How to Keep the Air Inside Your House Clean

As you’re hunched over your home computer, busily figuring out the new product bundling software your boss sent you, you can’t help but stop to think about your daughter’s incessant coughing.  You’re worried she may be having another one of her asthma attacks.

Even indoors, we should think about how clean the air is.  There are lots of pollutants invisible to the naked eye, and these eventually find their way inside our bodies.  So, how do we keep the air indoors clean and safe to breathe?

First off, make it a hard and fast rule to keep smoking out of your house.  Second hand smoke causes innumerable lung and cardiovascular diseases.  Children are the most susceptible to respiratory tract infections caused by second hand smoke.

Next, make sure that your home has enough ventilation.  Air should be able to circulate.  Be sure to turn on the exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathroom.  Keep your windows open to let the air in.

Excessive moisture indoors can make the air damp and moldy.  This causes coughing and wheezing.  Have your house checked for leaks, and repair them early to nip the problem in the bud.



  1. I totally agree. I have occasional allergy to dust and it’s really annoying to keep on sneezing the whole day. Proper ventilation and clean air is a mush for every home especially if someone has asthma in the family.

  2. Sherry says

    I want open door or windows but can’t as there got mosquitoes aedes here

  3. Fortunately, nobody smokes here in our house. There should always be an air freshener present.

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