HVAC and Healthy Indoor Air for Healthy Homes

HVAC and Healthy Indoor Air for Healthy Homes
Creating a healthy home environment is a serious concern for most homemakers. One essential aspect in this task is to maintain good indoor air quality around the house. Just like the outdoors, there are also indoor air pollutants that can be harmful to the family’s health. Examples of these include pollen, dust mites, dander, and fumes from furnace or fireplaces, stove, heaters, etc. With the right HVAC or heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system, the whole family can easily maintain good air quality indoors and a pleasant climate for them to enjoy while staying in the house.
Good ventilation has plenty of health benefits for the family. A well ventilated house can help neutralize air pollutants around the house. The air flow from good ventilation can disperse harmful fumes from furnaces or stoves indoors and bring them out. It also discourages the proliferation of germ-spreading pests that thrive in non-ventilated spaces, like cockroaches for instance. Open windows can keep the house well ventilated but they can also bring outdoor pollutants and cold air inside the house. One can install filtered screens in their window to help bring in fresh air, minimize cold air that gets into the house, and get the indoor pollutants outdoors.
Another tool that can help promote good air quality around the house is a dehumidifier or air conditioning system. Humid air can be breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. Reducing the humidity levels to below 30%-35% can prevent the growth of dust mites and other allergens. A clean and well maintained air conditioning unit does a great job in removing water soluble pollutants, particulate matter, and pollen from the air. A disposable HEPA (High-efficiency Particulate Air) filter can be used together with the air conditioning system for better air quality. It also helps in keeping the house cool during summer or humid months. Heating systems and humidifiers may also be installed in homes that are prone to cold or frigid seasons. Properly installed heating systems can keep the family warm and protected from winter or cold season illnesses.
Given the importance of an efficient HVAC system in maintaining good air quality around the house, it is prudent to have it installed and serviced by professionals. The last thing anyone would want is for their air conditioning unit to break down on a very humid day or for their heaters to stop working on a cold winter night. It helps to know the number of a good HVAC company in case you experience a breakdown in your heating or cooling equipments. Some companies like Halo Heating and Cooling offer installation and repair services along with expert suggestions for energy efficient upgrades.
Those who are serious about maintaining a healthy home shouldn’t take their HVAC systems lightly. Your indoor air quality also depends on the quality of care and maintenance of your HVAC. Some maintenance must be left to the pros for a truly healthy home.

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