Importance of Mother and Son Bonding

A good mother and son relationship would enrich both parties. The son paves the way for moms to learn more about male species and how they behave and think. On the other hand, a mother enriches her son in many aspects in life. Among the things that a son will learn from his mom are the following:

  • Moms can be a good role model on how to give unconditional love and how to have a healthy marriage. When a son sees how his mom and dad have a healthy love relationship, chances are he will emulate this when the time comes that he enters into a married life.
  • Moms also teach her son self-worth and respect. If a son sees how his mom give importance to herself – not too important though; he would feel important and would have self-worth too. Moms also teach their sons how to respect women whenever a mother respects herself too. When a son can dominate or control her mother, chances are he would act the same way in his own marriage in the future.
  • Moms can also show their sons that gender is not the basis on how to treat other people. Not all women are the same, each have their own personality, strengths and weaknesses. These things should be the basis on how to interact with other people most especially the opposite sex.


  1. Betty Baez says

    i have 3 boys and i have to agree with all of the above!!!!

  2. Thank you I enjoyed reading this.

  3. Most sons are really close to their mothers.

  4. Hehe..I guess I lucky I have boys

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