How to plan family road trips

How to plan family road trips

Going on road trips with the entire family has always been fun, as this is the chance to catch up on each other’s lives, what with our busy schedules eating up most of our time. Planning, of course, is half the fun. Get the whole family involved in planning where to go. You could even vote on it. After the destination has been agreed on, it’s time to think of ways to make the trip fun. Think of games to play in the car.

Safety is the key, so make sure your car is roadworthy. Gas up, check the tires, oil, brakes. It’s also time you cleaned out your glove compartment and took out the left over ashton cigars. Fill it instead with first-aid paraphernalia.

Planning makes for loads of fun. After all, life’s all about the journey, and not the destination, right?

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