How to say “I’m sorry” in a relationship?


You had a serious argument with your boyfriend and now you do not know how to say “I’m sorry” ? You could solve the problem even after you have ended the quarrel, but neither had the feel to do it. Now you are in an uncomfortable situation and not know what to say? Say “I’m sorry”! How? Like this:

After the nerves have calmed, emotions returned to normal and your mind began to calmly analyze the situation, you understand that you have not been right.You would give anything to turn back time and have that beautiful relationship that you just “shake it”. You want to say “I’m sorry”, but you have no slightest idea how you will do that.

Read what we said and how your actions can make mistakes forgiven!

1. Delay the discussion

Unlike ladies, men’s prefer not to discuss “the situation” immediately after the fight. They will not stop from work to examine the causes and effects. Most times they let things run themselves and will “keep” their feelings until they finally flare.
So if you try hard to convince him to talk, you may come across many reactions, but certainly “forgiveness” is not one of them. Leave him alone to find time to forgive.

2. 15 academic minutes

Let your lover to breathe after the fight. Even if you have understood that you were wrong and you hurt him, your will desire to be forgiven immediately.
Before you seriously argue with him, try to see if such a conflict can be avoided, because healing time is much longer than you might think.

3. Relax

If you continue to have a “hysterical” attitude, you will not save the situation. The more you are restless and anxious, the more you risk to aggravate the problem.
Relax and let things come by themselves, to be sure that healing is natural.

4. Please …

How many times your mother told you to ask nicely before you ask something? So try to follow the rule also in a relationship.
Explain that you were wrong and ask him to forgive you.

5. Spoil him, but not too much

Try to favor and to show him how much you love him. For a few days let it be “the baby” of the house, but watch not to become an authentic spoiled .
But before you ask forgiveness be sure that you were wrong and is really angry, and it’s not pretending just to take advantages from “crisis”.

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