action.

Try to pinpoint the cause of the tantrum. Could your child be hungry? Tired? Or did he not get something done his way? Answer to his needs. If it’s hunger, feed him. If tired, let him rest for a while. If he simply is hungry for your attention, give him that. But if he’s bawling out because he didn’t get his way, don’t give in. He will use that as a way to get you each and every time. Just leave the situation for a while, and let your kid get a hold on himself. After he has calmed down, talk to him.

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