I Wish They Taught Money in High School Review (2-in-1 Book)

Getting an opportunity to review the book I Wish They Taught Money in High School couldn’t have come in a better time. I recently started pursuing some businesses and getting some extra knowledge about finance is more than welcome.

wish they taught money in school

I love that this book’s authors’ approach in presenting all their ideas -it’s very easy simple and easy to understand unlike other finance books.
While I was reading the book, it felt like I was having a conversation with the author myself.
I have always been entrepreneurial. During summer, I would make yema and but and repack fish crackers. I was also an Avon Lady a long time ago but that’s not the business I wanted to be in. I want to do something I truly love. I believe that you will succeed in something if you are passionate about it. When the year started I told myself “This is my year. I want to make  a lot of changes in my life.” I finally took the plunge and registered our Cashew Business but then I felt a little bit insecure because I don’t have all the information I need. After reading the book, I am more assured that I can do this!
This book is definitely a book you can give to your kids and friends starting out a business.

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