Incontinence Care Products for Bariatric Patients Are in High Demand

Incontinence Care Products for Bariatric Patients Are in High Demand
According to a late February 2014 Gallup Well-Being Poll, slightly more than 27% of America’s adult population are now considered obese. With that new percentage also comes an increased need for specialized products, including those associated with incontinence care. Here’s why:
Obesity, and some of the methods used to treat it, have long been known to cause an increase in incidents of bladder and bowel incontinence. Some healthcare experts attribute the increased prevalence among obese populations to a multitude of things. Among them are the following:
·         Development of degenerative arthritis or other physical ailments that reduce mobility
·         Increased pressure on the body (e.g. intra-abdominal muscles, nerves and spinal column)
·         Use of high blood pressure medication (i.e. alpha-adrenergic antagonists) and diuretics
·         Chronic diarrhea or constipation related to diet or medications
·         Consumption of dietary related bladder and bowel irritants
·         Rectal prolapse and hemorrhoids
·         Recent bariatric surgery
In addition to being at risk for episodes of incontinence, obesity can also cause skin related concerns. For example, obese people dealing with incontinence issues are at a greater risk for experiencing such things as transepidermal water loss, skin tags, skin breakdown (e.g. rashes and pressure ulcers) and secondary infections (VRE, cadidiasis and MRSA). So it is very crucial that the body is properly cleaned and dried after each episode of incontinence.
Thankfully, there are bariatric incontinence care products that are already available to obese individuals and their caregivers. There are liners, pads, briefs, and diapers that can help manage the “accidents” efficiently without anybody around you noticing it. Being a plus size is also no longer a problem with manufacturers dishing out especially designed products for the larger waist and hip sizes.
One company that manufactures an entire series of products devoted to bariatric incontinence care is Tranquility. Items that you may find within the company’s collection of products are bariatric disposable briefs, super plus booster pads, absorbent sheets, heavy-duty underpads and stretch pants.Products can be chosen based on the person’s size and incontinence level. Just like regular underwear, you can also choose from different cuts of disposable Bariatric Briefs like classic high-rise, and full coverage on front and rear. Antimicrobial and antifungal properties, odor reduction, and leak control features are other protective elements that make these products efficient in handling incontinence.
Caregivers should also be equipped with specialized products for bariatric incontinence. This will help ensure proper care for their patient and ample protection for themselves. In addition to the bariatric adult diapers, other disposable products may be needed as well. Examples include protective masks, gloves, cleansing wipes and creams to address infections and skin related problems.
Aside from taking care of the person’s health and hygiene, these products can also be considered as tools for promoting socialization and the overall well-being of people with incontinence issues. It is a lot easier to go out and engage in physical or social activities without the fear of embarrassment during incontinence episodes. In some instances, families may also want to invest in bariatric shower benches, commodes, grab bars and weight transfer equipment.
You can make life easier and more enjoyable for someone who is dealing with incontinence. Specialized products for bariatric incontinence can help them be more confident in moving around and socializing with others. These products are just within reach too. We keep disposable incontinence and skin care products for bariatric patients in stock year round. Delivery services, sale items and discounts are available too. Click here for more information about our premium bariatric incontinence care products.

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